Best Xbox One Controller Charger

Best Xbox One Controller Charger

When Xbox One released their new console and controllers in 2013, everybody was freaked out because some of the first controller chargers that were released were garbage. They didn’t give a good charge, didn’t work as advertised or weren’t built to last.

Now that things have settled down there are tons of user reviews we can examine and we can an make educated decisions about which is the best way to charge your Xbox controllers. No more guess work and no more spending money on crap products.

Especially since there is nothing like going for a final kill or making your last lap and all of the sudden your controller battery dies”

These Xbox 1 Controller Chargers will get you back to gaming and not having to worry about running outta charge. Every Xbox One Charger listed below is above grade and will work with both Xbox 1 and Xbox 1 S.

We combed through all of the charging solutions on, read reviews, and looked at star ratings. Below is the list we came up with for the Top 5 Best Xbox One Controller Chargers. We truly considered all options from rechargable batteries, docking stations, to play and charge kits. These are all built to last and are generally the best charging solutions for your console. They are listed below in the order we rank them.

Here is a little info on our #1 rated Xbox One Controller charger solution…

Highest Rated Controller Charger for The Xbox Console

Play and charge kit xbox oneOur #1 choice is the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit by Microsoft. This device has over 1000 reviews and rates at 4.5 stars on Amazon. It let’s you recharge while you play or afterwards, even if your Xbox console is on standby it charges up your controller. It takes about 4 hours to fully recharge one of the controller batteries.

Without further ado…here is our list:

Top 5 Xbox Controller Chargers at Amazon

(as of 24-02-2018 02:21:12 UTC - Details)
Keep the action going with the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. Recharge while you play or afterwards, even when your Xbox is in standby. The long-lastin ...
(as of 09-02-2017 22:20:06 UTC - Details)
There’s nothing worse than a dead controller, especially when you’re ready to settle down for a long gaming session with friends. The Energizer 2X ...

If the play and charge kit is not your ideal solution, then you need to consider a controller charging station, so which is the top choice…

Best Xbox 1 Charging Station

Energizer 2X Smart Charger

If you were looking to get the best charging station then based on customer reviews the Energizer 2X Charging System for X box One is the way to go. It will charge both controllers simultaneously, comes with an AC Adapter and features red and green LED indicators for charge status. While it’s a bit pricey than the other charging options it seems a bit more robust. Plus its got over 90 reviews with 4.5 stars on Amazon the best rated of any charging station.

I Own and Love the Nyko Charge Base Station

Truth be told I don’t actually own the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, I have the 3rd ranked charger the Nyko Charge Base – X box One. I personally like putting both of my controllers on a charging station instead of having to manage cables and plugging the controllers in.

For me so far the Nyko Charge base has worked out great and I have had no issues with the device itself or it’s ability to keep my Xbox controllers charged. It is worth noting though that I am also diligent about making sure I put them back on the docking station and I also use the Xbox One Media Remote for everything but gaming. I rank the Energizer higher than the Nyko simply because of the amount of customer reviews, but have all in all this docking station has been great.

The Nyko Charge base is listed as a Best Seller on Amazon. That doesn’t mean it’s the highest rated Xbox Charger for controllers, it simply means it’s the one that people buy the most.

What You Should Pay For A Good Xbox Controller Charger

In my opinion a good charge base should cost between $20 and $40. Anything more than $40 is much too over priced. You can get a good charging station that looks nice, lasts a long time, and does its job without spending a fortune.

How Long Should a Charge Last

Well that might depend on how intense of a game you are playing. For example if I am just using my controller sporadically to navigate through movies, using the chatpad, and generally moving around the console it will last for days without being put back on the charger. On the other hand if I am playing games like Battlefield or Forza Motorsport I usually can squeeze a solid 4 to 5 hours of hardcore gameplay out of a fully charged Xbox 1 controller.

For the most part you can usually tell when the charge is running out as you will see some lag on your gaming inputs. The controller just won’t suddenly konk out, you will first notice its reacting slow. Whats nice about some chargers is that they have LED indicator lights on them so you can tell how much of a charge is in the controller when you put it on or are looking to remove it from the docking station.

Xbox One Charger Wrap Up

If you are looking for the best Xbox 1 controller charger or charging station, the 5 shown above are honestly your best bet. There are at least 20 to 30 brands to choose from, but not all of them are high quality charging solutions. If you stick with the ratings and read customer reviews you can’t go wrong. Don’t be fooled by the brands that look cool, most of them give a poor charge and the charging station itself won’t last very long.

Do you own an Xbox One Charger for controllers or other Xbox One Accessories? Have you owned one in the past or have had problems with one? Let us know in the comments below.

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