The Best Xbox One Racing Wheel Setup

The Best Xbox One Racing Wheel Setup

These are all the pieces I have in my regular driving setup. I have included a few brief descriptions along side the products, and have included all the stuff you need at the bottom from Amazon. If you have questions about this stuff or how to customize it, ask away I am an open book!

My Full Xbox Sim Racing Setup

Full Xbox Sim Racing Setup

Here are all of the components of my driving rig. I do own products from Fanatec and Logitech, but have a preference for Thrustmaster when it comes to my X Box One.If you are interested in adding vibration to your cockpit, see this page here!

Xbox One Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster_TXThrustmaster TX: I find the base extremely sturdy and provides excellent force feedback. The ability to choose rotation between 270 and 900 was huge sales factor for me. I tend to keep mine set between 270 and 330 degrees depending on my car choice. I’ve owned the TX for 1 year and have not had any issues with it, like were reported early on when they first hit the market.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE RimThrustmaster GTE Rim add on: This rim is better than the stock TX rim. It has a nice weight to it, the paddle shifters give a nice click, and I love the re-enforced rubber grips on the diameter. While still a 7/10 size replica, this may feel a bit small in your hands, but the extra weight and metal center column make up for it’s size deficiencies.


Thrustmaster Leather GTThrustmaster Leather GT Rim add on: This rim feels much more realistic than the GTE rim add on and I use it daily. It is made of metal and leather and was engineered with automotive standards in mind. This accessory like the others is a 7/10 replica in size, but it certainly feels like it delivers the force feedback and the vibration from the base much better than the other two rims.

Xbox One Racing Pedals

Thrustmaster T3PA PedalsThrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set: I do not use my stock TX pedals. I traded mine out for theT3PA’s. The clutch alone is worth the price of admission and the conical brake module took this pedal set over the top. I have my brake mod set at like 85% engaged and the progressive resistance feels like a really stiff car brake. Another perk is that face plates are adjustable.


Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedal SetTheT3PA Pro pedal set is more robust than the T3PA wide pedals and offers more adjustability and stability. These are made of all metal parts and offer the ability to invert the pedals from Formula 1 style to GT Style. These pedals and springs feel much better that the T3PA wide set. FYI Thrustmaster does not advise using these without shoes on.

NOTE* I added a load cell brake mod to my T3PA Pro pedals….make a huge difference in braking efficiency.

NOTE* I have tried taking the wide brake plate on the stock TX pedals and putting it on the T3PA’s, but the TX plate holes would need to be drilled. If you have the means to drill a cool customization could be adding the stock TX wide brake face plate to your T3PA pedal set.

Sim Racing Cockpit

Playseat EvolutionPlayseat Evolution Forza edition: It not only has an awesome, clean, and polished look to it, but you can sit in it for hours and not get a back ache. I find the adjustability to be pretty good, even though I am over 6 feet tall, I fit it pretty comfortably. There are some adjustments you can make so that you can fit the cockpit to your body length.

NOTE* If you are putting your driving setup on a wood floor, then I would also highly recommend getting the playset floor mat. Since the base of the playseat is metal, this will help prevent you from scratching your floors up.

NOTE* You can also get seat sliders to make your seat slide forward and back a few inches and an ad on for mounting a shifter gearbox. I own the shifter mount, but I don’t own the seat sliders!

Xbox Shifter

Thrustmaster Th8A ShifterThrustmaster T38A shifter: This monster is 90% metal and adjustable to different angles. You can certainly live without it because there are paddle shifters on your wheel, but the one thing you lose with paddle shifters is neutral. When you throw your car into neutral prior to a heavy down shift, you allow yourself to jump gears and get the car under control.

I also have a Ricmotech short shift mod kit on my shifter which reduces the throw distance by 35%, which leads to faster shifts and reduced lap times!

If you are looking to add some aesthics to your shifter, the knob changes out really easy. I have a classic Eight ball knob on order. You can checkout universal shifter knobs here.

Xbox Audio Gaming Headset

Polk Audio 4Shot HeadphonesPolk Audio 4shot: Most people probably don’t race with a set of headphones on, you are missing out. These bad boys were tuned for Forza 5 so the cars sound bananas!! Using a high end set of headphones, like the 4shots you can focus your eyes on only what’s in front of you and eliminate the distractions around you like your girlfriend telling you about her day at

The added bonus is if you add vibration in combination with a high end set of headphones, your body will perceive low ends sounds like, bass, rumble strips on the tracks, car crashes, etc to be much louder and feel more real. It is part of bringing all of your senses together to create immersion.

