Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base Xbox One Review | $260

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base Xbox One Review | $260

Finally Thrustmaster offers the TX wheelbase as a standalone unit. Now you can get the best part of the TX system and add whatever wheel rim and pedal set you want to it, without being forced into the Ferrari F458 rim and pedal set. This servo base is the heart of the Thrustmaster system.

This wheelbase is easily the best of all wheelbases in the mid priced range for the Xbox One.

In this review, I’ll go through the specs of the latest offering from Thrustmaster and give you your best options for building around this wheelbase.

The Thrustmaster TX servo base has been upgraded since it released the original TX Ferrari F458 Italia Edition in 2013. The original was already a great product, but now there is a new dual belt added inside and it utilizes friction free technology while will help the product last a lot longer.

So far in the mid-priced wheel options Thrustmaster is the only one to sell there racing wheelbase as a standalone device. Let’s get into the specs and see what it has to offer.

Thrustmaster TX Specs:

270 to 900 Degrees of Rotation (DOR), compatible with Xbox One and PC, compatible with the Thrustmaster eco-system (wheel rims, pedal sets, and shifter), force feedback, vibration, upgradeable firmware (via PC compatibility), no latency, heart technology (friction free), Xbox One guide button, table clamp, and pre-threaded holes for mounting on all major cockpit and wheel stand brands.

The servo base weighs about 15 pounds. It is encased in a well-built hard plastic shell. The front of it has a quick-release mechanism for easily attaching and detaching a wheel rim like you would in a real race car. There is also a mode button for adjusting the DOR right on the wheel base and a yellow button (unlabeled) for adjusting the force feedback sensitivity.

Thrustmaster VG Racing Wheel Servo Base for Xbox OneThe one thing I need to be clear about here is that this is the wheelbase only. The TX Servo Base Racing Wheel comprises a wheel base, an attachment system and a power cable. Just add your choice of Thrustmaster Wheels, Pedal Set and if desired, optional gearbox, and you’re ready to race! The advantage of buying the Thrustmaster TX as a standalone unit is that you are not locked into any specific bundle that Thrustmaster offers, you basically can get the wheelbase and then customize the add-ons to what you want.

“There are two thing that standout about the servo base, the force feedback and the friction free technology”

The force feedback is strong, smooth, and extremely quiet. I own and have used this wheelbase with several different racing games and you can crank up the force feedback to the point where it will make your arms sore or you can dial it down to a much more easy driving experience. The sensitivity is super adjustable and it really means that you can tailor it to exactly how you like it.

The friction free technology means the wheelbase will last a long time. This means there are no metal components inside grinding together. Thrustmaster uses sensors instead of gears, so that there is no contact between the internal parts and therefore will last for tens of millions of interactions.

Compatibility With Xbox One and PC

This wheel is compatible with the Xbox One and the PC. It is compatible with anything built for the Thrustmaster TX eco-system.

All of the Xbox One racing games (expect for Need for Speed Rivals), offer racing wheel support and this wheelbase will work with all of them.


Because this is a popular wheelbase all of the major cockpit and wheel stand makers are able to mount it. My best suggestions for mounting would either be the Playsteat Evoluton for a cockpit and the Wheel Stand Pro for a stand.

Of course if you weren’t interested in mounting the wheel on a cockpit or stand, the TX racing wheel servo base comes with the option for table mounting your wheel.


    Delivers quiet, smooth, and strong force feedback
    Uses friction free technology
    Quick-release wheel rim system
    Mountable on all the popular cockpits and wheel stands
    Works with the Thrustmaster eco-system



What to Add to the Wheelbase for Xbox One

Here is what is cool about just buying the wheelbase, you can then add whatever eco-system components that you want that fit within your budget.

For example, there are Thrustmaster add-on rims, but currently no package that offers the wheelbase with the F1 rim, now you can buy the wheelbase and then also buy the F1 rim. In the past you had to buy the F458 Italia edition and buy the F1 rim, essentially you are paying for stuff you don’t even want like the F458 Italia rim.

