Xbox 1 Elite Controller Review

Xbox 1 Elite Controller Review

The Xbox 1 Elite Controller is built like a standard Xbox One controller, except its tricked out like a Cadillac in the hood. Microsoft made this controller multi-functional and customizable. They really out did themselves with re-imagining how game controllers should be.

What Microsoft did was pass all the options to you as a gamer, basically they made every part interchangeable, added new input options, switches, and made all of the configurations customizable. They did all of this without sacrificing the feel of the best game controller in the industry.

When I first heard about this controller announced at E3 I was amped up for this, but when I saw the $150 price tag at Amazon I had my reservations. After watching the video below I decided to pre-order the elite controller.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review Video


When is the Release Date for The Xbox One Elite Controller?
The official release date is October 31, 2015

What Is the Xbox One Elite Controller Compatible with?
Xbox One and PC.. In order to customize and configure the paddles, it will be done with an app, which will be available on A PC running Windows 10 and also on the Xbox One.

While the controller is wireless it sounds like to make it wireless on the PC you will need a wireless adapter, which will be sold separately.

What’s included with the Elite Controller?
4 paddles in 2 sizes, 6 sticks in 3 sizes, and 2 d pads…plus a case for the controller.

Xbox One Elite Controller Specs

How Does The Elite Controller Feel For Gameplay?
From what I have read the Elite controller is slightly heavier than your standard Xbox controller, but it feels like the same exact ergonomic design in your hands. The rubber can really help you maintain a grip on the controller and the fact that it has a bit of a squeeze to it feels nice.

The thumbstick extenders really give a lot of options for how you want your controller to feel. If you are not familiar with them they increases your range of motion and reduce your reaction times. They really make a huge difference in FPS games and making turns in driving game like Forza. You can learn more about thumbstick extenders here.

In my opinion one of the best features is the Octagon for the d-pad. It really will make the d-pad more functional for games that require you to roll your thumb, particularly fighting games. I am looking forward to getting a feel for the paddles as well.

Do you still need the Stereo Headset Adapter?
No, you can plug a standard 1/8inch headphone jack directly into the controller. There is still a USB port on the base of the controller, so you could still use it if you wanted, but it is no longer necessary to hook up your gaming headset.

em>Will it work with a chatpad?
Yes. it has hookup on the bottom that allows an Xbox One chatpad to be plugged into it.

Does the Elite controller have a normal battery life?
It has a Micro USB Cable but no rechargeable battery. It will come with Two Double A batteries. My best guess is that the secondary market will make a rechargeable battery for this and offer it for sale separately.

Does the Elite controller have Vibration?
Yes, and initially I thought the rubber grips would reduce the amount of vibration, but most websites indicate that it is a good strong vibration. It should offer the same micro vibrations, which are key to games like Forza, when you can feel your tires locking up.

The Buttons, Switches, Paddles, and Triggers

All the buttons, switches, paddles and triggers look to move pretty seamlessly with no sticking of forced input. You can also set the triggers to hair trigger, which reduces the amount of input needed to activate the triggers, by about 50%. This is clutch for going rapid fire with the triggers in FPS games, all you have to do is flip a switch on the bottom of the controller.

The Sticks on the New Xbox Controller

Xbox One Elite Controller ReviewThe sticks on the Elite controller move and operate the same and as smooth as a standard controller. The thumbstick extenders are really what make the difference. The elite controller offers 3 variation of thumbstick extenders (small, medium, and large) and they pop on and off by means of magnets.

What really makes this controller versatile is that you can switch’em all around and get the exact feel you like. For me, I like a concave thumbstick extenders on the left stick and that’s it. I think the large thumbstick extenders may bit a bit too hign for most people because it makes the throw of the stick very long.

The Paddles on The elite Controller

There are two different size paddles that can interchanged. They attach to the bottom of the controller with magnets. There purpose is to allow you more control and the ability to access your buttons more conveniently for making faster inputs.

Xbox 1 Elite Controller

Configuration options on the Elite Controller

Here is where Microsoft outdid themselves. You have full configuration control. In other words, you can map two “B” buttons if you want. You can also switch around your “A”, “B”, “X”, “Y” and assign them to any input button on the controller, including the inputs on the bottom. As I mentioned earlier this is done through an app. From what we know know it doesn’t sound like you can program macro’s or combo buttons.

What is the Price of The Xbox One Elite Controller?

The price of the Xbox 1 Elite controller is $150

Xbox 1 Elite Controller Review Wrap Up

Xbox One wireless ControllerThe Elite controller is definitely a better gaming experience than a standard controller, however I do think it’s a little on the pricey side. I would like to see Microsoft reduce the price point down to $100 and include a rechargeable battery.

So are you crazy for paying $150 for this controller?…no not at all. Everyone who has had this thing in their hands says this controller is fantastic and feels like it is built to last!!

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Are you considering the Xbox 1 Elite Controller or have you had a chance to demo one? Let us know in the comments.

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