Playseat Evolution Racing Game Seat Review | $400

Playseat Evolution Racing Game Seat Review | $400

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat Overview:
Playseat is hands down the best brand of gaming chair on the market for simulated car racing and the Evolution chair makes every bit of sim racing feel more real. The Evolution is not only a bad ass chair for sim racing, but has a polished look to it, stores easily, and looks nice in front of your TV.

What Is The Playseat Evolution Seat Made Out Of?

Playseat Evolution Gaming Chair ReviewIt is built out of reinforced steel tubing and was engineered with adjustability in mind. The base of the chair is really solid and doesn’t have any wobble to it.

The chair itself is wrapped in a vinyl upholstery and it has the look and feel of leather. There is some really nice detail in the stitching of the word Playseat at the top of the headrest. The stiching around the chair also looks really clean.

There foam cushion that you sit on can be removed and replaced and has some velcro on the bottom to prevent it from sliding while you are racing.

The back of the chair is a bit hard to fold down at first, but will definitely lossen up after some use.

Out of the box it took me about 45 minutes to put together and all of the tools, screws, and parts were included in the box. The directions were mostly pictures and easy to follow.

Comfort, Adjustability, and Storage

As Comfortable As Sitting In My Car

I find the Playseat Evolution to extremely comfortable. I can race for hours without feeling like my back, my knees, or my butt hurts. The cushion that you sit on has a few springs underneath it so that it can adjust to your body weight really nicely. My knees also don’t hit the bottom of the wheel base no matter how aggressive I drive or stomp my clutch.

Overall these seat is really comfortable for adults and teenagers. I would say that anyone between 6’2 and 5’0 should be able to fit comfortably in this seat.

It Has A Lot Of Adjustability To Accomadate Various Sizes Of Peaople

As a six foot man I was a little nervous about having a seat that is to small, but the adjustments make it perfect and my my friends who are shorter fit the seat nice as well and find it comfortable. so overall this seat can accommodate a lot of different heights and sizes.

The gaming chair was engineered with adjustments in mind. The tubing slides in out smoothly allowing you to adjust how far the pedals are from the chair or how far your wheel is from the chair. You can also adjust the tilt of the pedals for what degree you find most comfortable from the floor. There are 5 differnt angles to choose. The height of the steering wheel is also adjustable.

Playseat Seat SlidersPlayseat also made a seat slider for the Evolution, which I don’t own, but i do think make for a nice addition if you have alot of different people using your gaming chair like your wife and kids.

Easy Fold Down For Storage

The Evolution also comes equipped with Playseat’s patented fold down system for easy and fast storage. The top of the seat folds down nicely and when you slide the wheel and pedals towards the seat it is very compact.

Playseat Storage

I have mine on carpet and I can easily pull it around the house with ease, If my girlfriend wants it out of my living room, she just drags into another room. It is very lite and easy to move.

If you are planning on putting the seat on a wood floor I highly recommend you also get the Playseat Floor Mat for underneath it to protect your wood flooring.


Does The The Center Column Effect Your Feet On the Pedals?

No! Initially I had the same concern, but i have been racing on this for over 1 year and have had no issues with the center column impeding my ability to hit the gas, clutch, and brake. It isn’t in the way at all and when you are racing, you don’t even notice or feel the center column.

Forza, Gran Tursimo, and Project Cars Branding

The Evolution comes with a variety of branding options. You can of course get the standard which only has Playseat branding, but there are other options to match your favorite racing titles. These are the 3 most popular, but there are others as well:

These special editions tend to add a bit more to the price, but they are done really well and make for a beautiful looking racing seat.

The Playseat Evolution Gaming Chair Is Super Compatible

Playseat Pre-drilled Pedal PlatePlayseat Pre-drilled Pedal PlateThe Evolution is compatible with most steering wheel/pedal sets currently on the market. It has pre-drilled mounting points and a large foot pedal support plate to accomidate many 3rd party wheel/pedal sets.

Other PlaySeat Add-on’s

There are a handful of other products sold separately from PlaySeat that were made to work with the Evolution:

A Few Playseat Evolution Drawbacks

I don’t have to many, but being I am tall I sometimes have a little difficulty getting out of it. Just weird to maneuver my legs and lift my self up from a seat so low to the ground. My short friends don’t seem to have this issue.

I also wouldn’t trust letting anyone sit in this over 300 lbs.

