Steering Wheel Stand Reviews: Find The Best Sim Racing Steering WheelStand

Wheelstand pro

Clamping your sim racing wheel on a table poses a few problems:

  1. It doesn’t secure your wheel tightly for long periods of time
  2. There is nothing to hold your pedals in place
  3. It is not very immersive because it feels like you are at a desk

Most people will tell you that a sim racing rig is your next best option, but they are expensive and take up a ton of space. So what do you do…

Get a Racing Wheel Stand.

A stand costs half the price of a cockpit, folds away easy for storage, allows you to hard mount your wheel and pedals, and puts your body in an immersive driving position.

Today I will show you all the best steering wheel stands on the market. These will work for multiple brands of racing wheels like Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec. In addition to mounting your wheel these stands also secure your pedals and some have additional options for gear shifter mounting.

Best Steering Wheel Stand – *Recommend Product*

Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe

WSP Deluxe

Deluxe Racing Steering Wheelstand – Original Wheel Stand Pro Stand V2

Price: $199

Buy Now Amazon

The Wheel Stand Pro V2 is my clear favorite.

This stand is one of the best sellers on this blog/a> and is the number one selling stand on Amazon. It is known for its robust design, ability to fold up quickly for storage, and has models compatible with all the popular wheel brands.

It has all steel construction (except for the rubber feet) , pre-drilled holes for hard mounting, and comes with the ability to mount a gear shifter. The wheel plate sits on a center column that goes between your knees and the pedals are secured with a metal bar clamping mechanism.
This stand offers lot of adjustability such as raising and lowering the height of your wheel, changing the angle of the center column, and moving your pedals towards or away from you.

This is well-reviewed product on Amazon with almost 200 reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

Best Steering Wheel Stand Without a Center Column

GT Omega Wheel Stand

GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand + 2 Free Shifter Mounts

Price: $150

Checkout the GT Omega Wheel Stand Here on Their Site.

If you want a stand without a center column there is a great option from GT Omega. This stand is one of the consistently best rated models across online reviews. It’s definitely worth consideration if you want a racing stand that allows your legs to have better access to the pedals.

You can find this product on Amazon, but you can get it a few dollars cheaper plus get free shipping, when you order it from the GT Omega website.

Compare Stand Types

Wheel Stand Pro V2 vs GT Omega

There are pros and cons in every product, therefore read all reviews and pay attention before you buy any racing wheelstand. There are basically two types to consider those with center columns and those without. It’s also important to make sure the stand you are buying is compatible with the wheel you own.

Each stand offers its own unique benefits. For instance, the GT Omega Stand you can setup in front of your TV in your living room and sit on your couch, then fold it up with the wheel and pedals attached for storage in your closet. On the contrary, the XXX stand can’t store with your wheel and pedals attached, but when folded up, it can fit under most couches

Why You Should Buy a Racing Wheel Stand

Sim steering wheel stands have become popular for their portability, foldability, and price. They are one of the best ways to get an immersive simulated racing experience without the cost of a sim rig.

If you are short on space, low on budget, and looking for a stable solution to hard mount your wheel and pedals this is the best product for you. Stands are ideal for both casual and serious sim racers.

The Most Important Features of a Wheelstand

Pre Drilled Holes for your Racing Wheel

Not all stands have pre-drilled holes for every racing wheel. When you look at the product descriptions you need to read very carefully to make sure that the stand has holes compatible with your wheel.

For example, the Wheel Stand Pro has one version that accommodates the Thrustmaster TX and a completely different version for the Thrustmaster 458 Spider. Other stands like the GTR Gaming Stand, don’t have pre-drilled holes at all and actually work with a table clamp.

Adjustability for Comfort

Different brands offer different components to adjust. Some allow you to raise your lower your wheel, tilt the wheel plate, move the pedals towards or away from you, or even change the pedal angles. It’s important to think about what kind of chair or couch you plan on sitting in, before you buy a stand. That will help determine if you need a stand with adjustable height or wheel plate tilt.

Stability Under Pressure

When you are sim racing and your racing wheel is giving you strong force feedback, you want to make sure your stand is stable. In my experience both center column stands and ones without are very stable, but read the reviews closely. Certain brands may be less stable than others. The last thing you want to do is strap a $400 wheel on a stand and have it fall over if you bump into when you are standing up.

You may want to consider a product with rubber foot pads if you don’t want to scratch a wood floor.

