Forza 6 Xbox One Bundle

Forza 6 Xbox One Bundle

The Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition Console is being released to honor a decade of dominance for the Forza Motorsport racing franchise.

The console was made in a joint effort between Microsoft, Turn 10, and the Ford Motor Company.

The design of the unit resembles Xbox and the Forza game developer Turn 10 and is made in the likes of the Forza Motorsport 6 game cover 2017 Ford GT.

The design was racing-inspired combining an iconic sports car style with car sound effects, the FM6 Limited Edition Console is the very first of it’s kind with a race inspired design. The FM6 bundle includes a 1TB hard drive, awesome blue wireless controller with rubberized grips and titanium colored triggers, and of course a digital copy of Forza Motorsport 6. One of the coolest features is it makes an engine sound for turning the console on, off, and disc eject.

Here is what you get in the FM^ Xbox one Bundle:

Forza 6 Xbox One Bundle

Forza Motorsport 6 will feature more than 450 cars at 26 different locations and will be released on September 15, 2015.

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While I have personally missed the boat on this because I already have a standard Xbox One, this thing looks awesome. As fan of the Forza franchise I am definitely charged up about the console and the new game. I love the blue color and the dual pin stripping down the left side of the console and the center of the controller.

It’s also awesome that this includes 1 TB hard drive, especially since if you are a Forza fan, you know that the Forza games are normally really space hogs.

If you are interested in reading more about the history of the Forza Motorsport Franchise, check out our article Forza: A Decade of Dominance. You can also checkout other suggestions for great Xbox One Bundle Deals.

Forza Motorsport xbox Infographic
Forza 6 Xbox One Bundle

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