Best Steering Wheel Settings for Nascar Heat Evolution

Best Steering Wheel Settings for Nascar Heat Evolution

Nascar Heat Evolution doesn’t give us a lot of options to adjust our wheel settings. The settings they do give us for our wheels don’t even have metrics associated with them, so I can’t tell you to set your wheel to a certain number…you just got to eyeball it from my screen shots below.

I tested the game with the Thrustmaster TX and TMX on Xbox One and found these settings to be similar for both wheels and should also be solid for the T300 or T150 on PS4. The game requires alot of testing to get these settings and you should consider them as a good baseline and then you can tweak to your preferences from there. If I change my settings over time I will comeback and update this article.

Let’s dive in to the best advanced steering wheel settings for NASCAR Heat Evo…

Game Settings

To give you a frame of reference for my racing wheel settings it’s important to note that I am using SIMULATION Physics and my transmission is set to MANUAL.

NAscar Heat Game Settings

Best RAcing Wheel Settings for NASCAR Heat Evolution

Unlike other racing games on the Xbox One like a Forza or Project Cars, NASCAR Heat Evo doesn’t gives us much in the way of advanced controller/wheel settings. There are no deadzones, linearity, or saturations to adjust…just a few simple choices. The other thing the game lacks is metrics, so I can’t tell you exactly what my settings are you need to take a look at my screen shot and eyeball it.

Best Wheel Settings NASCAR Heat Evolution
  • Degrees Rotation Range: 360 degrees
  • Steering Sensitivity: About 25%
  • Brake Sensitivity: 0%
  • Throttle Sensitivity: 0%
  • Force Feedback Strength: About 85%
  • Impact Effects: ON
  • Shift Type: Shifter or Paddle
  • Clutch: ON

Notes Regarding Settings

Degrees Rotation Range:I had a tough time trying to find a good degree of rotation that I liked and settled on 360. 270 didnt feel to bad either, however I felt it caused a bit of understeer. I set the degree of rotation in the game and left my wheel at the default 900 degrees on the wheelbase itself.

Steering Sensitivity: Setting this at 0 (slider all the way to the left) feels like the wheel has a 1:1 ratio with the tyres. Moving the slider all the way to the right will make your tyres turn much more sharply even with small movements of the wheel. If you want to increase how fast your tires react to you turning the wheel move this slider to the right and to the left to slow it down.

Brake Sensitivity: It’s important to note that I am using Thrustmaster T3PA pedals with a load cell brake mod. My brake sensitivity may differ from yours. Moving the slider to right will increase brake sensitivity…the more you crank it up the more careful you need to be with your brake pressure.

Throttle Sensitivity: Moving the slider to the right increases the throttle sensitivity. The more you turn it the more careful you need to be pushing down the throttle particularly when accelerating from low speeds or a full stop.


Force Feedback Strength: This is up to your personal preference.

Impact Effects: This effect causes the wheel to vibrate when you collide with the wall or other cars.

Shift Type: If you have an H-Pattern shifter hooked up then you want to set this to SHIFTER, if not set it to PADDLE.


Clutch: If you are racing manual set this to ON…although truth be told the cars tend to drive fine even if you never hot the clutch pedal.

Best Game Settings for Wheels – Wrap Up

I wish NASCAR Heat Evolution had a lot more advanced wheel settings options, but it doesn’t so we got to make due with what they gave us. I do like the fact that they use sliders to adjust the settings, but it’s kind of annoying that they failed to add metrics next to the sliders. Anyway…Try these settings out and see if they can get your Thrustmaster steering wheel feeling nice as you whip around the tracks.

If you own a T150 or TMX and you are interested in hard mounting on a racing rig or wheel stand, check out this article here.

Thrustmaster Compatible Racing Gear at Amazon

What are your best settings for NHE? Let me know in the comments below.

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