Isolate It Sorbothane Review – Stop Vibrations

Isolate It Sorbothane Review – Stop Vibrations

If you are unfamiliar with Sorbothane it is this awesome anti-vibration material developed by NASA.

The Isolate It Pads are made of the Sorbothane material and you can use them as feet, stoppers, spacers and/or protectors for several different applications.

Some people use them as washing machine feet or underneath a heavy duty AC unit. For me I use them to stop vibration from my Aura Bass Shakers disturbing my downstairs neighbor.

Here’s how it works:

Sorbothane is really durable and has a high Duro rating, when vibration hits it, the material absorbs the vibration and deadens it. The Isolate it pads also have a non-skid coating of heavy duty bonded fabric on them so whatever you have on top of it that is vibrating won’t go sliding across the floor.

Great For Home Theaters With Transducers

For me I have 1/4 inch Isolate It pads under the four wood feet of my couch and underneath my Xbox racing seat. When the bass shaker tactical transducers vibrate from the bass generated by home theater system and sub-woofer, my downstairs neighbor doesn’t hear a thing. The Sorbothane pads eat up all the vibration and you can only feel a little bit in my floor if you are standing right next to the pads.

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What’s also cool about these pads is that you don’t need to buy a ton of them. I bought 2 packs of the one’s I have shown in the picture and then I cut them to the sizes I needed with a razorblade. They do have all different sizes though so you can get thick pads, washers, dome shaped, or whatever you need.

Sorbothane Lasts A Long time

Sorbothane also has a really long shelf life so they resist aging really well and won’t harden or crack overtime. I have had more for about 18 months and they feel just like the day I bough them. even with massive weight sitting on them, they return to perfect form when you lift the weight off.

Two Drawbacks To Sorbothane

There is two downsides to the Isolate It Sorbothane pads. in my experience is that they can cause minor discoloration to wood, plastic, composite and other materials following prolonged contact. Because of that that I have cut up an old dish towel to put under the pads so that they don’t sit directly on my living room carpet.

Secondly, they shouldn’t be used in applications with high heat like inside of a car engine to reduce vibration from your transmission.

Isolate It Pads Work!

All in all the Sorbothane Isolate It pads are pretty amazing. Whether you stick them underneath a sub-woofer, an air compressor, a generator, a pool table, or even use them under a blue ray player, they are super effective. Just make sure you but the appropriate Duro rating and weight ratings for the application you need them for. I am really glad I discovered these pads and I will certainly use them for every application that involves stopping vibration from here on out. Even better they are really affordable!

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Isolate It Sorbothane

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What is current issue with vibration? What kind of application are you thinking about trying Isolate It pads for? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can help you out.

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