Best Racing Wheel and Pedals For Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo on Xbox One

Best Racing Wheel and Pedals For Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo on Xbox One

Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo is meant to be played with a steering wheel. Using a controller with the game is pretty twitchy and you are missing on the immersive experience of rally racing. In my opnion Rally Evo trumps WRC 5 in every aspect of driving and your control with the racing wheel is much more simulated.

if you are looking for a racing wheel for Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo on the Xbox One, I’ve got you covered on that. I tested Rally Evo with 3 differnt racing wheels on the Xbox One: Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition, Logitech G920, and The Mad Catz One Pro Racing Wheel.

I tested all three wheels racing with the Peugeot 206 Rally Car on Pikes Peak Short because I wanted to get a feel for the wheels on Tarmac, where I could confidently race and get a feel for what the wheel mechanics are doing in conjunction with the game physics.

After a few hours of testing all 3 steering wheels, here was my conclusion…

The Best Racing Wheel For Rally Evo

Thrustmaster TX

Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Premium

The Thrustmaster TX Steering wheel and pedal set performed the best out of the 3 wheels. The vibration and force feedback from the TX gave the best translation of losing traction and feeling the road. Plus the light weight 28 GT wheel rim was pretty easy to whip around using 900 degrees of rotation.

“Playing any rally game already feels chaotic, the TX seemed like it made better sense of the Rally Evo driving physics than the other wheels”

Why The TX is Better than the Logitech and Mad Catz Wheels

What made the TX standout amongst the other two wheels was it’s smoothness. If you have ever played a rally game with a racing wheel before than you know that, your arms are whipping the wheel around ALOT! With the G920 and the Mad Catz wheel, I felt like the helical gearing of the motors in the wheel base made them feel “clunky”, especially under stress.

900 degree wheel rotationAll the wheels offer 900 degrees of roation which is great for a rally game, but with all things equal…the TX simply felt better. The force feedback felt strong, smooth, and quiet and the vibration didn’t feel like it was shaking the wheel base just for the sake of shaking it.

I even found the pedals of the TX to be slightly more responsive, particularly the brake pedal of the T3PA set that comes with the TX leather Edition. The Logitech G920 pedals were second based and the Mad Catz pedals were a distant 3rd best.

“One of the reasons the Tx stood out was because I had the option to use sequential shifting on the TH8A Shifter”

Racing Wheel Components

Out of the 3 wheels the Thrustmaster TX is the only one that offers a shifter that can switch between gated and sequential. The Mad Catz wheel only offers paddle shifters and the Logitech wheel only has a 6 speed shifter. FYI the shifters for both the Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels are sold separately from the wheels.

The Thrustmaster TX was built with an eco-system. Here are some add on’s that will take your Thrustmaster TX experience on Rally Evo up a notch…

Thrustmaster 599XX EVO

Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 599XX EVO Racing Wheel Add-On, Alcantara EditionThis rim is 1 inch larger in diameter than the 28 GT rim that comes stock on the TX leather edition. It is by far the best perfroming rim of the Thrustmaster Add-on’s becuase of how well it translates intertia and ofrce feedback. the rim is really lite weight which makes drifting pretty easy. Read review.

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedal Setthe Pro pedals are a nice upgrade for rally games because you can ivert them GT style, just like a rally car. They offer a better racing experience than the original T3PA pedals, because they are made of solid metal construction and come with two optional brake mods.Read Review.

Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter

Thrustmaster Th8A ShifterThis shifter is 90% metal and really adds immersion to your rally driving. I persoanlly found using the gated shifter plate a bit harder on Rally Evo, but this shifter offers a sequential shifter plate as well. Shifting with the paddle shifters may be faster, but shifting with the TH8A is without a doubt more fun! Read review.

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat

Open Wheeler Advanced Gaming ChairIf you really want to get simulated with Sebastian Loeb Rally evo, you can also hard mount your TX racing wheel to a chassis. I mounted mine on the OpenWheeler Advanced RAcing Seat, which puts your body in a racing position and really gives you that feel you are in the bucket seat of a rally car. Read review.

You’ve Got Options

Thrustmaster has different versions of the TX with varying price points and options. My best recommendation is the Premium Leather Edition, which comes with a 3 pedal set, but if thats out of your price range the F458 Italia Edition which has 2 pedal set, or you coulad just get the Servo Base and then get the peripherals you want to go with it…

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster TX for Rally Evo

I love the TX because it is upgradeable, but more so because it translates the physics of Sebastiam Loeb Rally Evo much better than the G920 or The Mad Catz Wheel. Overall the TX will give you a great simulated rally experience on the Xbox One, plus it is the standard for other racing games.

If I had to rate the wheels and pedal sets in order I would say:

  1. Thrustmaster TX – Read Full Review
  2. Logitech G920 – Read Full Review
  3. Mad Catz One – Read Full Review

All in all the G920 wasn’t terrible, but it just wasnt as immersive as the TX. the Mad Catz wheel just doesn’t offer enough force feedback for my preferences and it’s pedals leave a lot to be desired.

Racing Wheels At Amazon and Other Related Items

Do you own a racing wheel? Which one do you have and how does it feel with Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo on the Xbox 1? Let me know in the comments


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