Best Racing Wheel for Assetto Corsa on Xbox One

Best Racing Wheel for Assetto Corsa on Xbox One

Racing in a sim game like Assetto Corsa is much more intense and immersive with a racing wheel.

A wheel puts you in the perfect cockpit position and simulates the feeling of every bump in the road and losing traction as you fight to shave every second off your lap time. Plus with awesome simulation physics engine and beautifully recorded car sounds I would score the game a 10 out of 10 for force feedback and a 8 out of 10 for immersion!

The Assetto Corsa driving physics engine was engineered to bring the most realistic racing experience onto your Xbox console…if you want to experience the full range of driving physics than you need the right tool for the right job.

Best Steering Wheel for Assetto Corsa on Xbox One

There are several different brands of racing wheels available for Assetto Corsa on the Xbox One, but the three most popular are the Fanatec CSL Elite, The Thrustmaster TX, and The Logitech G920. All the wheels work well with and offer a great sim experience. Below I will rank them in order of performance as they pertain to creating an immersive racing experience with the game.

All of the steering wheels below are compatible with the both on the Xbox Console and PC.

1. Fanatec CSL Elite Bundle ($640)

Fanatec CSL Elite Bundle

The Fanatec CSL Elite wheel is undoubtedly the most accurate affordable racing wheel for Assetto Corsa on your x box console. The force feedback is strong, quiet, and precise which emulates a feel of traction loss as you speed through sweeping turns. It is the only option that comes standard a load cell brake and a 3 pedal set that has a unique resistance for each pedal. This driving system offers the most adjustability to tailor the equipment to your exact preferences. The bundle also comes with the Assetto Corsa game.

“While this is the most expensive option, Fanatec delivers the highest quality racing wheels on the market”!

Fanatec wheels are only available through their website and you would need to put purchase the CSL Elite bundle or select the individual components to save a few bucks, by leaving the game out of your shopping cart. Previously the company had released a high end Forza Motorsport Xbox One Bundle, which was priced at whopping $1,400. There new offering, CSL Elite performs really well and is much more competitively priced for console racing.

The Three Components of the Fanatec CSL Elite Bundle

Fanatec P1 Racing Wheel X Box 1 CSL Elite Wheel Base Xbox One Fanatec_CSL_Elite_Pedals

Pictured above from left to right are the P1 Steering Wheel ($140), the Elite Wheel Base ($300), and the Elite Pedals ($200). So all that totals to $640…so essentially you are getting AC for free.

The core of the system is the wheel base, which is powered by an efficient brushless motor and a single belt drive. It offers degrees of rotation adjustable from 1080 down to 90 degrees.


You could also add the Clubsport Shifter SQ V 1.5 ($200) if you wanted to step things up a notch.

If you were looking at a different configuration you can purchase the wheelbase by itself and choose a different wheel rim. You could also save a few bucks if you wanted to get just a two pedal set for $80.

Who Should By The CSL Elite

If you are looking for a solid simulation on the Xbox One, want a wheel by a high end manufacturer, and are willing to spend a few extra bucks for top quality this steering wheel setup is for you. The Fanatec Forza Xbox One Bundlle the highest end wheel on the market that is playable on the console, but the CSL Elite delivers a similar quality for about $700 less.

One thing that makes the CSL Elite Assetto Corsa Bundle a bit more practical for console racers is the wheel base is mountable on cockpits, wheel stands, or desk/tables via the included table clamp, while the Forza Motorsport Edition is cockpit mount only.

Why Do I Rate Fanatec #1 Over The Other Wheels

From a build quality perspective it is a true piece of craftsmanship. All of the components are made of high quality parts and machined perfectly. It offers many upgrade options like adding several different full size racing wheels, you can add a universal hub which allows for play on PS4 and PC, the 16 bit resolution brake pedals come standard with a load cell and you can adjust the pounds of pressure. The pedal set is by far the best set available amongst mid priced wheels.

From a performance perspective it translates the perfectly laser scanned tracks from Assetto Corsa and allows you to feel every bump in the road. The Fanatec CSL wheel maximizes the precision of the force feedback and immersion that is created by the accurate handling physics of AC. If there was one aspect of the wheel I thought needed improvement it would be the auto-centering mechanism.

