Best Custom Wheel Rims for Thrustmaster TX and T300

Best Custom Wheel Rims for Thrustmaster TX and T300

Do you hate that your Thrustmaster TX or T300 rim is not a full size racing wheel?

Does it bother you that some of the rims don’t transfer vibration and force feedback exactly like a real car?

Today I’ll walk you through the basics of how to mount a real race car rim to your Thrustmaster TX and Thrustmaster T300 wheelbase. While I am by no means a electronics guru this can be accomplished with a drill and a screwdriver, the willingness to take things apart , and some good ol’fashioned elbow grease.

If all of that sounds like it’s a bit too complicated or to risky, at the end of this article I’ll also show you were you can get a good price on the best custom wheel rims for the TX and T300. These custom made rims are made to order by a licensed Thrustmaster dealer, but before we get to that, let’s take a look at you can do this yourself.

How to Custom Make Your Own Thrustmaster TX or T300 Wheel

To do this you will need to purchase a Thrustmaster GTE challenge rim, a special adapter, and a real steering wheel rim that you want to mount.

The good thing about the GTE challenge rim is that it is the least expensive rim add-on from Thrustmaster ($110) and the internal parts are the easiest to work with. In addition you need a GTE rim adapter, which you need to special order.

This is what the GTE Rim looks like with thee original wheel and center column removed and the GTE rim adapter on it. The adapter is the circular silver piece sitting around the Ferrari logo and extending over the D-pad.

GTE Rim adapter for Custom Racing Wheels

Removing the exterior rim from the GTE rim isn’t to technical and only requires you to unscrew the 6 screws on the center column. Then you mount the GTE wheel adapter and screw in 3 screws to hold it in place like the picture above (One screw below Ferrari logo and then two just above to the left and right).

Choosing Which After Market Rim to Mount

When choosing a rim, you’ll need to first figure out what kind of rim shape you like and then figure out how much work will be required to mount it. For example, if you get a rim with out pre-drilled holes your going to need to drill in the center column of the wheel rim.

Below are some wheel choices at Amazon from varying brands and price ranges. The first wheel is the Thrustmaster GTE wheel you need to purchase in order to get the spare parts. The other 7 wheel rims are just a small selection of whats available at Amazon.

The larger the rim diameter you choose, then the further your fingers will be away from the paddle shifters. Now if you have large hands it’s not a problem and your finger tips will reach fine.

If your hands are smaller you may have trouble reaching since the GTE paddle shifters were made for a small diameter rim. If thats the case then you can get the optional large paddle shifters. I would suggest this in general if you are getting a full size circle racing wheel rim (over 30cm). In this case you would need to also remove the original paddle shifters for the GTE rim and mount the larger ones.

large GTE Paddle Shifters for Thrustmaster

How to Mount a Real Steering Wheel to a Thrustmaster Wheelbase

So let’s take a look at how to mount an after market wheel to your Thrustmaster wheelbase. In the video below you will see an OMP racing wheel get mounted to a T300 wheelbase. The T300 and the TX are the exact same wheelbase, the only difference is one is made for PS4 and the other is for Xbox One.

Notice when he mounts the wheel he loses the d-pad. This is pretty typical in DIY solutions. Some people actually like that the D-pad is no longer there though because its more realistic looking. For me I like the functionality and I would prefer having the D-pad on the center column.

The Problem With DIY Rims

There are several issues with the do it yourself approach for custom mounting aftermarket rims.

  • You can’t access the D-pad unless you have a special tools to cut the hole
  • Some Rims will partially cover your action buttons
  • Not all rims have pre-drilled holes in the center so you need a metal drill
  • Once your take apart your Thrustmaster GTE Wheel, you void the warranty
  • If you buy a large diameter rim, it may be hard to reach the paddle shifters
  • The cost savings of DIY doesn’t save you very much money

How Much Money Will You Save Making Your Own Custom Rim

It depends really on how expensive of an after market rim you want to get. If you are getting a $125 dollar rim, then you will save over $100. For most people though they want the high end OMP, Momo, or Sparco rims that cost over $200 and wrapped in suede or leather.

