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About JamesHi, I am James (Gamer Tag: D Bag Hero). I am a 37 year old Xbox racing game junkie, and holding an xbox controller never made me feel like I was close enough to the track or actually inside of the cars cockpit.

This started when I was playing Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360. While I loved the game and played every day, I just always felt like I wanted more…A LOT MORE!

So when I upgraded to the Xbox One I decided since I am an adult and I can do whatever the hell I want. Well…

“I wanna race and feel like I am in the race”

You can say what you want about the price or the quality of the Xbox racing wheels and all of the accessories that you can combine with them. I am here to tell you definitively that if you are not using one of these products, then you are truly missing out on what the best Xbox racing games have to offer.

Here is the core of my Xbox racing setup:

I even took all of this a step further and customized my Xbox racing setup so that my gaming chair vibrates and simulates the feeling of a real racing cockpit. It is truly an immersive gaming experience.

Racing setups on consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 will never be a true race simulator…but we can get pretty close without shelling out $10,000…so this blog is for the rest of us who are dedicated to getting as close to it as we can and using an Xbox console.

I am not the best driver and I really could care less if I ever record a top 10 lap time. All I know is that when I play Xbox racing games and use my racing setup, I completely forget I am sitting in my living room. I normally have to take a break when it feels like my heart is pounding out of my chest or my girlfriend tells me I am breathing to crazy!!

I want you to experience this same awesome game immersion sensation. There is something here for everybody on any budget to get closer to the action!
I’ll see you at the finish line,



P.S. If you want learn to make a website, just like the xboxracingpro.com, I can help here.


  • John says:

    Great site James!!

    You have everything here for all the gaming junkies out there!


  • Vivek Thakur says:

    Hey James,

    Your blog really helped me, a novice, to decide and learn all about Xbox racing with wheels. Thank you for giving this valuable information.


    • James says:

      Hey Vivek,

      It is my pleasure. I am so grateful that your read my blog. I love Xbox Racing and it’s nice when people who share similar interests reach out and say hello!


  • Chandler says:

    Hey James, thanks for the very informative website. I’ve been racing on consoles for years and I’ve recently been thinking about getting a wheel. I would love to race with you some time on Forza 6. I’ll send you a friend request. My gamertag is IJohnnyWafflesI. See you on the track!

    • James says:

      Hey Chandler,

      Getting a wheel makes such a big difference. The game not only feels so much more immersive, Its amazing how much more fun I have now racing. I will look for your friend request. We can def link up online! Thanks for leaving a comment.


  • Paul says:

    Hi James

    Just got an Xbox one S and the G920 Logitech wheel and have a question for you. How do I dial down the 900 degree to 360 degree turn on the wheel via the Xbox? Is it through the game i.e. F1 or somewhere else? I’m really stuck as I find the 900 setting way too much plus I’d like to make the brake less hard too. I need a really simple easy to follow set of instructions as well that’s me I’m afraid

    Great site by the way

    • James says:

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you are looking for F1 2016 settings…is that correct? Try this article as a good place to start: F1 2016 Wheel settings.

      F1 2016 should auto calibrate your wheel to 360 degrees and does not have any in game options to change it, but if it’s not doing that you can try plugging in your wheel to a PC and using the Logitech software to set your wheel to 360. For more info on how to do that, here is the instructions for changing sensitivity and the operating range (which is degree of rotation).

      Keep me posted if you still have issues,

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