Here are a few of the choices you have for building around the Thrustmaster TX wheelbase:


There are several choices for Thrustmaster rims, but here are two popular ones:

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-OnThrustmaster Ferrari F1 Rim
F1 Rim, is one of the coolest looking rims on the market. It is modeled after the 2011 Ferrari F1 Rim used in real Formula 1 racing. It has two brushed metal paddle shifters, a d-pad, dials, switches, and buttons. Of all the rims it is the widest diameter and it looks the most authentic. This rim instantly adds the immersion factor to your racing games. You can read more about it here.

Thrustmaster VG TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-OnThrustmaster GT Leather Rim
GT 28 Leather Rim is the best rim for force feedback. It has a metal loop that is wrapped in premium stitched leather. It has two brushed metal paddle shifters, a d-pad, buttons, and a spring switch. It is a 7/10 size replica and is the rim I rate the highest on this site. You can read more about it here.


Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedal SetThrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals
The T3PA Pro Pedal Set offers a gas brake and a clutch. This set is invertable from F1 style to GT style. This set is made of all metal. It includes a conical rubber brake module and a spring brake module for adding progressive resistance to the brake. This is a high end pedal set and will mount to all the popular racing cockpits and wheel stands. You can read more about it here.


Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter ReviewThrustmaster TH8A Shifter
The Th8A shifter is the only shifter offered by Thrustmaster compatible with the TX. It has the options for a 7-speed H pattern shifter or you can change out the plate to make it a sequential shifter. It is made of 90% metal. It comes with a table clamp for mounting and will work with all the major cockpits. You can also change out the shifter knob and customize the look and feel of it. You can read more about it here You can read more about it here.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Review Wrap Up

Without any doubt, the Thrustmaster TX Servo wheelbase is the best wheel base at the price point. It is not only the core of the Thrustmaster eco-system, but it is what makes the other Thrustmaster eco-system components so good.

For example, I love the GT 28 rim because it delivers great force feedback, but I wouldn’t love that rim attached to another wheelbase. The TX servo wheelbase is where all of the quality comes from in the Thrustmaster eco-system and I think it’s a great piece to build around for any new or experienced sim racer.

Official XRP Rating 5.0
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Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Servo Base

Rated 5/5 based on 1 review

What components would you add to the Thrustmaster TX servo wheelbase? Let me know in the comments below


  • Marton says:

    After owning the TM TX Leather Edition (same base) for a month, I see at least 2 CONs for it:
    1. it broke down after a month of light usage
    2. the cooler inside the base is quite noisy when it kicks in, after ~10 min of usage of the wheel (when summer comes, it will be really annoying, headphones might be required to avoid hearing it)

    • James says:

      Hey Marton,

      Sorry to hear that your TX had some issues. Did you contact Thrustmaster about the issues? Also what firmware version do you have. In the latest firmware update 49.b9) they changed some options for the fan. You can see some firmware info here.

      This is from the FAQ on the Thrustmaster page:
      This is what the faq says

      Note regarding cooling fan operation and motor cooling

      • The wheel’s cooling system is composed of a heat sink and a fan.
      • A thermostat monitors the wheel’s internal temperature.
      • When you are using the wheel in a game: – The cooling fan starts up when the wheel has reached a certain temperature. (= after a few minutes of gameplay, depending on the strength of the Force Feedback effects used)
      – The power of the Force Feedback effects automatically decreases as soon as the wheel reaches a much higher temperature level (to protect the motor). The power of these effects automatically increases as soon as the temperature slightly decreases.
      • When you’re done playing: due to the motor’s thermal inertia, the cooling fan continues to operate until the temperature drops below the fan’s startup level. Your wheel has been designed in this way in order to facilitate cooling, and to protect the motor. (= this may take from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the temperature reached while using the wheel in a game)

      Note: The USB ports on the Xbox One are always On (even when the console is Off). When the console is Off (the LED on the console and on the wheel is Off), the wheel is in standby mode, and not completely Off. You may hear a very small noise coming from the wheel because the wheel is still powered by the console’s USB port. The wheel’s fan does not turn Off if it was On before the console turned off (the wheel is always powered by the console’s USB port, and the wheel’s temperature sensor that manages the fan is inactive). Unplug the USB connector from the wheel. The small noise will completely disappear, and the fan will turn off.