Adding Vibration To A Sim Cockpit

Aura Bass Shaker With Dayton AmpI have 2 Dayton Sun-woofer amps and 2 Aura Bass shakers. Each amp runs one bass shaker and each is assigned to a mono channel. They are mounted to the bottom of my Playseat and it creates an awesome vibration with driving games. When you hit the rumble strip the seat shakes on the appropriate side. To  add vibration to your driving chair, go here.

Customized Playseat EvolutionWhen you combine the vibration, the force feedback and vibration in the driving accessory, a progressive brake, a dynamic shifter, and awesome pair if headphones you start loosing the ability to differentiate a driving game from a real driving experience. To the left is a snapshot of how I customized my Playseat Evolution with the mounted Aura bass shakers. To stop the vibration in the floor and stop my downstairs neighbor from complaining I use Isolate It Pads.

Wanna Duplicate My Setup?

How Come I Favor Thrustmaster Over Logitech and Fanatec

For my X Box setup its honestly what I find performs best. I usually keep my Fanatec wheel mounted on an OpenWheeler Advanced and connected to the PC because it has such nice fidelity with iRacing, rFactor, and Assetto Corsa. My Logitech G920 I have bolted to a Wheel Stand Pro and I only pull it out on occasion when I am testing new games for compatibility.

Do I Recommend Fanatec or Logitech Wheels for the X Box One

100% I would recommend them. Both wheels perform outstanding on the console and in fact the Logitech G920 is one of the best selling wheels on the market. For Fanatec their Forza Xbox 1 Bundleis the highest quality wheel you can purchase for the XB1, but I tend not to recommend only because I think its far too expensive for console sim racers, but they also have the CSL Elite which is much more in line with the price of the Thrustmaster TX.

What do you think of my setup? What would you do differently? Let me know in the comments!


  • Matt Jones says:


    Being a racing simulator enthusiast for many, many years, I’ve transferred to console about 5 years ago from PC.

    While most PC setups have proven to be the pinnacle of gaming simulators, I love the fact that you’ve managed to thoughtfully put together this setup for Xbox One.

    I love my Xbox One, and RPGs, First Person Shooters and Racing Games have always been my favourite genres.

    This setup is absolutely incredible, and I love your attention to detail with this setup. It must be mind-blowing to race with!! 🙂

    I’d love to see you expand on this above post and show us instructions how you’ve pieced it together and why you’ve chosen those specific elements of your setup.

    If you could put together a YouTube video with the setup in action, and then link back to this site, I’m you’ll get a LOT of welcome attention to your website and fans – purely because you’ve proven that the Xbox One and consoles – despite their so-called “limitations” over PC gaming – anything is really possible.

    Also, I highly recommend you check out the CronusMAX USB adapter, which turns any controller, joystick, steering wheel, gamepad, mouse, keyboard which is otherwise used for PC into a compatible Xbox component. So yeah, the much acclaimed Logitech G27 racing setup would be compatible with your Xbox One. (With force feedback).

    The website is here:

    Anyway, I digress. Your above setup is indeed a very worthy investment to any racing fan’s experience on Xbox One.



    • James says:


      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts on my setup. I have full intention of coming back and blowing the doors off of this post. there is nothing that would make me happier. I actually want to document how I set up my vibration in my gaming chair because there is lack of resources on the internet for how to make you chair shake in stereo.

      I will def check out the CronusMAX USB adapter and review it. I will mark that on my schedule for posting in the next few weeks. I appreciate your love of Xbox racing to the same degree I do. It is awesome to see a fellow addict in the community. Thank you again for your time reading my blog. Lets connect on Xbox One!!


  • steve says:

    Hi James
    Im a “mature” (read old) novice here and have decided to get into this as an adjunct to track days with my real car. I really found your posts(web page) helpful in starting to understand this all. Im curious about your latest updated preferences for a complete set up- Im not looking to spend many thousands but Im willing to pay for an excellent set up that really works. Also I just got and am looking at forza 6 Curious if you have experience with Project cars as well. Are there special settings to getting the most out of playing these?
    Thank you

    • James says:

      Hey Steve,

      Welcome to the “mature” club…HAHHA I am in the same boat!!! I really like what Thrustmaster has to offer for wheels these days; high quality build with mid range prices. Everything of course is depending on your budget…but I think a good value is the Thrustmaster TX leather edition (which gets you TX servo wheelbase, GT 28 Leather rim, and t3PA wide pedal set) for about $470, which saves about $30 from buying them individually. For me I like the Th8a stick shifter, but if you were looking to save a few bucks then bypass that and you can use the paddle shifters on the wheel. For something to mount it to…on the less expensive side you could get a wheelstand , which will run between $130-$200. My best recommendation on a racing seat would be either the Playseat Evolution or the OpenWheeler Advanced both which run around $400.

