Thrustmaster Tx Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Review |$300

Thrustmaster Tx Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Review |$300

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Overview:

This Xbox One steering wheel was the first to market as a force feedback wheel to work in tandem with the next gen console. It is officially licensed by Microsoft and Ferrari and is regarded as one of the best mid priced wheels.

It features a brushless industrial motor, a detachable wheel, a 2 pedal set (gas and brake), paddle shifters, and several actionable buttons including a multi-directional D-Pad.

It is a nice wheel for the price and it is considered 1 grade down from the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition which features a 3 pedal set and a leather rim.

This product is the center of Thrustmaster’s racing eco system for the Xbox One and is compatible with the Xbox One and PC’s. The eco-system allows for upgrade components like adding on a 3 pedal set, a shifter, and different wheel rims. The best part of this steering wheel is that it has lots of upgrade options to customize your racing preferences.

Check Out This Spec Video Of The Thrustmaster TX 348 Italia

Thrustmaster Tx Out Of The Box

Thrustmaster TX ReviewOut of the box this wheel looks and feels like a toy. It feels fairly light in your hands and kind of plasticy with some rubber grip added around the rim. The 7/10 replica rim looks small and the Ferrari logo in the center is plastic.

“It does have an overall nice look to it and really resembles the F458 wheel”

The buttons on the wheel push really easy and are labeled appropriately for navigating your Xbox. The paddle shifters are metal and feel really nice. They make a good click sound and spring back into place when they are engaged.

Thrustmaster TX Pedals ReviewThe pedals have metal face plates, but the base and is plastic. The face plate on the gas looks a bit small and will make you wonder how is gonna feel in a race. The brake face plate is significantly wider and looks a bit more promising.

The gas pushes down nice and smooth and the brake has a nice bit of resistance when you press it. Both pedals definitely want to spring back up when you are pushing on them. Each pedal offers a unique level of resistance.

There are no customization available on the pedals like the ability to adjust the resistance or change the position of the pedals. For options like that you need to upgrade to the T3PA pedals.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base for Xbox OneThe base for the wheel is super solid and you can quickly tell that this is where they focused their attention on making this high quality. You can also purchase the wheel base separatelyand then add on whatever wheel rim and pedals you like. The wheel base is clearly the best part of this product and a good reason why Thrustmaster focused their entire eco-system around it.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel And Pedals In Use

I have used this on all of the Xbox One Racing titles including F1 2015, Project Cars, and all the Forza games.

Without a doubt this changes your Xbox racing experience entirely. While the wheel does feel a bit small in your hands while racing, the force feedback and vibration are absolutely unreal. Within seconds of your first race will not be thinking this looks like a toy anymore.

“You will be fully focused on racing and getting your heart beat to slow down!”

The pedals and the brake feel really nice, but the key to making them work best for you is adjusting your game settings and adding some dead zone like real pedals.

All of the value in this wheel is in the form of the technology that they used to power it. Thrustmaster definitely used plastic parts to keep the cost down, but 100% over delivered on the racing simulation feel. The brushless motor inside the wheel base is super quiet and makes less noise than the steering wheels that use helical gearing.

Everything you need to know about why I rate this product a 4 is how it feels when I race. AWESOME! Hands down this racing wheel is a great value for the price point. The TX’s wheel base alone are what make this a fantastic product.

Thrustmaster TX Has Some Standout Features

Thrustmaster TX motorThe adjustable force feedback and vibrations are truly outstanding. Nothing will make you feel more like you a real driving experience than these realistic features.

The brushless motor is super quiet and keeps the wheel feeling smooth when turning. The gears don’t grind inside and if it wasn’t for the humming sound of the cooling fan this wheel would make zero noise.

The versatility of the wheel is also fantastic:

  • Use it on the Xbox One or a PC
  • Don’t like the rim it came with, easily detach it and get the Ferrari GTE or F1 rim
  • Change the wheel rotation any degree between 270 and 900
  • Customize and reconfigure the button the action button setup
  • Add A 3 pedal set or a shifter gear box to the set up
  • Mounts on most racing cockpits, you can clamp the TX to a table (clamp included)

Xbox One Racing WheelThe spring inside of the paddle shifters is pretty strong, you can clearly feel and hear when you shift gears. I also love how Thrustmaster disguised the D-pad inside of the large red Start Engine button. All of the buttons on the wheel are really easy to access even when you are racing.

The heart of this product is the base of the wheel. It has a great weight to it and you can tell it’s quality from the moment you pick it up.

The TX Is Easy To Mount To All Popular Rigs and Wheel Stands

The good part about owning such a popular product is all of the big cockpit and wheel stand manufacturers offer mounting plates for the Thrustmaster TX. I have mine mounted on a Playseat Evolution, which matched up perfectly with the wheel and pedals. If a racing seat is a bit much for you, you can also get a wheelstand or mount the TX to a table via the clamp it comes with.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Complaints

The 7/10 replica rim is definitely a drawback, but honestly all of the current wheels available for the Xbox One are the same size or smaller. There is a Thrustmaster EVO 599XX rim, is an 8/10 replica rim, which you can add, but that is sold separately. There is one functionality drawback of the wheel and that is that you have to occasionally hook it up to a PC to update the drivers.

It surprised me that this can’t be done through Xbox console and that they couldn’t ship this racing wheel with the drivers updated. Since I have owned my wheel I have had to update my drivers twice.

If you only own a MAC, you will not be able to update the drivers, you must connect to a PC.

I do think the GTE rim add on makes a big difference on the wheel base as it is a little bit heavier, and wish the shipped this with that rim.

