Thrustmaster TH8A and TH8 RS Sequential Gear Shift Knob Review

Thrustmaster TH8A and TH8 RS Sequential Gear Shift Knob Review

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Amazon Price: $33.47 (as of February 24, 2018 8:58 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you are looking for a better solution for sequential shifting with your TH8A or TH8RS shifter, then the Thrustmaster TH8A Sequential Gearshift Knob might be for you. This knob is designed to be used in sequential mode with the sequential shift plate and can make shifting a bit easier with it’s tall design.

While I personally don’t do much sequential shifting and I lean towards using the H-pattern plate, I wanted to give this a try.

Thrustmaster claims it provides better inertia and an authentic feel when shifting gears in sequential mode (+ / -) and allows for a better grip and comfort than the gearshift knob, because of its height and shape…so let’s see what this gear shift knob is what it claims to be.

Shifter Knob Specs

The actual size is 4.3″ tall; 1.6″ in diameter; Weighs 0.5 lbs. It screws perfectly on the shifter stick.

The gear shift knob screwed on really easy and covers alot of the stick shifter shaft. It feels sturdy and made of quality.

Shifting in Sequential Mode

Thrustmaster Sequential Gear Shift Knob ReviewI tested out the TH8A Sequential Gearshift Knob with Dirt Rally on my TH8A shifter. I was particularly interested in finding a gear shift knob that had some more height to it so I could make faster transitions with my hands between the racing wheel and the shifter.

Overall it felt good in my hands and allowed me to almost tap just to shift gears. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s more comfortable than any other tall gear shift knob, but it’s certainly serviceable. I did feel like it accomplished what I wanted to…making a quick shift and shortening the distance between my wheel and gear box.

While the gear shift knob didn’t have any effect on my lap times, it did make my overall driving experience a bit more fluid in sequential mode.

The One Thing I Didn’t Like

I think the Thrustmaster TH8A Sequential Gearshift Knob is OVERPRICED! There are so many other great inexpensive universal shifter knobs you can get that will fit nicely on your TH8A shifter. Not all of them screw on perfect, but with a little bit of electrical tape around the shaft you can make most work.

Another drawback worth noting is that it isn’t ideal for using with the H-Pattern shifter. In my opinion it’s just not bulky enough to use with a long throw distance and aggressive shifting. You can shorten your throw with a mod kit, but I still wouldn’t recommend this shifter knob with H-Pattern shifting.

Alternative Universal Stick Shift Knobs For The TH8A

I have an awesome Sparco shifter knob that I picked up for $18 and not only was it cheaper than the Thrustmaster Sequential Knob, but it looks so much cooler and more authentic. I didn’t screw on perfect, but I wrapped 1 layer of electrical tape around the top of the TH8A shifter shaft and then it screwed on nice and tight. Most universal stick shift knobs will fit on just fine and come with multiple size conversion kits.

Thrustmaster TH8A Sequential Gearshift Knob – Conclusion

I think if you found this knob for between $12 and $18 then it’s a good value, otherwise I think you are better off looking at other options. It does what it says and is made of quality, but overall I don’t think it’s priced correctly.

It’s great that Thrustmaster offered an alternative to the ball shaped knob that comes standard on the TH8A and TH8 RS shifters and it’s convenient that it screws perfect on the shaft with no homemade solutions, but the price and the look don’t cut it for me and it’s certainly not a must own kind of product. I would much rather got a real after market shift knob made for a car and use that with my TH8A shifter in sequential mode instead.

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Customer Reviews

High quality

 on January 4, 2018
By Charles Caranna Jr.
High quality, has good weight and designed specifically for the TH8A sequential shifter. Happy I found this!

Five Stars

 on February 28, 2017
By Tyler

Love it.. worth the money

One person found this helpful.
 on June 18, 2016
By Amazon Customer
A little expensive but simracing in general is not a cheap hobby. First thing you will notice when you take it out of the box is the nice heavy weight the knob has, good solid construction. This definitely helps In sequential mode getting a good positive click when shifting,..also I had a aftermarket knob too and I appreciate this screwing right on and not having too put on a adaptor every time, not stylish but not ugly either at least to me it looks good with the rest of the shifter

Love it

One person found this helpful.
 on January 9, 2017
By J. Sheets
If you sim race seriously, you need this. Immersion is #1 for me, I can’t imagine shifting sequentially with the stock knob. Changing kobs is easy, just screw one off and the other on.

Love it, good quality, Feel the difference

2 people found this helpful.
 on July 30, 2016
Love it, good quality, feel the difference.

Five Stars

 on December 9, 2017
By Ric Green
This is a nice add on for the TH8

Five Stars

 on July 21, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Fansastic quality.

Thrustmaster Sequential Gear Shifter Knob

Thrustmaster Sequential Shifting Knob ReviewRed Buy Now

What gear shifter knob are you currently using with your TH8A or Th8 RS shifters?

Thrustmaster Sequential Gear Shift Knob

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  • Alex Gates says:

    Hi I was wondering for your product the plays eat challenge gaming cockpit did it come with the steering wheel and pedals or do you have to but those separate

    • James says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the question. The wheel and pedals are sold separately on the Playseat Challenge. Let me know if you have any more questions.


      • Alex gates says:

        Hi my name is Alex Gates and I am 17 years old and starting to race at a track called orange show speedway in San Bernardino ca my car is completely ready for me to race when I Began to race at this track I will be the third generation to race here at this track my grandfather raced here in the late70s to early 90sand my dad started to race here in the late 90s to now I am asking that thecompany can make a sponcership with me and I can help get the company’s name out there and I will put the company’s name any were u would like on the car if you can get back to me as soon as possible that would be great I am asking the company can supply me with 750 dollars every other race this will help me with buying the gas that I will need and the tiers and the pit passes for me and my crew if you can get back to me as soon as possible that would be great thank you

        • James says:

          Hi Alex,

          Thanks for the comment, I love hearing about sim racers who are also real race car drivers. The sponsorship opportunity sounds like it will be great exposure for the right business. Unfortunately my Xbox Racing pro blog is not in a position to afford any kind of financial commitment. You may want to consider contacting companies like Thrustmaster or Fanatic who might be able to provide you the appropriate level of financial support. I would love to hear more about your racing experience and keep up to date with your racing career. All the best of luck you and may you stay safe on the track.


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