Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set Review | $100

Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set Review | $100

Welcome to my review of the Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set. If you are considering an Xbox One racing wheel clutch, then this or the T3PA Pro Pedals are your two options. Let’s get into the specifics and I will breakdown for you this offering from Thrustmaster.

The T3PA Wide Pedal Set is made to work with several Thrustmaster racing wheels including the TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition and also can be added to the TX servo base.

The pedal set sells independently and also comes bundled with the Thrustmaster TX Premium Leather Edition.

The T3PA pedal set features 3 pedals: gas, brake with adjustable resistance, and a clutch. Now let’s break it down and find out if it’s worth the $100 they are asking for it.

The T3PA Pedals have Quality Construction And Materials

Right out of the box this pedal set has a little bit of weight to it which is a good sign. They look a little bit toyish at first impression especially sitting on the wide black plastic base.

T3PA Pedal Face PlatesThe face plates of the pedals are 100% metal and have a nice racing look to them with the name “Thrustmaster” across the face of each pedal.

When you press down on the pedals with your hands you can feel the weighted resistance and each one responds a little differently. The gas presses smooth, the clutch offers a little resistance and snaps back into place, and the brake is fairly strong.

The optional conical brake module looks easy to assemble (a small metal elbow, 2 screws, and a rubber stopper). The stopper is made of a high density rubber that sits behind the brake pedal.

Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set Offers Adjustability

Each pedal contains several pre-drilled holes so that you can adjust the pedal face plates left to right (3 positions) and change the angle (2 positions). The gas pedal also has two additional holes so that you can adjust its height (2 positions).

T3PA Pedal Review

The pedals are NOT able to be inverted. Only the face plates of the pedals are adjustable on the columns, the columns themselves are not adjustable. If you are looking for pedals to invert, go here

The conical brake module can be left off entirely or easily installed behind the brake pedal. Once it is mounted you can move it up to adjust the brake resistance according to your preferences simply by turning an Allen key. When added to the brake most of the resistance will come at the end of your pedals throw…simulating progressive resistance.

“Adding The brake mod simulates brake pressure and is the most realistic way to set them up”

Thrustmaster Conical Brake Module

The T3PA Pedals Feel Great In Gameplay

For this review I used the T3PA pedals hooked up to the Thrustmaster TX Wheel Base and played Forza Motorsport 5 and Playseat Evolution gaming chair.

It’s worth noting that I left the pedal heights, angles, and lateral adjustments all at their factory settings.  I added the conical brake module and moved it up to about 85% resistance.

When racing, the T3PA pedals feel really nice. The fact that all 3 are weighted differently definitely adds to the realism and simulated feel of driving.

The Gas Pedal

The gas pedal feels really good and the resistance feels accurate. When you push your foot down, it doesn’t fight you, but you can feel it wanting to push your foot back up smoothly. It has a pretty long throw…maybe even too long. The gas/power sensitivity seems perfectly in sink with the game.

It’s best to add some deadzone to your in game settings, so that you don’t have to use the full throw of the gas.

The Brake Pedal

The brake is what makes this pedal set so good. The progressive resistance really feels like a car brake. I kept it really tight, so that I can just tap the brakes before a turn. If you need to lay on the brakes hard, the conical brake module really does it’s part and offers the most ultra-progressive resistance at the end of it’s path.

I  removed the conical brake module for a few races and  I think the brake resistance is to light without it and the brake has to long of a path to travel. The conical brake module makes a huge difference. You will definitely find more control with the module on.

The Clutch Pedal

The clutch has a bit too much distance to travel for my taste, however you can make some in game adjustments so that you only have to quick tap the clutch in order to shift. once I made those changes my foot clutch action was super fast.

Fantastic Natural Feel Overall

With all three pedals working in tandem, this is an awesome pedal set. I was thinking at first the center column of my Playseat chair was going to be in the way, but it didn’t effect my gas, brake, or clutch in anyway and was comfortable. It feels as natural using these as it does a real car.

I tried left foot braking and right foot braking and both were easy on the playseat…center bar wasn’t in the way at all.

