WRC 5 Racing Wheel Settings For Thrustmaster and Logitech Racing Wheels – Get Faster Course Times

WRC 5 Racing Wheel Settings For Thrustmaster and Logitech Racing Wheels – Get Faster Course Times

I’ve had a handful of requests for racing wheel settings for WRC 5.

The difficulty with translating the settings on WRC 5 is that the settings screen doesn’t contain any quantitative metrics for me to tell you. I can only snap you a screen shot of how I have it set up and you can get an idea of what percentage to set the bar.

For the settings below I tested with both the Thrustmaster TX Wheelbase and the Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel. I didn’t change any of the button or controller configurations for either steering wheel, but I included a screen shot for your reference.

Ok, let’s get into the racing wheel settings for WRC 5 and then of you want more info you can read more below about deadzones, sensitivity, and a few thoughts I had about why I chose the levels.

WRC 5 Settings for the Thrustmaster TX and Logitech G920

These settings should provide a good baseline for you to start and then adjust to your preference.


For the Thrustmaster TX the above settings are exact, in my setup I used the GTE wheel rim, T3PA pro pedal set and a PlaySeat Evolution gaming seat

For the Logitech G920 I hooked it up to the OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat. For the G920 I adjusted the force feedback up one notch from the settings above.

For Both Wheels I Used Default Configuration

This is the default configuration and I found this to be a good setup.

WRC 5 Steering Wheel Conguration

Other Notes about Racing with a Wheel on WRC 5

Even if you don’t like the settings as is, hopefully they can serve as a good baseline to get you started. To access the settings: Go to your pre-race menu and choose OPTIONS. Then choose CONTROLLER.

All the settings are about striking a balance. Too much throttle sensitivity and you spin the tires, not enough and the car isn’t reactive enough to your inputs…

Wheel Sensitivity

Wheel sensitivity is like a magnifier of your movements. Set on 0 you will find that the car doesn’t react well to your steering inputs, but set on full it is way too much. The key to getting the settings right for your preferences in the game are striking a balance between wheel sensitivity and force feedback

Force Feedback and Vibration

Normally I like a lot of force feedback, but WRC 5’s force feedback is jittery and much too aggressive on a high setting and setting it on 0 felt like steering with a dead fish. For both wheels I tested It also prohibits the wheels from naturally returning to center. For that reason I dialed the force feedback down and went with a lower setting, but high enough to offer some resistance.

Same with vibration. I found that with no vibration the game felt bland and non-immersive, where a setting on full vibration was un-drivable and unrealistic.

*note: depending on what type of wheel you use, you may not see this option or you may not have the ability to adjust force feedback or vibration*


This game plays best with automatic gearing or paddles shifters. With the amount of wheel movement you need to keep the car on the road, you will want to bypass your manual gearbox on this game.

Wheel Rotation

I set both the wheel bases to 900 DOR and therefore I matched the game to that.

*note: depending on what type of wheel you use, you may not see this option or you may not have the ability to adjust rotation*


Deadzones allow you to set an area of input where the game doesn’t register any input, For example, if you add 10% of deadzone to your brake pedal, then the forst 10% you press down your brake, your car will not brake.

Deadzones usually are defined as inside and outside. In WRC 5 they only allow for setting the inside deadzone.

Inside refers to the start of the input, while outside refers to the end of the input. For example with the pedals your “Inside” is the pedal when it is not pressed. In the example below, this would be setting the deadzone on the acceleration to 50%. The pink area would not activate any input on the pedal.

Deadzon settings For racing wheels

For steering settings, “inside” refers to the wheel when it is centered and “outside” is the wheel fully turned.

I like to set a little deadzone on my brake, but that is it. If you are finding that the wheel sensitivity is to much you can also try adding 1 notch of deadzone into your steering deadzone setting.

WRC 5 Steering Wheel Settings Wrap up

Adjusting to these settings may take a bit of getting used to. For me they significantly decreased my times from point to point. Overall though WRC 5 is a decent rally game, but when you add a racing wheel on your console it is certainly much more fun!!

Let me know what settings you are using and what racing wheel are you using them with?

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  • alex says:

    im using fanatec club sport with m3 base and I got deadzone in the center!in some point it not moving in the game
    deadzone in setting set to 0

    • James says:

      Hey Alex,

      Im thinking that if you have deadzone set to 0, than this is an issue with the game communicating with your specific racing setup. I did not experience these issues with Thrustmaster, Logitech, or actually Mad Catz which i tried yesterday. I know you are using a PS4, but I am thinking it shouldnt matter which console you are on. Have you had issues with deadzone on any other game?



  • alex says:

    but im using ps4

    • James says:

      Hey Alex,

      While I honestly havent tested WRC 5 on the PS4, because I only have Xbox version of this game…I would think the settings should translate the same. Now the fact that you are using a Fanatec pedal set may change things though.


  • alex says:

    maybe I will try on next weekend!thx no I dint have issues in other game

    • James says:

      Let me know after you do some testing. I have a PS4 and Fantec wheel as well, but I don’t have WRC 5 for that console.

  • Michael says:

    You my friend are a hero. I just bought the esport version of WRC 5 yesterday and played it with a G29 on the PS4 on the default steering settings. They were awful. I kept over steering at corners.p, and had no idea how to properly adjust the settings. Came across this and thought well it’s for the XBox how different could it be? Well it has worked a treat and is so much better so thanks a million!

    • James says:

      Hey Michael,

      That makes my day!!! I am so glad you found the settings helpful. You should checkout my other blog PSracingPro.com where I cater to PlayStation folks. I am just getting started there, but perhaps you might find some of the info useful. There is a DiRT Rally article I just posted and many of the same techniques for driving will apply to WRC 5.

      Have Fun Racing,

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