GT Omega ART Sim Racing Cockpit Review | $430

GT Omega ART Sim Racing Cockpit Review | $430

GT Omega is regarded as one of the best brands of racing chairs and cockpits in the sim racing community. These rigs offer the maximum amount of adjustability, comfort, and options for any new or experienced sim racer. Every seat has a range of upgrades from the basic sim setup to triple monitor stands and drink holders.

In this review we’ll discuss the ART Racing Cockpit RS6, one of my favorite racing seats to drive in!

High Quality Sim Racing Rig

RS6 ChairThe quality of the materials is very impressive with the chair being constructed from steel and wrapped in synthetic leather. It has plenty of padding to give comfort for long hours of driving. The rest of the rig including the seat bracket is constructed of alloy steel. The only part of the frame that isn’t steel is the pedal plate, which is a piece of MDF board.

The stitching on the seat is very tight and beautifully done. Even the GT Omega logo at the top the chair looks really sharp.

The bucket style seat feels like sitting in a race car and it puts your body in a perfect racing position. Sitting in the chair feels very natural and has a glow of quality to it. It also has some air ventilation built in so you dont get to hot.

Overall the RS6 has a good weight, coming in 89 lbs (39 kg). In my opinion heavier rigs are much nicer than lighter rigs because of the abuse they take during hundreds of hours of sim racing and people getting in and out of the chair.

Out of the box the RS6 takes an hour and a half to put together and has instructions in Chinese with pictures. In the box you get the GT Omega ART Racing Chassis Frame, the RS6 racing chair (Fully reclinable with sliders), Gear Shift Mount, and all the assembly tools required. Not the easiest racing seat to put together, which is pretty typical for GT Omega.


Length: 48 – 52 inches, Width: 21 inches (25 inches with gear mount installed), Steering wheel plate height: 21.5 inches up to 27.5 inches, Seat heights: 42 inches.

The Most Adjustable Racing Cockpit on the Market

GTOmega RS6The ART RS6 is possible the most adjustable racing cockpit I have ever seen. This chair allows you to adjust the height of the wheel platform, the angle of the pedal plate, and even the height of the shifter. Even more you can adjust the length of the frame for more or less leg room and even raise or lower the seat position for your height. All of this adjustablity while not crowding your legs underneath the wheel plate.

If that wasn’t enough adjustments, it comes with seat sliders and the back of the chair reclines to 180 degrees. This makes the RS6 rig one of the best seats to get if you are over 6 feet tall and yet it’s still perfect for a shorter person.

“All in all anybody can fit comfortably in this seat because of all the adjustability”

Comfort for Long Hours of Racing

Comfort is standard for GT Omega and the RS6 is no exception. You can sit in this sim racing cockpit for hours and not feel like your back or your knees hurt. The chair is very well padded and because of all of the adjustments you can make to the frame to fit your body type its completely customizable to your needs.

Because the rig was designed without a center column like some other sim racing cockpits have, there is plenty of leg room. The advantage of not having a center column is that you have nothing to hinder your feet from accessing the pedals. I also think that the wheel plate height gives plenty of room so that the top of your knees arn’t rubbing up against the steel plate.

RS6 Simulated Cockpit

This is the seat I typically recommend to people who have a bad back and want a comfortable racing seat. The seat itself is really comfortable, but it is all of the adjustability that makes it suited for someone with a bad back. You can really position the seat to maximize your comfort.

Also not having a center column makes your feet fall more naturally on the pedals so you dont have to turn your left foot in to access your brake…that takes pressure off your knees as well.

Simulated Racing Chair With Options

While I am an Xbox console racer and the RS6 basic setup meets my needs, there are multiple versions of the chair that have all the bells and whistles. For example the RS6 Pro come with a drink holder, rear speaker mounts, swiveling keyboard tray, and triple monitor stands. Now that stuff isn’t for everybody, but if you are looking for the best PC sim racing cockpit, the RS6 Pro is AWESOME!

Feels Like A Race Car

I tested out the RS6 sim rig with the Thrustmaster TX, T3PA Pro Pedals, and the TH8A shifter. Everything hooked up easy because the pre-drilled holes lined up perfect. It was great to slide the seat back, because I am 6’1 and need a bit more leg room than most. The one thing that I really liked was the ability to raise the height on my shifter…thats not an option you get with Playseat or OpenWheeler brands.

The MDF board they used for the pedal plate is the one thing I think they could have chosen a better material for. It functions fine, but seems like a week piece of wood.

Racing felt like being in a real car. The way the frame is designed with the side bars and angle of the pedal plate, it almost tricks your brain into thinking your legs are enclosed in a real car chassis.

If you are the type that likes to lean your body into turns, the setup will stay nice and stable and never move or rock around.

GT Omega ART RS6 Compatibility

This rig is compatible with all of the popular wheel and pedal set brands on the market. It also work great with any system you want Xbox, PC, or Playstation.

* Fanatec Shifter can be installed with the “Fanatec Shifter Brackets”

In the picture below this ART RS6 rig is loaded up with Thrustmaster products.

GTOmega Sim Rig

Pros vs Cons


    Priced competitively to the market
    More adjustability than any other sim racing cockpits
    The seat is soft and comfortable
    The seat reclines to 180 degrees
    Adjustments can be made quickly because of chair sliders
    Compatible with all the major wheel and pedal brands
    Durability and Stability


    Does not pack away easily
    The MDF board for the pedal plate is weak
    The pedal plate moves during racing when the seat is adjusted for short folks

Drawbacks Of The GT Omega ART RS6 SIm Racing Cockpit

There are a handful of things that I don’t love regarding this seat. First as I mentioned already I don’y love the MDF board they used for the pedal plate…its fine and its functional, but I wish it was metal. Second when you have the seat adjust for heights under 5’8ish the pedal board needs to slide over a metal bar on the frame. This causes the pedal plate to move up and down as you race, because the bar on the frame secures the pedal board down.

You can actually work around this by getting some zip ties to secure you pedal board down, but I do find this to be a flaw in the design.

It’s worth noting that it is not able to be folded up and put away. You can shorten the frame and lean the back forward, but it still takes up a lot of room. It would be fine to slide into a walk in closet temporarily if you needed to get it out of the way, but it’s not ideal. It’s pretty heavy so it’s not easy to drag around your house and move to a different room.

Also worth noting if you plan on putting this on a wood floor you can also add on a GT Omega carpet to go under the frame to protect your floor from getting scratched.

GT Omega ART Sim Cockpit Review – Wrap Up

I love this chair for the GT bucket seat, the comfort, and the adjustability. If you are having friends over to race the sliders are so fantastic because you can quickly adjust for people of varying heights. The alloy steel frame is robust and feels sturdy. The frame also has square shaped tubing, (not rounded), which if you decide to make your own customizations to this seat it’s much easier.

The design lends itself to durability and stability under the most intense sim racing circumstances, like heavy force feedback and the pulling and bending that you unconsciously put on the frame while you are racing.

I would describe this seat as a mid-priced seat just above an entry level racing seat, but not quite a pro racing chassis.

“This RS6 is a great racing seat if you are looking for a sim cockpit with the max amount of adjustability”

Official XRP Rating 4.0
Red Buy Now

FYI: You can only get GT omega products directly from their website, but they do ship world wide. For some comparisons, you can check out the sim cockpits I have selected from Amazon below.

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GT Omega ART Racing Sim Cockpit RS6

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What are your thoughts in the RS6 sim racing cockpit from GT Omega? Let me know in the comments below.

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