Thrustmaster TX Pedal Complaints

At first glance the pedals look a bit no frills. I would prefer bigger face plates and more pedal customization, like changing the resistance or moving the pedal positions. I would also prefer a clutch..but keeping true to the Ferrari 458 style, they excluded the clutch.

The pedals are serviceable, but I would recommend the upgrade to the T3PA Pro Pedal set that offers a progressive brake, a clutch, and the ability to invert the pedals from Formula 1 style to GT Style. If these pedals came standard with this wheel, I would rate this wheel a 5 easy!

Why Do Amazon Reviews Only Rate It 3.5 Stars?

If you are looking at Amazon reviews for the TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition and wondering why they are low, when the wheel first came out in 2013 there were a lot of problems with it and therefore got low ratings. People complained of the wheel not working or the base of the wheel smoking after they started playing. Thrustmaster customer support was reaching out to customers directly on Amazon and getting them new replacement wheels for free.

Notice most of the review are either 5 stars or 1 star and not much in between. If i got my wheel and it didnt work, I would have rated it a 1 also, especially after being so excited for it.

Amazon Thrustmaster reviews

When I got my wheel I waited until the initial problems were over and I have never had any issues with my wheel at all. Since that time the reviews of this wheel have really turned around and been climbing.

How Does It compare To Steering Wheels At The Same Price Point?

Mad Catz Pro Racing Wheel Xbox OneThe Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
is far superior to the Mad Cats Pro Racing Wheel which sells at almost the same price. The Mad Catz wheel has weak force feedback, makes a grinding noise when it is turning, and the suede rim makes your hands sweat. The Mad Catz Wheel is upgradeable, however they haven’t put out or mentioned any upgrades for the steering wheel or pedals. The only thing I like better about the Mad Catz wheel is the look of it.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel reviewThe other wheel we can compare this to is the Logitech G920, which is also about $100 more than the TX. The G920 offers a better stock rim and comes with a 3 pedal set standard, which is certainly a good value. They do have add on shifter for it sold separately, but it is not nearly as nice as the Thrustmaster shifter. Based on the stock package, I do rate Logitech G920 a .5 point higher than the TX, if you are not looking to upgrade and customize your racing experience.

Thrustmaster Tx Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition – Wrap Up

XRP_Top-SellerThis is by far the best selling steering wheel for Xbox one on this website and it is certainly worth the praise it gets. There have been a few wheels that have hit the market since this one came out and none have de throwned the king just yet, unless your talking about the TX Leather version.

If you are looking for a great mid priced wheel, this is your best option and works great with all of the current racing titles for Xbox One.

Without a doubt the Thrustmaster TX package is awesome. It’s worth every penny they charge and will change the way you crave a racing game. Once you have a a great Xbox racing wheel in your hand, you will NEVER want to pick up the sticks again to play a racing game. What makes this wheel a cut above the other wheels is that is is priced better and offers so many more options for adding on peripherals like rims, shifters, and pedal sets!

Official XRP Rating 4.0

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Thrustmaster Tx Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia

Rated 4/5 based on 1 review

Have you raced with a steering wheel before? Let me know what your experience is in the comments below?


  • DanM says:

    I am a 40 year old and I can not believe I just ordered a TX, GTE rim, and t3pa pedals. I am super excited to get my shipment. I havent felt this way since Xmas as a kid. Love your site man!

    Dan Mann

    • James says:

      Hey Dan,

      I totally relate…I am 37 and I get all geek’d up for this stuff. I am happy that this stuff brings you joy. Thanks for your compliments in my site. let me know when you get your stuff and if you need any help setting it all up.


  • KJ says:


    Love your site. Found via an Amazon review. I found a great deal on the TX wheel via Walmart that I couldn’t pass up. Otherwise I would’ve grabbed from your affiliate link.

    Very well written review on the TX. Cant wait to get mine hooked up for some Project Cars and Forza 5/ Horizon 2.

    • James says:


      Yeah man no sweat on the link. I hope your wheel is treatin you right, thats the important thing. Project cars is soooo much better with the wheel. Now I gan’t wait for F1 in July and FM6 in Sept.


  • Satanh says:

    OK so a lot of talk about shifting , dose this mean you are forced to use MT ? I think the pricing is to high Not a good value in my mind . With that price it should come with a stand 3 peddles And the leather gripped wheel made out of metal .

    I am a serious Sim racer and not sure if this product will increase my lap times or if it will bugger things up when drifting . Too much money for something I am not sure will bring my gamming experience to the next level . If using this means Being forced to use MT instead of AT ( which I use all the time and always high up on the leader boards) then its not worth anything . Don’t get me wrong I am not ditching this just wanting assurance that this wheel will not effect my racing in a negative way , As I do very well with a controller .

    My main concern is I used a Logictech a few years ago and the dead zone just killed me on the track Couldn’t drift and had crank the wheel just to recenter the car .

    • James says:

      You are not forced to use manual shifting although your lap times will improve if you use manual shifting. Most wheels that come standard with a 3 pedal set start in the $400 range, you can check out the Logitech G920 or the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition. You can also checkout the Thrustmaster TX servo base and price out setting up your own package.

      If you are a drift style racer having a wheel is a lot of fun. If you focus on drifting though spinning your tires will never improve your lap times. I don’t think a wheel should effect your racing in a negative way…if anything it will make you more engaged in racing because it creates a more simulated experience.

      For me once I stared racing with a wheel I feel like I can’t race with a controller anymore simply because it now feels boring. Evn if my lap times were better with a controller I simply wouldn’t go back to it…the amount of fun I have know racing isn’t even in the same ball park.

      Hope that is helpful,

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