DiRT Rally Racing Wheel Settings for Thrustmaster Steering Wheels

DiRT Rally Racing Wheel Settings for Thrustmaster Steering Wheels

Dirt Rally is such an awesome experience with a racing wheel on the Xbox. It requires lots of steering input, the art of left foot braking, and a whole lot of practice.

Now that I’ve established the best steering wheels for Dirt Rally, I’ve been asked a handful of times now what are good settings for the Thrustmaster wheels. Today I will share with you my current steering wheel setup.

I have tested these settings on the Thrustmaster TX, TMX, 458 Spider, T300 (PS4), and T150 (PS4) racing wheels and so far these feel pretty good to me, but are still a work in progress.

The game offers you some options which we can break down here and overall DiRT Rally feels pretty good from a vibration and force feedback perspective.

DiRT Rally Settings For Thrustmaster Wheels

These are the exact settings I use for my Thrustmaster wheel base, T3PA Pro Pedals, and my TH8A Shifter on Xbox One.

Hopefully these steering wheel settings can start you off for a good baseline. I found the settings to work fine for both Xbox One and PS4.

To optimize the DiRT Rally gameplay, I recommend you to:

Calibrate the steering wheel to the following rotation:
For T150, T300 & T500 wheels: 1080°
For TX, TMX: 900°
For 458 Spider: 270 degrees only

Activate SOFT LOCK option. Once the process is completed, the wheel Lock will be automatically adjusted to your cars.

Tip: To match the same ratio as the cockpit view go to OPTIONS / PREFENCES / COCKPIT DRIVER & WHEEL then select WHEEL ONLY

Vibration and Feedback

Vibration and Feedback: On
Vibration Strength: 50%
Wheel Strength: 100%
Wheel Weight: 50%

You may need to adjust a bit here for your preference. Everybody likes a different amount of force feedback. For wheel weight I found 30-50% to be the best.

Wheel Options

Steering Deadzone: 0%
Steering Saturation: 100%
Steering Linearity: 0
Throttle Deadzone: 0%
Throttle Saturation: 100%
Brake Deadzone: 0%
Brake Saturation: 100%

If you find that the brakes lock up two quick, try lowering your brake saturation down to 70ish! I have a modded load cell brake in my pedals and it takes a lot for me to lock them up. You can read more about adding a load cell here.


Transmission: Manual H Pattern + Clutch
Forced Camera: ON
Manual Launch Control: ON
Traction Control: OFF
Stability Control: OFF
Entire HUD: ON

To get faster stage times in DiRT Rally, having the assists like ABS, traction control, and stability control off will make you faster, but I understand that doesn’t work for everybody. Do what is best for you. If you race better and more under control with assists…use them!

You should try to learn though to get out of AUTOMATIC gearing. You will be much faster with the TH8A shifter. Even makes a huge difference of you use the Ricmotech Short Shift Mod Kit.

If you own a Thrustmaster wheel in the T-series, you may also want to check out the other Thrustmaster add-on rims. They really offer a nice upgrade to the stock Thrustmaster rims.

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What settings do you like for Dirt Rally? Let me know in the comments below.


  • hi there. I will use your settings with my TX wheel. i think that they are perfect apart from the wheel saturation. 100% is too strong for me, the wheel feels like urging to get back to center position too hard after steering left & right. Also, i want to say that i use an original MOMO aftermarket 350mm rim that have attached it on the TX wheel’s button hub with the thrustmaster universal GTE wheel adapter.,
    its really cool to use a full size rim. The feeling u get from the rumbling fx is doubled stronger, but because the momo rim is huge, thus heavier than the stock toy rims, means u have to set saturation much lower or u will damage the FFB mechanism! try it out.. its amazing to use it with Dirt rally. only note that u have to by a deep cone 2-bracket rim, or, u wont be able to use the button hub..

  • to add to my previous comment, you should buy a deep cone 2-bracket rim. Any brand is ok, not specifically momo rim but it definately needs to be a 9 cm depth, ANS a 2-bracket rim. If less than 9cm depth i.e. 6 cm, you wont be able to use the D-pad under the rim’s bracket, your fingers wont reach the pad to navigate to the game menus. Its vital to use the button hub, because this game doesn’t allow you to turn on the game controller & the TX steering wheel simultaneously. Also, with the GTE wheel adapter you have to use the D-pad without the plastic cover cap over the arrows. You have to use the up-down-left-right arrows naked, straight pressing on the white cotton spots covering the arrow buttons.. (if you remove the plastic cap of the D-pad you will see them underneath). If you have any wondering email me. Please, also, can u tell me how to map the seat adjustment, cause when i select the up & down arrows for my driver’s seat to move back and forth, the mapping is incomplete & i cant save my settings.. thanks..

    • James says:

      Hi John,

      I am looking into your drivers seat adjustment question, but may need some time to follow back up. Between F1 2016 and Assetto Corsa coming out, I havent touched DiRT Rally in a while.


  • Raf says:

    Back again. Haha. G920 settings with this please ???

    • James says:

      Hey Raf,

      DiRT Rally might be a challenge for me to get solid settings for the G920, but Ill give it a shot. I am not the best rally driver so it makes getting good settings really hard.


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