AuraSound Pro Bass Shaker Review | $60

AuraSound Pro Bass Shaker Review | $60

The AuraSound AST 2B 4 Pro Bass Shaker Tactile Transducer adds the WOW factor to any home theater or gaming setup. It sends sonic vibrations through anything you have it mounted to such as a couch or gaming chair. When the bass hits in your music, movies, or games, it sends earth shaking vibrations through whatever you’re sitting on and instantly gives you an immersive experience.

Aura Pro Bass Shaker Specs

The Aura Pro Bass Shaker is 50-watts, has an impedance of 4 Ohms, and has a 40 Hz resonance frequency. They are encased in metal and measure about 5 inches in width and 2 inches in height. It is classified as a transducer, not a speaker, because it doesn’t transmit volume it transmits vibration.

Why Do You Need A Tactile Audio Transducer

As humans we have two senses to perceive sound. We hear sound and we can also feel it, particularly low frequencies. In normal circumstances it takes a large set of speakers to move the air enough for us to feel low frequency vibration, like a club or live concert.

A tactile transducer replicates the feeling range of audio more directly than through air movement, it does it by directly vibrating whatever it is attached to. the perception of low frequency is actually greater than what a large speaker can create, plus it removes the sound. For example if you were using an Aura Bass Shaker Pro with a pair of headphones on, you would still perceive the concert lvel feel of the audio, but without any volume produced for anyone else to hear.


The feeling you get from an immersive movie, music, or gaming experience is AMAZING! When you are watching a movie and a building collapses and your couch whole couch shakes, your engagement with the movie increases. Same thing when you are gaming…when you are playing a FPS game and you ring out a blast from your shot gun and you feel your gaming seat buck in your rear end, your body starts feeling like it’s really in the action. You will think you’re in a war zone!

Your brain will think your home theater sub woofer is producing the bass feeling, but it’s the bass shaker that is doing it”

I Use Mine Mostly for Gaming

While I do have 2 of them in my couch and use it to make every single movie better, my primary use is on my Xbox racing seat. I have 2 aura bass shakers hooked up in stereo on the bottom of my Playseat Evolution and whenever my car clips the rumble strips my seat shakes on the proper side. You don’t really hear the low end bass frequencies…you just feel them!

If I want more vibration I can adjust how much gain and low end frequency I let in on my subwoofer amp. If you are interested in how I have them hooked up, check out DIY Add Vibration to Your Racing Setup.

How to Hook Up a Bass Shaker

These are not standalone self amplified units. They need to be powered and wired to your system. The best way to power them is with a sub-woofer amplifier, and not a standard amplifier or pre-amp. You want a sub-woofer amp because they have a crossover built in that allows you to filter out high end frequency and concentrate on the low end bass frequencies.

Dayton Audio SA70 Subwoofer AmplifierI use a Dayton Audio SA70 amplifier on each of my Aura Pro’s. So each amp powers one shaker. Because they are 4 Ohms, you can wire two shakers to one amp providing you are choosing the correct wattage amp.

I use a dedicated amp for each bass shaker because I wanted my Xbox racing setup to be stereo, meaning have left and right vibrations to coordinate with my games and movies.

Note: ensure that the sub-amp you use is capable of a 4 ohm load. The Aura Bass Shakers are 50 watts at 4 ohms, but that could change based on the number that are wired together if you do them in a series.

Aura Pro


Xbox Racing SimulatorWiring the Aura Bass shakers is as easy as wiring a normal speaker.

They have positive and negative terminals that have a cap you pull out and then sneak the speaker wire through. The wire will fit really snug and secure on the terminals, wiring couldn’t be any easier.

Placement for the Best Bass Feel

Placement of the shakers is really important. When you place the Aura Bass Shakers onto a surface you will want to make sure, you are fastening them on tight because they vibrate and you are securing them to something that will maximize its impact.

Xbox Racing SimulatorFor example, most couches have a main beam that span the length of the couch, you would want to mount them directly on that. You can see on the right how I have them mounted to my gaming seat. They are directly underneath the seat and they are in contact with a main board I built that touches the frame. When bass vibrates the shaker, not only does the seat shake, but the vibration travels all the way down to my feet on the racing pedals.

Installation really depends on where you are going to be putting these items and what you will be mounting them to. In my case, to installation was as easy as putting a plywood plank along the bottom of the chair and attaching these to the plank. Each Aura pro shaker has 4 holes on the bottom of the transducer for mounting.

Isolate it sorbothaneWhatever you are mounting the shakers to you may also want to consider getting rubber isolators to ensure whatever they are mounted on keeps the vibration isolated and not transferring to the floor. I use the Isolate It Sorbothane pads. Once you add isolation pads to your couch, racing seat, or chair, the aura pro bass shakers pack even more of a mean punch.

Take Music, Movies, and Games To the Next Level

The Aura Pro Bass Shakers are one of the most important elements of both my home theater and my Xbox One. They make everything better by adding the feeling of shake to go along with the bass my subwoofer puts out. The real test for me is when I turn them off, games, music, and movies, feel blah without them. These bass shakers will take your favorite movie, song, or game and make you love it 100x more than you even thought possible.

“These shakers are the exact reason everybody wants to come to my house to game and watch movies”!

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AuraSound AST 2B 4 Pro Bass Shaker Tactile Transducer

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Are you considering adding vibration to your home theater or gaming setup? Let me know what your trying to do in the comments and I can help you figure out the best setup for your application?


  • Luis says:

    How did you wire headphones into this setup if you do not mind me asking?

    Thank you


    • James says:

      Hey Luis,

      Thanks for the comment. Not sure if you are asking about racing with headphones or just using a bass shaker with headphones.

      When I race with headphones, I plug them into a controller. First I plug headphones into controller. Then I plug a charging cord into the controller (this turns on the Xbox and keeps power to the controller). Then I turn on the power for my wheel. Doing it like this prevents any conflicts between the wheel and the controller.

      I can use my bass shakers just with my console because the console is connected the the amps through the digital out. The amp powers the bass shaker. Then I can use headphones either plugged into my controller or into my TV.

      Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if that makes sense for what you were asking.


  • Jeff Bashor says:

    Hello. I have a couple of bass shakers for my couch. I already have a dayton 250 watt plate amp, which will be ran from my Onkyo TX-nr807’s LFE. My problem is that I want to use my headphones and bass shakers for late night gaming but as soon as I plug my headphones in to the Onkyo I lose all sound from the speakers. My headphones are connected to my xbox 1 by USB and my Onkyo by standard headphone jack. How can I use the new bass shakers without my Onkyo canceling the speaker output when inserting my headphones? I can run my headphones from my tv’s audio out but that will result in the onkyo’s speakers being on because the need of the LFE signal needed for the shaker amp. I am puzzled! Thanks for any and all help. Jeff Bashor

    • James says:

      Hey Jeff,

      So I am a little confused about how your headphones are connected, but maybe I can expound on what I do and that can help.

      I plug my headphones into the Xbox One Controller and connect my controller via USB to the console (this way the controller always has power). Next I run a digital out from the back of the xbox to a digital qudio converter. The digitial audio converter connects to my my Dayton amps which power the bass shakers.

      For late night gaming all I do is turn the volume all the way down on my TV. The audio is coming through the headphones, the shake is coming through the transducers, and there is very little noise produced.

      Does my explanation make sense? Feel free to follow up if you have any more questions.


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