The T3PA Pedals Shift A Bit When On Carpeting

I understand not everybody owns a racing cockpit, so I also played with the T3PA set on a carpeted floor and mounted my TX racing wheel to a table. The pedal angles for me was slightly weird (just not what I am used too). The most important thing to note was that the T3PA pedals slide around a bit, particularly when jamming on the brake. I think the resistance on the brake is so strong, that if you will need to fasten these pedals to something. The bottom of the Pedal set base is also smooth flat plastic so there is nothing to grip your carpeting to hold them in place.

Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set is Super Compatible

The T3PA Pedal set was made to be compatible with several racing wheels and racing cockpits on the market.

The Pedals are compatible with the following Thrustmaster wheels:

The pedal base also contains pre-threaded holes and you should have no issue mounting to the most popular racing cockpits on the market. I mounted them easily to the Playseat Evolution gaming seat in about 15 minutes. The holes lined up perfect with pedal plate holes shown on the right.

Just as they work with several Thrustmater racing wheels, you find they are also compatible with Xbox One, Playstation 3 and 4, and PC’s.

Customizing the Pedal Plates

If you are handy at all you can mod the pedal plates to ass after market pedals. On mine I mounted real Sparco racing pedal plates and replaced the stock plates. This makes the pedals a bit more grippy and adds a much more authentic feel to racing. You can read more about how I did this here.

T3PA Wide Pedal Set Review – Wrap Up

This is a nice pedal set and a good value for the price. If you are using the pedals that came with the Thrustmaster TX Italia or TMX, these pedals are a BIG upgrade and will 100% enhance your racing experience and simulated feel. Minus a few preference issues, like too much throw in the clutch, I couldn’t be any happier with these pedals. I only wish they came standard with the TX Italia edition instead of being an accessory, like they are in the TX Premium Leather Edition.

The Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set is a good value and a nice quality product to enhance your racing immersion experience….not bad for for a slightly less expensive alternative to the T3PA Pro Pedal Set!

>Official XRP Rating 4.0
Red Buy Now

If you would like to see a more detailed comparison between the Wide pedals and the Pro pedals, click here.


If you own a T500RS, this is not a pedal set for you, as I grade out those stock pedals higher that come with the t500 (unfortunately for the rest of us, though those pedals are not sold separately and that wheel does not work with the Xbox One).

Buy The T3PA Pedal Set Or Other Related Products

Have your tried the Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set? Are you looking for another brand to put out an Xbox One racing wheel clutch? Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comments.

Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set

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  • Devon says:

    Great website dude, I like how its more for Xbox gamers. I just got my T3PA’s…they are awesome. Have you tried to modify or customize yours?

    • James says:

      Hey Devon,

      Thanks for the compliments. I have customized mine. At first I switched out the brake pedal face plate for the wide face plate that comes stock on the TX pedals. Later I got some after market pedals and custom mounted them on my T3PA set. It looks really cool, but from a racing perspective doesn’t make any different. let me know if you have any questions about the pedals or customizing them.


  • Davi Schauer says:

    I don’t usually comment. But these pedals ARE INVERTABLE. Just hold the mode button for a few seconds until the light turns green. As far as mounting, you would just need to build a rig that holds them upside down. You should have at least tried them before you claim they don’t work. Coming from experience. I have the tx base, t3pa pedals(not pro), and leather 28 wheel.

    • James says:

      Hi Davi,

      Thanks for the comment. That doesn’t sound like a practical solution when the pedals are not technically made to be invertable. I suppose you could make some custom solution to turn them upside down and then use the mode button to switch the gas and clutch, but that isn’t practical for the average person. I own both the T3PA wide and Pro pedals sets and the Wide set is not invertable as sold.

      For custom solutions like that I normally write a separate article, but I certainly wouldn’t tell people they are invertable pedals when that is not what Thrustmaster intended. My first thought are that it doesn’t make sense for most people to make a custom solution when for an extra $50 bucks you can just buy the pro set which is invertable without customization.

      Have you inverted your wide pedals? do you ahve any pictures…I would be interested in seeing that, it sounds cool.


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