Xbox One Racing and Steering Wheels

Xbox 1 Driving Wheel Buyers Guide

The core of any simulated driving setup is the wheel and pedals. Rim size, rotation degrees, and force feedback, are just a few things to consider when choosing a product.

Use the guide below to understand how to choose driving accessories and pedals. You’ll learn about key terms such as degrees of rotation, force feedback, and wheel weight.

About Xbox One Steering Wheels and Pedal Sets for Racing

Driving Wheel Rim Size and Weight

Ideally you want a something with enough size so that it feels like a real cars steering accessory in your hands. Typically sim wheel rims are 7/10 scale which usually measure around 11 inches wide in diameter, but their are rims that are 8/10 scale (12 inches).

The weight of the rim matters, usually the lighter the better as it translates more inertia and transference of force feedback and vibration. Rims that have a steel hoop perform better than plastic even though plastic accessories are lighter in weight, the steel hoop provides a more realistic touch.

Driving Wheel Degrees of Rotation

900 degree rotationFor degrees of rotation (DOR) brands vary between 270 and 900 degrees. Some offer just those two settings while others offer every single degree in between as well as the ability change DOR on the fly.

Having options in the rotation degree will allow you to customize your driving experience to the car you are using in the game. For example if you like driving F1 cars then you want to set your DOR to 330 degrees.

Force Feedback

Quality force feedback creates a strong and smooth pulling sensation when you are turning or skidding. It is designed to feel like your car is fighting you to unwind and return back to a centered position.

The force feedback quality is determined by the motor in the base that the steering accessory rim is attached to. For the most part brushless motors with belt driven force feedback mechanisms tend to be quieter and stronger than helical gearing or bungee cord systems. Direct drive mechanisms would offer the best force feedback, but currently there are no direct drive accessory on the market for the Xbox console.


There are a few different brands licensed for the X box One. They vary in price and quality and doing your research is super important . The risk of using non-licensed Microsoft products is that they can put out system updates that would make these non licensed products work incorrectly. If a products is NOT compatible natively with Xbox, I will call that out particularly in my review. Some might work with the assistance of adapters, but there are functionality issues like missing force feedback and/or vibration.

Most of the brands that are made for the consoles also work on the PC so its a dual benefit. If you are considering playing on both X box and PC, then this will need to be a consideration for your purchase.

Driving Wheel Scalability

Some products offer a customizable experience like changing the rim to a GTE or F1 model, adding a clutch and progressive brake, or adding a shifter. These options add to the immersive experience of your gaming setup. Not all brands have add on components and you should consider this if you are looking to buy a basic sim setup now and then add more components in the future.

Driving Wheel Mounting Options

Table ClampMost products come with a clamp for mounting on furniture (picture on right). Usually this is easy to setup, by just clamping your accessory base to a table or desk.

The challenge often with these setups is that the pedals aren’t mounted or clamped to anything. When the pedals are not secured and placed on a carpet or wood floor they tend to slide around particularly when you brake.

If you are buying a stand or cockpit you need to make sure that it contains pre-drilled holes for the model you plan on purchasing. There are some stands that are built to take table clamps and you should check to see the the specifics about mounting.

If you are looking for a better game immersion experience, mounting your steering accessory on a cockpit or at least a stand is a must. The advantage that you get is that it puts you in a driving position and simulates your body’s natural sitting position behind a car steering circle and pedals. They also fix the pedals into place so that they don’t move around while your jamming on the brakes. My best recommendation is the Playseat Evolution.

Xbox 1 Steering Wheel and Pedal Sets

Not all brands come standard with a pedal set, but 90% of them do. Typically you get an accelerator and a brake pedal standard and there are some like the G920 or the TX Leather Edition that come with 3 pedals; throttle, brake, and clutch.

For me the two most important parts of a pedal set are the bit resolution and whether or not the brake pedal offers progressive resistance. For pedal resolution aim for 10 bits or more. The pedal resolution indicates how accurate the sensitivity is. Progressive resistance is what makes a brake feel like a real car. The further you push the brake down, the harder the pedal is to push.

Popular Brands of Steering Wheels for Xbox One Racing

There are a handful of popular manufacturers who make racing peripherals for the consoles. On the super high-end you have Fanatec, in the mid priced range there’s Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Mad Catz, and on the low end Hori. There’s something for a racer on any budget.


Fanatec is known for making pristine beautifully manufactured simulation driving peripherals that replicate the true realism of a race car. This is the highest grade of simulation products you can get for your X Box console and they are only available through their website. Fanatec has been making wheels and pedals compatible with the Xbox since 2011 and are marketed towards serious sim racers with serious budgets.

Current Products: Fanatec Xbox One Steering Wheel, CSL Elite Wheel


Logitech is most popular for making computer peripherals, but in 2008 they made one of most highly regarded sim products the G27. This mid-priced accessory came standard with 3 pedal sets and a shifter, but only worked on PC and PS2/PS3. After taking a 6 year hiatus from race accessories Logitech returned with their first XboxOne option in 2014 the G920. This is option is very similar in look and feel to the G27 except the shifter is sold separately. This is considered a mid-priced option for serious console racers.

Current Products: Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel


Thrustmaster is known for making race and flying simulation peripherals since 1990. They manufacturer the widest array of options for the consoles with several race options in both the low and mid-price range. What makes these products notable is the eco-system that allows you to swap rims, change out pedals, and add a 7-speed shifter to most of their products. With the various options there is something in their product catalog for both casual and serious sim racers.