      I like Project Cars, but the game definitely has some glitches. The force feedback and driving experience with a wheel though is much better than Forza 6. Forza 6 though is a better game with better graphics in my opinion. The price of Project Cras has come down significantly to about $30 on amazon last I checked and I think its a much better game at that price.

      For Forza 6 settings check out these two articles: My Racing wheel settings for Forza 6 and 17 Tips for Faster Lap Times in Forza 6 Without Tuning.

      For Project Cars: settings need to be done for each car which is a bit of a pain. I have never published any content on Project Cars settings, but the Project Cars website I found helpful (click here). In that thread there is an excel with a lot of good baseline settings for force feedback for each car.

      Hope that is helpful, please feel free to ask any follow up questions!

  • Sebastian says:

    Nice write up, thanks, says another simracer; got your site on my radar now.

    Personally, I still prefer racing on PC, simply because of my preference for iRacing and rFactor.

    What I wonder about: Have you tried out Fanatec’s ClubSport line yet? With the relatively new Universal Hub, you can plug almost any wheel onto the Fanatec Wheel Base, including real wheels like from Momo. To me, Fanatec is the ultimate option in the retail market (above Fanatec comes what I would call “custom market”), yet it can be dead-expensive.

    I’ve recently reviewed a number of Xbox One Steering Wheel options (Logitech G920, Thrustmaster VG TX, Fanatec Club Sport:, and come to the conclusion that all are basically worth their money, and that quality nicely scales with the budget you want to invest. The only pity is that Logitech have increased their pricing so much, when G29 and G920 are not really upgrade to the G27.

    • James says:

      Hey Sebastian,

      Thanks for the comment. PC racing is certainly much more of a sim experience and something that I think my blog audience would love. I have tried the fantec wheel and it is fantastic. However you are not kidding it is ridiculously expensive, I have had my reservations about endorsing Fanatec on my page simply becuase the prices are outrageous and my audience is not hardcore sim racers.


  • Larry Staak says:

    I am planning on making the jump with your recommended setup. Do I need a geek sqd guy here to plug all this in or is it pretty intuitive? Thanks

    • James says:

      Hey Larry,

      Thats awesome you are getting a setup. Welcome to a larger world!! I think overall it’s not to bad to setup. A racing seat can be a a little more difficult to be together, but overall not too bad. The rim, wheelbase, shifter, and pedals really are pretty straight forward. Pretty much everything connects to the wheel base and then the wheel base connects to your console.


  • awaken3D says:

    Thanks for the explaining and the recommended settings.

    I got the G920 a year ago and up until end of may I used it for The Crew, Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 6. I loved The Crew. First on the PC and then on the XBOX ONE which purchased in february-16.

    Oh man the difference between the PC and XBOX was amazing – I had struggled so much to find a setting I could live with on the PC/The Crew but it was sooo hard. I always had to sacrifice something to get an ok setting, and that sacrifice haunted me every time I played.

    But not on the XBOX, which I bought just to be able to play the Forza games. Now as time went by I also got myself addicted to Fifa 16 which I could play with a controller, but using a controller for any of the racing games was impossible.

    My muscle memory was impossible to convince that using a controller as well in The Crew was a good thing, as I wanted instant access to the photo-mode which you didn’t have with a wheel, but my musle memory in hands and fingers wouln’t hear of it. Just like when it came to my attempt to becoming a binder instead of a clicker when it came to PVP in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    So there was a sacrifice with using the XBOX too, but it wasn’t remotely as bad as on the PC.

    Anyhow, I have stickied your site on the TOP 10 of my gaming-bookmarks.

    Thanks again for the guide regarding Forza Horizon 3 and that you share your knowledge to the community.

    Sincerely, Fredrik aka awaken3D.

    • James says:

      Hey Awaken3D,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Im in the same boat in terms of can’t play racing games without a wheel. I do hate that I sacrifice photo mode and really for me since driving with a wheel I never design liveries anymore…too busy racing 🙂 For the small things we give up with a wheel on the console though we gain so much more in immersion and fun!

      I am glad to hear you found the blog helpful. Thanks for leaving a comment.


  • Barrie says:

    Hi, I found your setup via goggle search. I just finished ordering the parts and am waiting for them to arrive. Im just going with a single bass shaker for now. I built my whole cockpit area fron wood and have a real car seat on tracks with lumber support etc etc so seeing I cant mount the same as you I am wondering if the bass shaker actually has to touch the seat or can there be some clearance an if so how much do you think would be a good starting point. Many thanks

    • James says:

      Hey Barrie,

      Awesome I am glad you are trying this. It makes such an immersion difference with your racing setup.