If you are considering a high end rim your savings are reduced to about $30 and it’s probably better to purchase a custom made rim from a supplier.

For example DIY: A nice Momo rim ($230) + GTE Wheel ($110) + GTE Adapter ($30) = $370
Compared To: Made to order Momo Rim for Thrustmaster from a supplier = $400

So you can see if your looking to go the DIY route on a high end rim…

“the savings doesn’t justify the level of effort when you can buy a modified wheel ready to plug in and play.”

Where to Buy Custom Made After Market Rims Done for You

There are a handful of companies that make these, but my best endorsement would be Ricmotech. Not only are they a licensed Thrustmaster dealer and make high quality mod kits, but if you get the rim and there is something wrong with it, Ricmotech will take care of it for you. They have some of the best customer service I have encountered.

Best Custom Made Momo Wheel Rims For The TX and T300

Below are the 4 Momo racing rims offered by Ricmotech. These steering wheels are made to order. Everything is ready to go; they supply the rim and parts, they put it together, they drill a whole for the d-pad, they cut out grooves in the center column for the best action button access, and they stand behind their work.

These are REAL Momo racing wheels, NOT replica’s mounted on to the GTE rim hardware.

Thrustmaster Momo RimREALGEAR MOMO MOD27C ADD-ON WHEEL – Leather
Genuine Momo Mod27c Racing Wheel with leather Grip
Comes fully assembled – plug in and play
Machined perfectly to fit around the GTE buttons
D-Pad is accessible with a perfectly drilled hole
Wheel is 27cm in diameter (10.6 inches)
Read More About It Here

Real Momo Custom Thrustmaster WheelREALGEAR MOMO MOD27C ADD-ON WHEEL – Suede
Genuine Momo Mod27c Racing Wheel with suede Grip
Comes fully assembled – plug in and play
Machined perfectly to fit around the GTE buttons
D-Pad is accessible with a perfectly drilled hole
Wheel is 27cm in diameter (10.6 inches)
Read More About It Here

DShaped Momo Rim For Thrustmaster TX and T300REALGEAR MOMO MOD27 D-SHAPED ADD-ON – Suede
Genuine Momo Mod27 D Shaped Racing Wheel with suede Grip
Comes fully assembled – plug in and play
Machined perfectly to fit around the GTE buttons
D-Pad is accessible with a perfectly drilled hole
Wheel is 29cm in diameter (11.4 inches)
Read More About It Here

Momo Rim ThrustmasterREALGEAR MOMO MOD31 ADD-ON WHEEL – Suede
Genuine Momo Mod31 Steering Wheel with Suede Grip
Comes fully assembled – plug in and play
Machined perfectly to fit around the GTE buttons
D-Pad is accessible with a perfectly drilled hole
Pre mounted with large fiberglass paddle shifters
Read More About It Here

All of these rims are super high quality manufacturing and the mounting is being done by a professional. I have purchased several items from Ricmotech and have the highest confidence in their craftsmanship and after sale support.

My Final Thoughts

Getting a real steering wheel mounted on your TX or T300 increases your immersion factor and feel for the force feedback. These rims are not toy rims, they are real race car rims and therefore give off the vibe that you are in a real car. Getting a real rim mounted on your wheelbase yourself can be a bit of a pain, but if you have the means to do it then it is totally worth it.

“From a performance perspective you will notice improved grip, better cornering, and an improved sense of how the cars are handling.”

A custom rim will feel better than any Thrustmaster rim hands down. I love my Thrustmaster Ferrari 599XX Evo replica rim, but it’s just not in the same class of looks and feel of my custom Momo rim. Sure a custom-solution is a little pricey, but if you are looking to take your sim racing up a notch then this is the route you need to go.


Have you tried to make your own custom mounted after market rim? If so let me know in the comments what kind of wheel you mounted and to which wheelbase, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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