Mad Catz Steering Wheel Xbox One Review | $300

Mad Catz Steering Wheel Xbox One Review | $300

Today we we review the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One.

This steering wheel is considered a mid to high end Xbox One racing wheel ans is priced just under $400. I’ll break down the specifics of the latest steering wheel offering from Mad Catz.

Introducing the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox OneThe wheel and pedals system are a realistic racing simulation accessory with force feedback hat you can to mount into your racing cockpit or clamp onto a desk.  It is a definitely a solid choice if you are looking for an immersive racing experience on your Xbox One.

Mad Catz released this wheel late in the summer of 2014 and was made for full integration with the Xbox One. When the wheel was first released there were alot of complaints about it such as it had lots of of bugs and the force feedback was very choppy and unnatural.

Mad Catz has continued to work on improving the steering wheel and provide customer service to those that had issues. It seems now that better reviews are coming in and they have the wheel operating at a much higher standard than when it was first released.

mad catz pro racing force feedback wheel pedals xbox one xbox one

Mad Cats Pro Racing Wheel Specs:

mad catz pro racing force feedback wheel pedals xbox one ReviewSwitchable rotation between 270 and 900 degrees, force feedback with dual motors and helical gears, pedals adjustable to 9 different positions, adjustable steering wheel rake angle to 4 different positions (15 degrees each), metal paddle shifters, suede leather wheel rim on an aluminum steering wheel.

The two pedal set is highly adjustable and also includes a pedal frame that is supposed to mimic the sensation of foot well limits, replicating the perspective of pro racers. If you are familiar with the Mad Catz steering wheel for the xbox 360, I would overall say this version is similar, but a bit improved.

So for a mid to high end racing wheel does the Mad Catz steering wheel compare to it’s Xbox One competition in the same price range? Is it as good or better than the Thrustmaster TX or the Logitech G920? Hopefully I’ll have that squared away for you by the end of this review.

Built With Future Upgrades In Mind

Mad Catz built this wheel with the potential for updates farther down the road. The wheel face is removable and easily detaches from the wheel base, allowing for future wheel rims to be attached. The internal firmware is also upgradable via USB to a PC.

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The Mad Catz Steering Wheel Leaves A Bit To Be Desired

How it feels to race with the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals? I have taken the Mad Catz Wheel out for a spin on Forza Horizon 2 and Project Cars and the wheel feels a bit like weight plastic in your hands. It turns really smooth, but the force feedback has a bit of a grinding sound and I can feel the wheel chop through the gears as it returns to center.

The force feedback does not feel very strong either and I have it cranked to 100% in the game. The pedals are solid and they feel firm and responsive to the game. I do like the feel of the suede leather in my hands, but after a while may make your hands a bit clamey.

It has Multiple Mounting Options

Mad Catz Force Feedback Wheel ReviewThe base of the wheel is small, lite weight, and it will mount really easy to a table, desk, or racing cockpit. The Mad Catz particularly was designed to mount on the Playseat Evolution. They do have options though for table/desk mounting and there is a version of the Wheel Stand pro, that can also mount it.

Overall It’s A Good Wheel, but…

Overall the Mad Catz Pro Racing Wheel and pedal set is decent, however I do think that the Thrustmaster TX and The Logitech G920 are better options, particularly because they have stronger force feedback and have vibration. For the $400 asking price on the Mad Catz wheel, I think they could have delivered a better product.

So that’s some specs and my opinion, now let’s get into some pros and cons and wrap up this review.


  • Xbox One compatible
  • Licensed by microsoft
  • Easy turning
  • Provides force feedback
  • Lite weight wheel base
  • Removable wheel face for changing rims
  • Pedal unit has a carpet gripper (great if you are using clamps)
  • Looks really sharp with red rubber grips
  • Lot of adjustability in the pedal alignments
  • Suede rim is a nice touch
  • Licensed by Microsift


  • Grinding sound when wheel returns to center
  • Force feedback is not very strong
  • No clutch or shifter available (they made it to be upgradeable, but have not announced any accessories as of yet)
  • Price point is $150 more than I think it’s worth
  • Does not have a progressive brake

Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel Xbox One Review

This wheel is definitely worth a look, especially if you are looking for an option other than Thrustmaster or Logitech. From my research it looks like all of the initial bugs and kinks that Mad Catz experienced in the beginning with their steering wheel have all been resolved and you can confidently order this product. Again my only real reservations on the Mad Catz Pro steering wheel is that it’s over priced in my opinion and could have better force feedback.

Mad Catz also mentioned future upgrades and to date we have yet to see any, while companies like Thrustmaster have put out multiple add on rims, a shifter, and multiple pedal sets for their Thrustmaster TX Wheel base.

I still think the Mad Ctaz force feedback steering wheel has a lot to offer: it turns smooth, the pedals are firm, and it has some great mounting options, but for $400 I have my reservations.

Official XRP Rating 3.5

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Have you tried the Mad Catz Steering Wheel or another Xbox One wheel? What is your take on this racing wheel or how do you compare it to the other Xbox One racing wheels on the market? Let me know in the comments.