      Hope that info helps,

  • Doug says:

    These server’s are junk. Also have issues with it and haven’t used much. What a waste of money. Contacted thrustmaster for warranty they want you to jump through hoops just to honor warranty. Never again.

    • James says:

      Hey Doug,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. What were the issues you had with the servo base and what kind of information was Thrustmaster requesting from you in order to fulfill the warranty?


      • Doug says:

        Hello James, I was using the wheel with nascar heat evolution for maybe a half hour when I Lost all force feedback. So I shut of my xbox one console unplug wheel and quit for the day. Next day I hook wheel back up to console and it wouldn’t power on the xbox from wheel. I turn on xbox by hand with wheel still plugged in and the wheel never calibrated it just vibrated. So I use the function buttons on wheel to try and access game with no response. I have since download all firmware to servo and all the wheel does when powered on is slam wheel back and forth continuously. That happens whether it’s plugged in console or pc. So I’ve been in contact with thrustmaster about the issue wheel was still within warranty. They want me to send them a picture copy of invoice,pic of serial # on bottom of servo a video of confirmation of firmware download and video of what the wheel is doing, and of course address, phone # etc. Then they will evaluate what is going on with servo. I say just ship me a box I’ll send it u fix it and get me my shit back the way I bought it. I probably only used wheel little like 20 times from May till August.

        • James says:

          Hey Doug,

          Yeah that sounds kinda crazy and not what you wanna hear when you are a frustrated customer. Do you even still have the original receipt? Where did you buy it from? The reason I ask is that if you bought it online maybe you could look at your purchase history or if you used a credit card look at your transaction history. I know what there asking for is a pain in the ass, however it is not uncommon for companies to do this, I have dealt with this before with another company.

          What I imagine they will do is give your video to a technician and let him determine if he can diagnose the behavior of your wheel. That will determine if they will send you a new wheel, ask for your wheel back to try and fix it, or provide you a solution that would allow you to fix it yourself (like sending you special firmware to reset the wheel).

          I know getting that info together is a pain, but I would just hate to see you lose your money. Even if you dont wanna keep after its fixed, you could still sell it on ebay.

          On my end I am gonna copy and paste your comment in an email to my contact at Thrustmaster and see if they can give me any more insight. Don’t hold your breathe on a response though they don’t often communicate with me regarding customer issues, but nonetheless I will reach out.


  • Doug says:

    Hey James, Yeah I can get the copy of invoice off amazon where I ordered from not a problem. The problem is videotaping the issue without cellular phone to do so. I know crazy to believe 2016 and doesn’t have cell phone, but has racing wheel? Just can’t see spending the money there rather than elsewhere. Hence why I’m aggravated don’t just try to throw money away. That’s kinda what I feel like I did buying this wheel. Do appreciate your help James I really do. I just don’t feel like sell my problem to someone else is the right thing to do either. Thanks for all the info just don’t know at this point what to do.

    • Doug says:

      Hey to anyone about to buy this wheel with the VG wheel servo. They are junk and you’ll be really disappointed when it breaks down on you. And Thrustmaster wants you to jump through hoops to honor there warranty. Total waste of money. Oh and another thing. James your a good talker but not any help at all.

      • James says:

        Hey Doug,

        I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the wheel and that I wasn’t able to provide you any assistance. Best of luck with your wheel situation and I hope you find a resolution.


  • Angel says:

    I just got one of these for $200 on black friday with the T3PA Wide Pedals and leather Rim. I will never race with a controller again. So much fun. I will def by relying on you for advice on setup. I currently have Horizon 3 and WRC 6. Great blog!!

    • James says:

      Hey Angel,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you are enjoying the wheel. Welcome to a larger world 🙂

      Happy Racing,

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