My Rating System

Rating Scale

My rating system is based on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. You will see this graphic around my site which denotes my rating (XRP=Xbox Racing Pro):

Official XRP Rating 5.0

My Bias

This blog is a dedicated to car racing games and the products that accompany them. Everything for me is about creating an immersive gaming experience and trying as hard as I can to turn my Xbox into a race simulator to the best extent possible. With that being said…I look at Xbox games and products through the lens of simulation and immersion and rate them accordingly.

How I Rate Xbox Racing Games

Everything starts with Enjoyment and second driving simulation. If I didn’t enjoy the game it gets a low rating. If I enjoyed it then it gets a high rating. I do take into account features, graphics, tracks, cars, functionality, as well…but let’s be honest if a game has shitty graphics and its fun…who cars. I would rather play a fun game that is technically flawed, then a technically perfect boring game.

I do tend to rate simulation style games hire than arcade race style games, Mostly what I am aiming for are how do these games and products feel with a racing wheel and a cockpit.

Official XRP Rating 1.0Boring. Played for it 15-20 minutes to realize I never wanna play this game again. Maybe I will guilt myself into finishing a few races just because I paid my hard earned money for the game. Not a realistic driving experience what so ever.

Official XRP Rating 2.0Ehh. It’s cool, didn’t live up to the hype. Maybe I will play it for a day or two. Has some substance or cool features to it, with challenges, but has a lot to be desired in terms of content and depth. Driving experience still very aracdish.

Official XRP Rating 3.0Enough tracks/streets, cars, and content to make me want to try to complete a career mode. Needs good graphics and features.  Might play a few times a month. Driving experience starts feeling less arcade and more simulation.

Official XRP Rating 4.0Really Awesome. I feel compelled to play a few times per week, complete the career mode, and get Xbox achievements. Lots of tracks/streets, cars, game modes, options. Graphics need to be stellar and game needs to be rich with features. A good simulated driving experience.

Official XRP Rating 5.0I am hooked. I can play for hours and months on end without caring who judges me for it. Cars, tracks, features need to be pushing the limits. There is a desire to complete the career mode multiple times and complete all Xbox Achievements. Best simulation game on a console.

If you would like an example of a game I rated, you can read my review of Forza Motorsport 5 to see how I applied this system.

How I Rate Xbox Racing Products

The three most important things to me here are quality, value for the price,  and the simulation experience. For example If an Xbox racing wheel is made of plastic, but feels good in my hands when I’m driving…the driving experience can make me forgive the use of plastic especially if it is inexpensive. Now if it feels like plastic when I am driving or just feels too light weight and they are charging a ton of money for it,that is not acceptable to me.

Next to each rating are my justifications:

Official XRP Rating 1.0

Total crap.  Poor construction quality or poor materials. Product is extremely overpriced compared to the value. Does not function as advertised. Will not simulate the driving experience at all.

Official XRP Rating 2.0Poor Quality or value for the price point. Doesn’t live up to the hype. Does some things as advetised, but not others. A poor simulation experience that leaves you wondering what you spent your money on.

Official XRP Rating 3.0Useable on a regular basis. Good construction and quality, performs as advertised. I Feel good about the purchase and feel the value it provides. Product evokes feeling of game immersion. Feel comfortable telling people to try it.

Official XRP Rating 4.0 Awesome. Quality construction, simulates a driving experience. I can use it daily and it’s vital to my racing rig. If you took it away from me and gave me a different product, I would notice. I recommend the product as great value.

Official XRP Rating 5.0Must have. Built of high quality materials and feels like a steal no matter what price I paid. Best product available, emulates a real driving experience. Makes me feel like I am in a real car and not playing a game.

If you want to see an example of a product review, check out my review of the Playseat Evolution.

If you are interested in learning how to write product reviews and start your own website you can read this article: How to Become A Product Reviewer from my other blog Ways To Make Easy Money Online

Any thoughts on my rating system? How would rate games or products differently? let me know in the comments below.


  • CV says:

    I didn’t read through everything on your website, but I was skimming for photos of an adult in the racing chair. I have no idea if it feels like an adult seat, or a kids seat.

    Something else that would be helpful is a better understand of what can be adjusted with the seats. Are they all the same?
    1. can the back tilt (angle range?)
    2. can the seat itself tilted? (angle range?)
    3. can the distance between the seat and the wheel be adjusted (travel distance shortest & longest?)
    4. can the distance of the seat to the pedals be adjusted (travel distance shortest and longest?)

    I love your website. I don’t see any pictures of people in them, and if there were photos of people, what are their proportions?

    Next time your friends come over maybe use a tape measure from floor to hip, shoulder to wheel? My wife is 4 inches shorter than I am but when we sit side by side she sits taller than me by 3 inches, and in my car my seat is pretty far froward so my elbows can bend. Does that make sense?

    • James says:

      Hey CV,

      Thanks for the comment. This thing is definitely an adult racing chair. I am about 6’1 and 180 lbs and fit in it great. I also have a fiend who is about 5’6 and fit sin it also. They way it works is that the center column can be adjust closer to or father from the seat. You can also get the Playseat slider kit, that allows you to move your seat forward and back like a real car. You can see the slider kit here on the accessories page.

      Now for your specific questions (my answers in italics):

      Are they all the same? Each seat brand is different and obviously the more pricey ones have more options. This Playseat particularly which is the one I own, can be adjusted by moving the steering wheel and pedals further away from or towards the seat. You can even do it while sitting in the seat, it’s super easy.

      1. can the back tilt (angle range?) The back doesn’t tilt. It only folds down for storage purposes.

      2. can the seat itself tilted? (angle range?) the seat is in a fixed position and can not be tilted.

      3. can the distance between the seat and the wheel be adjusted (travel distance shortest & longest?) Yes. measuring from the back of the chair to the face of the wheel, shortest distance is 12 inches, longest distance is about 30 inches. To give you perspective I am 6’1 and I have the wheel 26 inches from the back of the chair.

      4. can the distance of the seat to the pedals be adjusted (travel distance shortest and longest?) Yes. the pedals move with the center columns of the cockpit, so when you move the wheel, the pedal distance moves with it.

      FYI: I have had my 10 year old niece race in the chair and she is about 4’10. It was a bit big for her and we had to sit her on a phone book and she had to tippy toe the pedals. Thats partially because if you push the wheel all the way in to the 12inches, you dont have any room for your arms to move.

      Just another thought I had of something you may want to know. I don’t know if seat has a weight limit, but I would think about 300 lbs would be the max, anything else might start getting uncomfortable. Also I am the tallest of people in my family that has been in the chair, but I would think if you are 6’5 and above most racing chairs are gonna be tight and your knees are gonna be uncomfortable.

      Thanks for the compliments on my site. I am sorry I don’t have pictures of anybody in my chair. Next time I have some people over, I will see if I can get a few flix, that was a good idea.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment,

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