Mad Catz Steering Wheel Xbox One

Rated 3.5/5 based on 1 review


  • Berj says:

    Hi James,
    i updated the firmware today for the madcatz wheel. I noticed now that even when i put the wheel rotation switch to 270D by the hard switch on the wheel base, in forza6 the wheel will behave like 270D but you can now forcefully move the wheel pass 270D with forza 6, before it use to hard lock the wheel to 270D but now you can go past by 270d in the game , dunno if it was that way from before or the firmware, could you check this for me? just put the wheel degree rotation to 270 by the switch behind the base & try forza6 if you got it. Think the firmware did this dunno :-/

    • James says:

      Hey Berj,

      Sure I can try it. I haven’t updated the firmware yet. Give me a day or two and I will hook the Mad Catz wheel up and test.


      • berj says:

        Hi James,
        Thats ok, you can try it without updating it, i think the new firmware has made the wheel better for forza6 & f1 for me, force feedback seems better but only the issue i mentioned above, check & let me know if yours behaves the same with the old firmware.


        • James says:

          Hey Berj,

          Sorry for my delayed response. I hooked my Mad Catz wheel up (with no firmware update). It hard locked at 270. I performed the firmware update and then it did not hard lock at 270, I could push it past with some effort. So the firmware update must have knocked the hard lock off.

          Since the firmware update, it seems as though the ffb is a bit stronger in general. I tried teh wheel on FM 6 and Horizon 2, both felt stronger. To me it seemed as if the wheel had a little more life to it.

          Im not 100% sure, but I think this is only the 2nd firmware update released for this wheel. The first one from last April/May caused a lot of pedal issues for people, so far I havent had any questions but yours about the new firmware so people must be happy with the result. I definitely think there is an improvement in FFB and the wheel even feels more responsive now.


  • Berj says:

    Hi James,
    What a relief its the firmware, i thought my wheel was acting funny, yes the hard lock has gone but the ffb has improved even in f1 2015, i wonder why madcatz removed the hard lock with the new firmware i guess to increase the power of the fhb motors, thanks a ton for checking this for me, i leave my wheel DOR on 360 degrees & find it a nice balance for not being over sensitive, what about you? what DOR do you leave this wheel on? regarding the pedals not working fine after the firmware update for few people, i did a pedal reset which is basically recalibration which even you should do after any firmware update, here is the link to do it-—help
    Do this method as it helped me recalibrate the pedals after the firmware update. Thanks again for helping me out 🙂

    • James says:

      I was thinking the same thing im wondering if the hard lock was restricting the power in some way. As far as my DOR I usually keep it short 270ish, but it really depends on the game or my objective. In FM6 when I am going for fast laps I keep a low DOR, but if Im trying to drift I usually raise it up between 540 and 900.

      Agree with you about the pedals and actually thanks for sending the link, now other Mad Catz owners can see it here as a good reference.

      BTW: Since you seem to be a big F1 2015 racer, I just read this article about plans for F1 2016. The article is from Nov so perhaps you are aware already, but figured id share just in case. I havent heard much about F1 2016 other than that.


      • Berj says:

        Yeah even i prefer the low DOR, wanted to know when you set the DOR for your TX wheel from the base unit on the base itself does it hard lock or soft lock it? Since the madcatz use to hard lock it before the firmware update, want to know what thrustmaster does for its TX wheel. Regarding F! 2016 i m not bothered as i won’t preorder the game like i did for F1 2015, as 2015 was super buggy at the initial start, so will give it few months after release to get it 😉

        • James says:

          For the TX wheel there is an option to set the DOR on the base with a MODE button. Typically I set the DOR to 900 on the wheelbase and then change the game settings to reduce it to 270. Eith way The TX always has a hard lock when you push it the threshold DOR.

          For F1 2016, you are smart to wait. Actually with the exception of the Forza titles most racing games have struggled a bit on the consoles when they first release. I am not sure why but it feels like there must not be lot of user acceptance testing going on…I can’t believe these manufacturers release these games with so many bugs/glitches.


          • Berj says:

            Hmm, strange wonder why madcatz removed the wheel DOR hard lock with the firmware update, the FFB has improved a lot after the update so i find it a good trade off now, with 270 for don’t you suffer from understeer with forza6? with 270 for i can only year tyres screaming in forza 6 :-p I m not even bothered for f1 2016 now, the only games that have got my interest is Asseto Corsa & Dirt Rally, hope they deliver on the console like their pc cousins, I gave WRC 5 demo a go since it supports wheels now, was utter crap such a disappointment hope Dirt Rally doesn’t screw up on consoles.

          • James says:

            I suppose the understeer is a bit heavy, but for me it s how I got used to racing. I feel like I have so much more control of the cars.

            I hope DiRT rally is gonna be great also, I found that WRC 5 was a bit flat graphically and the driving physics were chaotic. Never know what we are gonna get so far every racing game that has come out has had a handful of issues.

  • Berj says:

    In forza 6, do you use normal steering or simulation steering in the game setting?
    Curious to see if Simulation steering will solver the issue i have with understeer, lets see will give it a try today..


    • James says:

      I use simulation steering, but in all honesty I am not sure I can truly tell the difference 🙂

      • berj says:

        Hi James,
        been playing Simulation steering since 2 days now & the difference is massive, could be its different since an update, now you can feel more detail ffb with simulation steering, i had to back down my ffb after using it 🙂
        now only waiting for the Porsche expansion for Forza 6 😉


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