Able to Be Folded Up and Put Away

All the stands fold up differently. Some allow you to keep your wheel and pedals attached, while others its best to remove them. Before you buy one, think about your storage needs and then review the product dimensions when in the folded position. Do you need to store it in a closet, a spare room, or under the couch. Taking your wheel and pedals on and off constantly can be a pain and that might be something to consider as well.

Racing Wheel and Pedal Sets are Not Included

I often get a lot of questions on if the wheel and pedals shown in the pictures are included with the stands. These products are almost always sold as wheelstand only and the wheel and pedals shown in the picture are so you can visualize what the product looks like in use.

Best Sim Racing Steering Wheel Stands
***Recommended Product***

Wheel Stand Pro V2 Deluxe

WSP Deluxe

View Price and Full Product Details at Amazon


The Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 is a simple center column design and it is built like a tank. The stand comes fully assembled and you only need to attach your wheel, pedal set, and shifter.

Your wheel will hard mount on the wheel plate and your pedals get secured via a steel clamp. The shifter mount can be moved either side of the wheel plate.

It’s the perfect stand for easily folding it up and storing away in a coat closet with your simulated racing gear attached. This stand offers the most ability for adjustments and because of that can put you in a perfect immersive racing position.

No matter what brand of wheel you own, there is a version of the Wheel Stand Pro V2 Deluxe that will fit your gear. When you are purchasing make sure you are buying the one compatible with your brand of wheel other wise the pre-drilled holes wont line up.

This stand is stable, affordable, adjustable, and storable. It comes with all the bolts you need to mount your wheel and even comes with tie wraps to secure your wires.

The ability to just turn a knob and fold it up is what makes this product so exceptional.

Some people ask if the center column impedes your ability to access the pedals and the truth is once you start racing you wont even notice it. It feels very natural especially considering you can adjust the center column angle and height as well as asjust the distance of the pedals.

The only drawback of this stand is that it will not mount a set of inverted pedals (GT Style) like the T3PA Pro’s, but will mount them F1 Style.

It’s a reliable product and one of my favorite wheel stands. The price vs quality is great and you won’t find better amongst the competitors. If you don’t have a shifter you can get the standard version of the unit, which will knock a few dollars off the price.

You can read more about it my detailed review here.

GT Omega Wheel Stand

GT Omega Race WheelStand

View Price and Full Product Details at GT Omega


The GT Omega stand has a twin spar design (no center column) and allows your legs to move freely under your wheelbase. The stand assembles quickly and does not have complicated instructions.

It is constructed of steel box tubing and painted with a gloss powder coating. It comes with two different options for mounting your gear shifter; one mount that drops down from either side of the wheel plate or one that comes up from the floor on either side.

The wheel plate and pedal plate has pre-drilled holes for all the popular manufacturers like Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech.

To fold it up and put it away requires adjusting two pieces and takes about 5 minutes to pack up and unfold. This stand allows you to adjust the height of the wheelbase and the tilt of the wheelbase, but you can’t adjust the pedal distance or angle.

The bottom of the stand has rubber feet so that you won’t scratch a wood or tile floor.

Because of the no center column design, this stand is great if you like to use a heel toe technique which is popular in rally driving.

You can find this stand on Amazon, but will get a better deal and free shipping if your order direct from GT Omega.

You can read more about it in my detailed review here.

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand

Next Level Steering Stand

View Price and Full Product Details at Amazon


The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand has a twin spar design (no center column) and allows your legs easy access to the pedals. The stand comes almost completely assembled.

What is notable is how fast it folds up. You can pack away this stand with your wheel and pedals attached in about 5 seconds. It stores away in the vertical position.

This stand was built for maximum stability and has a great design. It features adjustable wheel, gear shifter, and pedal positions. This is one of the few stands that allows you to change the angle of your pedal plate. It is compatible with all major wheel and pedals with pre-drilled holes for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels.

This wheel stand is actually the front end piece of what Next Level uses in their pro sim racing cockpits. Because of that this stand is able to be upgraded into a full cockpit should you ever want to add on. Essentially you can get the Wheel Stand now and build towards completing the Next Level GTultimate V2 Motion Simulator Cockpit. This is one of the only stands that features that kind of upgradability.

With the twin Twin Spar (no center column design), this stand is great if you like to use a heel toe technique which is popular in rally driving. Because of the adjustable pedal angle this is one of the best units for getting your body in an immersive racing position.

