The Crew Wild Run Review for Xbox One – A Much Improved Version of The Original Plus More Content

The Crew Wild Run Review for Xbox One – A Much Improved Version of The Original Plus More Content

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The Crew (original Xbox One title) open world driving MMO and The Crew Wild Run expansion are now all in one game! Ride recklessly across the entire open world US map. Tailor your vehicles, monster trucks and motorbikes for mayhem on- and off-road.

The game features tons of stunt and skill obstacles and with online gameplay you will never ever drive alone! This game is much improved from the original title and is a great value for your money now that they added the Wild Run expansion and improved the gameplay.

I was certainly not a fan of the original game and it is still to date one of my lowest rated racing games on XRP, however the Wild Run expansion pack changes this a bit. Now you get the original Crew game which has been given a complete makeover with gameplay and lighting engine enhancements and you get the expansion pack. Whats even better is they are selling this for less than $40 to start!!

Here is what you get from the Crew Wild Run:

    – A good open-world re-creation of the U.S. Drive independently from coast to coast
    – Monster trucks, motorcycles, dragsters and drift cars
    – Improved graphics and lighting, revamped locations, and a weather system
    – Iconic US locations with weekly stunt and racing competitions solo or in co-op.
    – 4 PvP modes, 20 more missions and more Wild Run DLC!

The Biggest Question About Wild Run…

I have gotten quite a few emails regarding the Crew Wild Run and the most frequently asked question is…

Do I need to own the original Crew to add the expansion pack?

The answer is No! When you purchase expansion pack it includes the original Crew game. If you already own the original game, then you can buy the expansion pack separately.

My Review of the Crew Wild Run

After the original Crew game was released I didn’t think this series had much hope; the story was corny, the online servers were spotty, and the lack of Xbox driving wheel support made this game pretty lame. I think adding the Wild Run expansion pack, improving the original game, and making it below normal game prices makes me a bit more forgiving.

While being a bigger fan of sim racing games in the likes of Forza 6 and Project Cars this game is just not for me, but I think there is something here for the casual racer and the arcade style racing fan. This game has the potential to be a lot of fun to race with your friend online in an open world. It is pretty impressive how much detail they covered in the US on their maps. I think the expansion pack adds alot of fun content like motorcycles and monster trucks which make the overall experience more diverse and more fun.

The Amazon reviews are coming in pretty strong at a 4.5 For XRP though I am a bit of a harder critic. Given the improvements, the expansion pack, and the consumer friendly price, I give this game a 3.5. Plus I give the developer a pat on the back for VASTLY improving the original game, something that no one ever does for the consumers anymore, Kudos!

Official XRP Rating 3.5
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Customer Reviews

Fun arcade style free-roaming racing game!

3 people found this helpful.
 on February 1, 2016
The Crew Wild Run edition was my first trial with The Crew. The game has a wonderful open world that is a sort of scale model of the United States, focusing on major cities and then having a neat “compilation” of the US in between. There is a good selection of cars, however a lot of cars you’d assume would be in the game aren’t (STI/EVO, Supra, etc); the game seems to focus on American muscle cars, which can be considered a con depending on the kind of cars you like.

Amazing Arcade Style Racer

3 people found this helpful.
 on May 20, 2016
By Mark
This game is just what I was looking for. There’s open world that’s gorgeous and fairly accurate. I live in Chicago and the immediate downtown area is pretty damn close to real life. It’s pretty cool tearing up my home streets. There are random events placed around the map that provide a break from just cruising and some practice for honing your skill with your cars. The missions and story mode are great! The acting may be a little cheesy, but this is a video game, not a movie. The summit is a nice touch and I really like all the different specs for the vehicles. You buy one car, which takes a lot of playing and saving $$$ to buy, but really, you get 5 or so by the time you spec it all out (Monster, Street, Drift, Dirt, Perf). Overall, I was looking for a great arcade style racer, and this is it!!!

good game. Very good graphics

2 people found this helpful.
 on July 6, 2016
Would have given it 5 stars if it would allow you to start a new playthrough.

Great game, I have been playing for just a …

3 people found this helpful.
 on June 6, 2016
By A.S.
Great game, I have been playing for just a few days but I can say the graphics are great and the story is deep.

You never run out of things to do or you can have an inordinate amount of fun doing nothing but driving around the whole country

One person found this helpful.
 on September 21, 2016
By Seth Kent
Single most addicting game I have ever played. You never run out of things to do or you can have an inordinate amount of fun doing nothing but driving around the whole country with lots of cool vehicles.

Great game

One person found this helpful.
 on July 14, 2016
By christopher alvarez
I’m having a lot of fun with this game it’s very different


 on December 13, 2016
Son was dying to get this and he’s so happy to have so much content packed into this game. Definitely worth the price tag

My son loves it

 on February 8, 2017
By Dylan Sherman
I haven’t played it but my son loves it. He really likes the cops chasing him.

Get The Crew Wild Run Expansion Pack

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The Crew Wild Run Expansion Pack Xbox One

Rated 3.5/5 based on 1 review


  • Burjor says:

    Hi James,
    Have you tried the xbox1 version of wild run with a racing wheel? have they improved it? on their website faq its mentioned support for the madcatz & tx wheel, i wonder if you tried the madcatz pro wheel with crew wild run edition? if you have feedback would be awesome.


    • James says:

      Hey Burjor,

      this game does work with the wheel, but I haven’t tried it with the Mad Catz. At the time when I was testing it I used the Logitech G920 with the shifter attached…I actually dont think I tried it with the TX.

      Overall the racing experience was decent, but the force feedback was a bit on the lite side for my taste. I think that they designed the Crew to be played with a gamepad and then they made wheel support as an after thought…just doesnt feel as organic as other racing games do.

      Since the game is an arcade style racer the handling physics of the cars is very drift oriented, The Crew Wild Run made VAST improvements from their original came (car handling, graphics, gameplay all improved) and they actually made the wheel support more consistent as well. I think the Mad Catz wheel should work fine…it will feel like a low budget version of Forza Horizon 2 if you have ever played that.

      All in all IMO its a better game with a wheel than a gamepad and can certainly be fun to ride around through the open worlds using your wheel.

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