Playseat Evolution Review- Wrap Up

I think this is the best seat on the market if you are looking for a traditional bucket style racing seat. The chair was constructed with quality and comfort in mind and it really enhances your simulated racing experience. If you are still clamping your racing wheel to a table, the Playseat Evolution will change your entire racing experience and instantly make any racing game better.

I have made several cusomizations like adding vibration in the seat and a headphones mount. Once you drill into the frame you void your 1 year warranty, but that is to be expected like most products when you make customizations.

“This seat is everything you want in a racing chair, it’s comfortable, puts your body in a racing position, and makes you forget you are sitting in your house!”

Official XRP Rating 5.0

Red Buy Now

Buy The Playseat Evolution And Related Products

Here are a few different looks that Playseat offers for this gaming chair as well as some of the accessories and attachments you can get for it. I own the Forza Motorsport edition.

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PlaySeat Evolution

Rated 5/5 based on 1 review

Do you own a Playseat product or a different brand of racing cockpit? Let me know your experience in the comments below.


  • Femto says:

    Gaming chairs are a great idea for the dedicated gamer, and there are some superb options available for console gamers who want some comfort and a better experience with their game play. You can find a bunch of different gaming chairs compatible with the main consoles available, and, they’re also available with a load of cool add-ons for gamers to choose from.

  • Berj says:

    Hi James,
    Do you prefer this seat to the revolution model? i m planning on getting this seat for my madcatz pro wheel for xbox one, have you tried mounting the madcatz on this seat? is it durable this seat?


    • James says:

      Hey Berj,

      I do. They have a similar build and make, but the evolution model is easier to get in and out of without having the center column between your legs. Once you put a steering wheel on the wheel plate you will be surprised bu how hard it is to get in and out of. This is actually the exact the seat I mounted the Mad Catz wheel on the other night to test F1 2015 settings for you. Holes are pre-drilled for Mad Catz wheel.

      I have had no durability issues with mine, but I have had some people question its durability on my blog. I am assuming there must be a review out there some where that says it’s not durable. To take the seats quality a bit farther I even customized mine to add vibration. Even drilling holes in the frame, mounting two sub woofers on it, and adding the shifter holder…my seat is still strong and as good as the day I bought it. Ive probably logged a few hundred hours sitting in it, beating on it, changing wheels, changing pedals, and it’s held up very well.


  • Berj says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks a ton for the info,really appreciate it.


    • James says:

      Sure thing man. Always happy to help

      • Berj says:

        Got the same seat few days back, its beautiful, the steering wheel was easy to mount but man was the pedals a pain in the a** to mount, gave up mounting the pedals to the pedal frame of the seat & instead mounted them to the playseat frame with 2 bolts, did you mount your madcatz pedals on the playseat frame as well?
        what a pain in the butt it was lol.

        • James says:

          I am glad to hear you are a fan of the Evolution. It is a really nice seat. At this point I have drilled so many holes into my frame from all of the wheels I have tested that I am not sure which ones are the original holes anymore…I even think my original Thrustmaster T3PA pedals were hard to mount. Only problem with mounting to the frame with two bolts is you dont get the great angle the pedal plate has, which simulates the anle of the floor well on a car. Next time I unmount my pedals I will throw the mad catz on and see how the holes line up. I can’t recall If I had to custom drill for that set.

  • Taylor says:

    How stable is the wheel deck? Is there any movement in it when racing?

    Is there any flex/movement in the pedal plate? It seems like that’s been a complaint by some.

    I’m going with the Fanatec clubsport wheel and pedals. Do you think the playseat is a good match or should look for something else?


    • James says:

      Hey Taylor,

      I have a Fanatec wheel and pedals on my Playseat Evolution as we speak. There is a little play (but not much) in the wheel plate which I dont even notice when racing. I def get a bit of flex in the pedal plate, but it does not effect my racing and its not something that concerns me. I have never had any issues and I love my Playseat and think it is built well.

      If you have tried as many sim rigs as I have its pretty standard at this price point for a seat with this design style. You will find the same complaints about the OpenWheeler Advanced, but worth mentioning is another seat I really like.

      Here is the BIGGER issue you will find, to mount the Fanatec wheel you will need to drill three holes into the wheel plate. The pedal plate should mount fine, but not the wheel plate.

      If you are looking for more stability and a similar price point, you may also want to look at this seat from GT Omega. You can read more about it here.


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