Next Level also includes all of the screws required to hard mount your wheel and even comes with Velcro ties to manage your wires.

While I really like the Next Level Stand (and all of their products), there are two things to consider before buying. First, this wheel stand is really expensive, more than double the price of the GT Omega which is similar id design. Second there is a stability bar that goes across the floor towards the base of your chair. Its really easy to step on and makes standing up after driving awkward.

XL20 Xlerator Wheel Stand

XL21 Xlerator Wheel Stand

View Price and Full Product Details at Amazon


The Xlerator product line of wheel stands is interesting because they are a specialty line of products for bigger people. You can get this stand with a higher lap bar so that if you are kind of big you can fit comfortably behind the wheel. There are multiple model numbers so be sure to read about which specific stand suits your needs.

Stand is fully adjustable for leg length and lap bar height. The regular Lap bar stand is ideal for people 6’4” 220lbs; the Big Boy Lap Bar is 2” wider for more room around the waist and is good up to 6’4” and 290lbs. If you get the model with the Big Boy lap bar, it may not fit all arm chairs.

The Xlerator stands fit all the popular wheel brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec, but the pedal plate is s not drilled for the Thrustmaster stock gas and brake pedal. You can however mount the T3PA pedals in the F1 position (not inverted). It does have the ability to mount most shifters as well depending on which model you buy.

The product works best with an arm chair or recliner. It has no center column so your legs fit easy and free underneath the wheel plate. While the 1.5mm thick steel tubing frame is not very thick, it is stable. Whats notable about this design is that when you are done racing the stand lifts upright and stays standing on bottom rubber tips. This makes it easy to get in and out of your chair. If you do try using this stand with a couch you might find your steering wheel will bounce a bit.

For storage the pedals flip up into the stand and it the product stores in the vertical position.

You can read a more detailed review here.

Ultimate Steering Wheel Racing Game Stand

Thrustmaster Wheel stand

View Price and Full Product Details at Amazon


The Ultimate Steering Wheel Racing Game Stand is a sturdy wheel base with a center column design. It is made of a combination wood and powder coated metal.

It is compatible with any racing wheel that has a table clamp. The wheel plate does not have any pre-drilled holes. For this stand you need to use a clamp. This makes it ideal for wheels the like the Thrustmaster T150, TMX, or the Hori One.

The Ultimate Stand will work with any type of chair or sofa because it allows for angle adjustment, height adjustment and tilt adjustment.

This stand has two important distinctions; the price and its ability to fold up very thin. Thi is one of the least expensive wheel stands you will find on the market almost $100 USD cheaper than any other stand. Also it can fold down into a very compact size enough to fit under your sofa or bed…to do that though you need to remove the wheel and pedals.

One of the drawbacks of this unit is that if you have a heavier racing wheel, you will have to continually tighten the knob that maintains the arm angle. Over tightening over time could lead to stripping the threads on the knob.

All in all for the price this is not a bad stand choice for the casual racer who doesn’t have a desk to clamp their gear on.

You can read a more detailed review here.

GTR Racing Simulator GS Model Steering Wheel Gaming Stand

GTR GS Model Racing Stand

View Price and Full Product Details at Amazon


The GTR Sim Wheel Cockpit Stand has a twin spar design (no center colum), which means your legs have more access to the pedals. The frame is mostly metal and powder coated with a black glossy paint.

Your wheel does not mount on this via hard mount (pre-drilled holes), it requires a table clamp. If you were looking for more stability from your wheel then a stand with pre-drilled holes would be a better solution. However if you have a wheel like the Thrustmaster TMX or Hori One, this may not be a bad solution.

What stands out about the GS model is its stability when assembled, however is not as stable when you gear is attached…it becomes very top heavy. If you have longer legs and extend wheel base from peddle base too much the unit becomes unbalanced. In addition moving the wheel away from you extends your arms passed the ideal racing position. The stand is adjustable, but I don’t recommended it for people over 6’1. It feels too compact and will crowd your legs despite the fact it has a twin spar design.

If you are shorter, like 5’8, the design offers a decent driving position because the gear lever is extremely close to the steering wheel to enable fast gear changes. You can make plenty of adjustments such as Steering Height, Steering Angel, and Shifter height. It also would be more condusive to use with an office chair than a couch.

This stand has a foldable frame and packs away quick and compact for storage.

Given the price and similar products on the market, there are better choices for steering wheel stands than this one.

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