      It doesnt have to touch the seat, but should be attached to something that connects solidly to everything. Technically mine does not touch the seat either. Its attached to the wood which is bolted to the frame that the seat is attached to.

      Here is another example: If you were to put a bass shaker in long couch that sits three people I would not tell you to put it underneath the center cushion. You would want to attach it on the longest beam inside the couch that runs from end to end.

      Hopefully that example makes sense. The important part of the bass shaker is that it is attached to something that connects to all the parts. If you have pictures of your set up, we can email and I can provide some better opinions. Just let me now and I will email you at the address you have listed in the comments.


      • Barrie says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I took a couple pics, where should I email them too. Everything for my cockpit it screwed to a 1/2 inch piece of plywood so maybe I should just bolt the shaker on that under the seat(?) and if I get lucky it will travel to the pedals as well. My car seat is bolted to 6″x6″ wood blocks for height so I dont know if much of the vibration will carry threw though.
        Unfortunately with xmas coming I didnt have a big budget for this project and could only afford a lepy 2020A mini amp and one dayton audio tt25-16 puck mini bass shaker and the coaxial audio converter so Im guessing I will be upgrading right after I do the first build, lol
        I asked the wife for the thrustmaster gear shift and 3 pedal set for xmas. I can hardly wait to get those as in real life my vehicles are manual transmissions and its so much more fun to drive imo

        • James says:

          Hey Barrie,

          I just sent you an email. Looking forward to seeing what you have built.


          • Barrie says:

            Hey James, are you mainly playing on xbox1, if so what racing games are you playing. Do you race others online or mainly drivatars.
            My favorite racing game of all time is project cars, imo it is the closest thing to real driving on the market although I havent got assetto corsa yet which I here is the best sim racer yet as far as real feel goes, have you played it?
            I also really like dirt rally, awesome game. Im playng forza 6 and forza horizon 3 as well but imo even with as many options, cars, tracks, setups etc etc that forza 6 has project cars is just a much better feel so I can live with the games issues.
            Have a good 1

          • James says:

            Hey Barrie,

            Yes I race on Xbox One mostly and I sometimes race on PS4. My two three main games are Forza 6, F1 2016, and DiRT Rally. I honestly don’t race online very often unless I am trying to get my in game achievements completed. I did race in the leagues for a while in Forza 6, but eventually got bored with it and tired of the trolling.

            If you are racing on Xbox One skip Assetto Corsa and stay with Project Cars if you like it. I thought project cars was very promising even with all of the bugs/glitches, but I found having to get all of the racing wheel settings for each car to be very tedious which eventually led me to stop playing. Assetto Corsa has EXCELLENT force feedback, but lacks so many other features like a good career mode, variety of tracks, variety of cars, and graphically it is not stunning like other titles.


  • Barrie says:

    I played project cars for almost a year strait, love it, raced every race and made hall of fame. Since I got the new wheel I have gone back an am mainly racing gt3, I am blown away how much better the handling is with the thrustmaster tx compared to the thrustmaster ferrari.

    You must be very hardcore, I like to race, not tune, I race every car as it is, I play at 70-80% drivatars depending on the car, the only tuning I ever do is tire pressure and only if I absolutely need too.

    Apparently project cars 2 is in the works, I can hardly wait.

    I dont race very often on the net either, always seems to be some idiot that finds demo derby more fun than racing and I have weak wifi which causes havoc.

    Ill have to send you a picture of the gaming chair as soon as I get it finished, Im hooking up my surround sound on it, I got my bass shaker as well, just waiting for the other parts.

    Have a good 1

    • James says:

      Hey Barrie,

      I am excited to see your setup finished, please send me the pics once you are done. If you have any issues hooking it all up or need some workarounds give me a shout and we can try to think through it together.

      Yeah I read something a few weeks ago about PCars 2. Sounds promising and I would imagine Slightly Mad Studios has some good data and lessons learned from the first game.


  • Kev says:

    Hi, lovely setup! Do you know if I can use a thrustmaster wheel and fanatec pedals with PCars. i’m worried it would only support a single controller


    • James says:

      Hey Kev,

      Thanks for the comment. You should be able to use certain thrustmaster wheels with certain Fanatec Pedal sets with of course a 3rd party adapter. What is the model of your wheel and what is the model of the Pedal set? Take a look at Basher Boards CPX Apdapter. I havent tried this before, but these adapters are really popular among the sim racing community.


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