Cuurent Products: TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, TX Leather Edition, TX Servo base, TMX, Ferrari 458 Spider

Mad Catz

Mad Catz makes a wide range of affordable accessories for consoles. Most notably they made a popular inexpensive wireless driving system for the Xbox 360 and now they have returned with mid-priced force feedback option for the XB1. When this product first hit the market the reception was mixed and it has since been buried by the other choices at the mid-level price point. This is considered a mid-range option for sim drivers.

Current products: Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals


Hori makes affordable computer and console accessories like fighting sticks, controllers and steering-wheels. They focus on delivering experiences that aren’t going to brake you in the bank and their driving system is no exception. While it is not comparable in quality and performance to the previous brands it is however the perfect choice for a young child or teen who wants to try to get more immersed in a race.

Current Products: Hori One


MegaDream makes inexpensive computer and gaming console accessories like controller chargers, chatpads, and headphones They primarily focus on keeping costs low and delivering serviceable products. The Megadream driving system is there first race game peripheral for the XB1 and is not upto the standards of the competition at the same price point.

Current Products: Driving Force USB Wired Vibration Feedback Gaming Race-Wheel

Best Xbox One Racing and Steering Wheel isn’t a Fanatec

Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition PremiumMy best recommendation is the Thrustmaster TX Bundle. It is our highest rated package and offers the best feel for the price point.

It comes with a 3 pedal set, a base that delivers outstanding force feedback, a shifter and a premium leather rim. It also has multiple additional rims add-ons sold separately, the Ferrari GTE ,the Ferrari F1, and the Ferrari 599XX EVO. The TX bundle is the only package for the X-Box 1 that comes with everything you need to get your sim driving career started.

The picture below shows everything it comes with: TH8A Shifter, TX Wheelbase, 28 GT Leather Rim, and T3PA Pro Pedals.

Thrustmaster TX Best Deal

“This package is by far the most comprehensive for all mid-priced products”

Is The Thrustmaster TX Better Than Fanatec Clubsport or Logitech G920?

Alot of people will tell you the Fanatec is better than the TX and while that is true from a performance perspective their Forza bundle costs almost $800 more and its not worth it if you are a console sim racer. They do have a more affordable wheel called the CSL Elite which is more on par with the TX price and performance. I also think the TX out performs Logitech’s G920 which doesn’t offer the same scalability options or have as strong of force feedback.

The TX simply offers the best scalability on the market for mid-priced options and that is simply what makes it the best choice. Overall the TX is pretty much the standard for the Xbox driving game community for it’s quality, durability, and reasonable price.

You can even get the TX in different smaller sized options like buying the servo base by itself the 458 Italia Edition which comes with a simpler rim and a two pedal set, or the TX Leather Edition which has a 3 pedal set and leather rim. My best advice to save a few bucks is getting the full TX bundle which comes with everything you need including the shifter.

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A Good Xbox 1 Driving Wheel To Get Started

Thrustmaster TMX ReviewIf you are just looking for a driving accessory to get started the Thrustmaster TMX is a solid choice especially for only $200 bucks.

It is not powered by the same force feedback motor as the the TX, but it does offer 270 to 900 degrees of rotation in addition to the ability to upgrade the pedals and add a shifter.

The TMX Outperforms the Logitech G920

A lot of people with smaller budgets have picked up the TMX wheel for it’s Thrustmaster technology and affordable price. This is a great entry level driving accessory and in my opinion even out performs the Mad Catz One and Logitech G920 which are mid-priced competitors.

While the TMX is table mount only because does not have pre-drilled holes for a sim cockpit, there are some great stands that the TMX fits on nicely.

The TMX with a stand, and an upgraded pedal set would be a great place to start for someone new or a casual racer.

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Which Xbox One Racing Steering Wheel to Choose?

If you are a bit overwhelmed and don’t know what to get, start by reading reviews from the racing wheel page. Find one within your budget and then expand your search into the other components. Choosing your steering accessory first is a good step.

Xbox One Steering Wheels For Racing at Amazon

I am also here to help…I love this stuff and want to see you get maximum enjoyment from sim driving. You may notice that the prices of these simulation accessories may fluctuate from time to time which is common in this industry. While I would never encourage you to overspend, I also would tell you don’t pass up on a deal when you see one.

If you have any questions about these products (or even products I don’t have pictured), let me know on my contact page or in the comments section on one of my reviews. You can also checkout my sim setup to get some ideas.


  • Will LaToush says:

    I am wondering about the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel. I want this wheel but i want to be able to upgrade the pedals to ones with a clutch and also get a shifter. I was wondering if this is possible?

    • James says:

      For the Spider, that is not possible. For that wheel you cant add a shifter or 3 pedal set. The spider has a great price and is perfect for casual gamers, but is limitations are in its inability to upgrade.

      You need to look at the TX. When i first got mine, I got the italia edition and then added the T3PA Wide 3 pedal set and TH8A shifter when I could afford it. The Italia edition is more expensive now ($400) though then it was 2 years ago ($300).

      In my opinion your best route is to get a good value is to buy the TX Leather edition. You still would need to buy the shifter, but overall you will save money and get a 3 pedal set and an upgraded rim for $469ish!

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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