Best F1 Xbox One Racing Set Up

Best F1 Xbox One Racing Set Up

If you are an F1 fan, then this setup is a must have for you. These products are bad ass and will take your open wheel driving immersion experience to the next level on the Xbox One.

The feeling of kicking all the way back in an F1 gaming chair and having your feet up is awesome.

Below are my best suggestions, for how I would arrange a set up for the Xbox One. More details about my selections are located below the products.

Best F1 Xbox Racing Setup

This set assumes you have an Xbox One and at least one racing game.

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FYI, The Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 add on wheel fluctuates in price all of the time, so make sure you check out the price on Amazon, prior to just adding to you cart to make sure it’s something you can afford.

About This F1 Xbox Racing Setup

The Racing Wheel and Pedals

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base for Xbox OneFor the Xbox One this is a high end racing setup and you are gonna want to roll with the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base and the T3PA pedals. The TX wheel base will provide really good force feedback and some strong vibration to give the open wheel driving feel. This wheel base is easily the best wheel base for the price!

The T3PA pedal set will give you the clutch and also a conical brake module that will simulate progressive braking. The pedals invert between F1 style and GT style, but obviously you are gonna set them up F1 style.

Thrustmaster Conical Brake ModuleFor this specific set up I would suggest moving the rubber stopper all the way up and reducing the throw of the brake just like an F1 car. In the picture on the right, you want Short travel: Strong resistance, when set it up.

You will also need to change some your in game settings and adding a lot of deadzone to reduce the throw of the clutch, so you can quick tap it when changing gears. Doing this makes a big difference in the feel of this specific driving on the Xbox.

The Seat

When you are looking at a specific race setup, any racing seat design for F1 usually breaks the $1000 mark. In the amazon list above I  particularly choose the Playseat F1 Red for it’s lower price point, but if you have the budget you may also want to consider the Playseat F1 Redbull Racing limited edition, which is the same exact seat with the Redbull racing design. if you want more info you can read my Playseat F1 Racing seat Review.

Playseat F1- Redbull Racing Edition

Watch driving pro Sebastian Vettel, test out the Redbull racing seat shown above. He is playing an older game so just imagine what this like on the Xbox One.

If you are wondering where to get the wheel rim Sebastian Vettel is using in the video above, it is not a rim available for any Xbox set up unfortunately. The only choice we have for F1 is the Thrustmaster add on rim.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

The Ferrari F1 Rim Add On

The Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 rim add on is something that fan boys love. It is a full size replica racing rim which is pretty rare to get.

This rim is an add on and you would need to get the Thrustmaster TX Servo Base and when combined with the F1 Playseat would change the way you think about your Xbox. With the TX wheel base you can set your steering wheel rotation to 270 degrees like a real racecar.

The rim is made of metal, rubber and plastic and a majority off the buttons are just for show, but when it comes down to it, this rim looks awesome and the fact that is full size makes up for some of it’s toyish nature.

The Headphones

Polk Audio 4Shot Gaming Headset For Xbox OneA high-end gaming headset really enhances the immersion experience and for that I suggest the Polk Audio 4Shot headphones. They were engineered for the Xbox One and they were tuned for Forza Motorsport 5. One of my favorite aspects of these headphones is listening to the sounds of the F1 engines scream.

These headphones not only will immerse you in the game, but they are comfortable and will increase your driving skills as you can really tune into the sounds of your car.

If you are interested in this setup, you might as well say goodbye to your girlfriend, wife, and kids, cuz you ain’t gettin out of this setup to stop driving.

If this isn’t quite what you hand in mind for a racing setup, you can check out my other suggestions based on your budget.

Any thoughts on this F1 Xbox racing setup? Let me know in the comments below.

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