Another great selling point on Fanatec is they are known for outstanding customer service

If you want to read more about what Fanatec has to offer you can read my full review here.. This wheel will release from Fanatec this fall and begin shipping in October.

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2. Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition ($470)

Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Premium

The Thrustmaster TX is a great mid-priced option for AC and provides strong, quiet, and smooth force feedback. The TX translates the feel of the road really well and gives you a realistic sense of how the cars are performing. The TX Leather edition comes standard with a leather rim and a 3 pedal set that features a progressive brake. It has a better auto-centering mechanism than the CSL Elite which makes for a better natural driving experience.

“The price and performance of the TX make it our most recommended wheel on Xbox Racing Pro”!

You can get the Thrustmaster TX at retailers or at sites like Amazon. It comes in several different packages such as the 458 Italia Edition ($300), The GT Leather edition ($470), or you can buy the TX servo base ($250) and then add on any Thrustmaster wheel rim ($150+), pedal set ($150), and TH8A shifter ($150).

Thrustmaster TX Ferrari F458 Italia Edition Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Premium Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base for Xbox One

Who Should Buy the Thrustmaster TX

The TX is the perfect wheel for console racers because of it’s great ability to translate the feel of the road for a reasonable price. It has a lot of upgrade options and would be ideal for someone looking to get a wheel now and then upgrade as you want a better rim, pedal set, or to add a shifter. This wheel offers 3 mounting options: racing cockpits, wheel stands, and desk or table mounting via the included table clamp.

Why Do I Rate The Thrustmaster TX Under The CSL Elite

The TX contains some plastic components and the 3 pedal set isn’t as sophisticated as the CSL Elite. The Fanatec has many more upgrade options including full size rims and comes standard with a 16 bit resolution load cell brake.

From a performance perspective the Fanatec wheel base has stronger force feedback which is great for Assetto Corsa, but force feedback isnt everything. For example, I don’t love the rim on the Fanatec wheel and it does not auto-center as good as the TX. What the CSL Rim does have is a cool feature where you can save up to five settings on your wheel which is great for setting your force feedback and sensitivity different for certain cars.

Considering the TX wheel is $200 less than the Fanatec CSL and still performs and feels fantastic, I really like this wheel with AC. For more info on the TX Leather Edition you can read more here.

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3. Logitech G920 ($320)

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel review

The G920 is a solid wheel for AC because of it’s mid range price point, 3 pedal set, and decent force feedback. The G920 feels solid with the game and does a good job of giving you the feel of the car and the road. This wheel is from the same brand as the G27 which is many sim racers favorite wheel for the PC version of AC.

“To date the G920 is one of the best selling racing wheels for Xbox One”

You can get the G920 at various online retailers and Amazon. The 920 only has one upgrade options as it comes with a 3 pedal set, wheelbase, and leather rim. The only add on is the Driving Force Shifter ($60).

Who Should Buy The Logitech G920

The 920 is ideal for someone on a limited budget looking to purchase a mid priced wheel. If you have no interest in purchasing upgraded rims or higher end pedal sets, you could get the G920 and add on shifter for a total of about $400. This wheel also has 3 mounting options such as cockpit, wheel stand, and table/desk via the included table clamp. The 920 also has a great 2 year warranty (TX is only 1 year).

Why Do I Rate the G920 Below the TX

The TX has a better motor that contains frictionless sensors, a dual belt drive, and is brushless…while the mechanism for the G920 is helical gearing. Helical gearing produces less efficient power, weaker force feedback, and is not as quiet as the brushless motor in the TX. In addition the TX pedals have 10 bit resolution while the 920 pedals only have 8 bit resolution.

Despite it’s few flaws the leather rim feels really good and it works great with AC. You can still feel traction loss and every bump in the raod. If you want to read more about this wheel and pedal set you can read a more indepth review here.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Wheel for AC

All of these wheels feel great with AC and the real decision you need to make is based on how much money are you comfortable spending for your Xbox console. While the Fanatec certainly has the strongest force feedback and best pedals, the other two options are less expensive and still offer great racing experience with AC.

My personal recommendation since this game is more simulated than any racing title to date would be the Fanatec CSL Elite setup.

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Which X Box One steering wheel are you most interested in for Assetto Corsa? Let me know in the comments below

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