17 Tips For Faster Lap Times In Forza 6 Without Knowing How To Tune

17 Tips For Faster Lap Times In Forza 6 Without Knowing How To Tune

Tired of getting smoked in Rivals Mode or multiplayer in Forza 6?

Are you intimidated or uninterested in tuning?

I was once a noob too and was drudging around the track trying to figure out why I ended every multiplayer race at the back of the pack. I also have ZERO interest in tuning.

There are a lot of things you can do to get faster lap times in Forza Motorsport 6 and…

You don’t even need to know how to tune!

Here in this list I will avoid the cliche’s like smooth is fast or finesse the clutch. This list will provide you actionable advice that you can apply to Forza 6.

So without further ado…

17 Tips For Faster Lap Times Without Knowing How to Tune

Tips for faster laps in Forza Motorsport 6

First let’s acknowledge that tuning puts your car to optimal performance and it is an important element in fast lap times. Tuning is difficult if you don’t know what you are doing, so let’s start with how to get around that and then move into some good old fashion Forza racing advise about cornering, braking, accelerating, and game settings.

1. Shop for Community Tunes On The Leaderboards

Many people on the leaderboards are tuners or people who use tunes. In past Forza games you couldn’t tell who a car was tuned by you had to rely on info at forzamotorsport.net. Now in Forza 6 you can see the tune and download it right from the leaderboard.

Here is how:

First pick any car and the track you want to race in career mode. Then in the race setup choose “Leaderboards”:

Forza Motorsport 6 leaderboard

*If you are in Rival mode, you just select “Y” on the track to see the leaderboard

Next Scroll the list and look on the right and see which cars show a name under “Tuned By”. In this example, I am downloading a tune from raceboy77 who is a great tuner!

Tuned by Raceboy77

Press “A” to select the tune and then “A” again to download it.

Forza 6 Download Tunes

*The tune will show as the name of the person who set the lap time, not the name of the person who tuned the car

So here is what s cool about this. you don’t even need to own the car to download the tune. When you do own the car the tune will show up in the “My Files” section of your tunes. You can install it and buy the upgrades credits when your ready.

Forza 6 My Tunes

The best thing to do is take some time and go download a bunch of tunes. Write down the names of the cars and then buy them and apply the tunes.

Now not all tunes you download are gonna be great for you, but if you have no idea how to tune, this will definitely give you more competitive lap times. Before I get into improving your lap times, by racing there are still a few other things you should do…

2. Follow Reputable Tuners Who Consistently Get 5 stars

When you find a tune you like, follow the creator of the tune. This will put all the tunes created by this person in the front of your recommended tunes. If they have tuned the car you are considering you will see their tunes before the rest of the community tunes.

To follow a tune creator you like:

First go to your tuning options and then click on “Y” for Creator Options:

Forza 6 tune creators

Then click on “A” to follow the creator:

Follow Creator Forza 6

To help you get started with reputable tuners who consitently give 5 star tunes that will help you improve your lap times, look for these people here:

    CQR Takumi
    FRS Jose
    EMW Simmo

3. Use The Leaderboards to Choose The Right Car for The Right Track

If you are looking to set a time on a track, it is helpful to take a quick look at the leaderboard for that track first. If you see several people in the top 25 using the same car, then that is probably a great car choice for that track.

In this example most people are using the Dodge Viper ’08, this car is a great choice for Alps Festival.

Choose A Car That Is Proven To Be Fast

Choosing a car proven to be fast on the track will help you put up a competitive lap time.

4. Chose Cars With a Strategy In Mind

For tracks with short straightaways (Catalunya School) , choose cars that favor handling and acceleration. For big tracks with long straightaways (Le Mans) choose cars with top speed.

Forza 6 Golf R

Understand that if you look for cars with top speed and the track doesn’t have a straightaway long enough to achieve top speed for a sustained period, then top speed is worthless. Acceleration is a better choice to in most instances.

You also can choose cars that play to your ability, example: If you tend to brake late choose a car with a higher brake rating…it will give you enough stopping power to make up for your mistakes.

Ok, let’s get into some actionable driving tips:

5. Setup Your Corners With A Consistent Approach

Forza 6 better cornering

First of all its better to brake two early then too late! You would much rather go into a corner slow and come out fast then vise versa.

To set up your corners you want to focus on getting wide and taking one action at a time as you approach the corner. Do each one of these actions individually in the beginning:

  1. Brake
  2. Down shift
  3. Turn

Once you get your technique down you can gradually combine the actions.

Aim to take turn in at the lowest possible slip angle with the maximum amount of traction. You want to build up a tires cornering force slowly, don’t just cut the wheel hard the moment you turn into it.

You can also trail brake a bit to stay on your line, but go easy on the brake!

6. Hit The Late Apex of The Corner For A Fast Exit

There are 3 parts to cornering: The turn in, the apex, and the turn exit. In the picture below this shows how you hit a late apex. The late apex occurs just after the midway point and can help you get a faster exit.

Forza 6 turn entry

Once you are through the corner entry and hitting the apex you should be already done trail braking. The slower you move the steering wheel the faster your car will be.

For the gas can feather the pedal (which means pump it gently to maintain speed) or you can cost through the corner. If you find yourself braking hard mid corner then it’s likely you hit corner too fast or you turned in to late.

Listen to the tires when cornering, tire squeal is an indication that you are going too fast and losing grip. If your tires aren’t gripping the road then you are not moving fast.

“Drifting is fun, but you will not get fast lap times drifting”!

If drifting is your thing, be sure to check out our Forza 6 Drifting Guide.

Aim to get the wheel straight as quickly and as smoothly as possible, the more time you have the wheel pointed straight and the throttle to the floor the better your lap time will be. This what makes the late apex faster…your wheels are straighter.

7. Ease On The Throttle For Smooth Turn Exits

On the turn exits ease onto the accelerator. Once the car feels under control, you can put the accelerator to the floor. To many people just jam on the gas coming out a turn, this will cause your car to shimmy and you will loss valuable seconds.

You can start applying throttle the moment you cross the mid or late apex.

Forza 6 cornering

Also notice the “oh schucks line”, this is normally caused by to much acceleration into the turn and/or an early turn in.

8. The Most Important Corner is the One Before a Straight

catalunyaNot all corners are created equal. Even if you screw up the beginning of a series of corners, focus on nailing the corner before a long straightaway. Races are won on the straights, not in the corners. If you can get a great corner exit before a long straight, you can give yourself a chance to achieve the maximum acceleration on the straightaway. You can see on the right the 2 most important corners on Catalunya GP.

If you play in leagues or multiplayer online, then you may be of the opinion that the first corner is the most important one.

“Races aren’t won in the first corner, but they are often lost”!

9. Don’t Live and Die By The Suggested Line Use The Rumble Strips

Le Mans Rumble StripIf you are playing with the suggested line or the braking line on, they are merely a suggestion. The racing line won’t tell you to clip the rumble strips. You can use it to go wide into corners, clip it on the apex, and use the rumble strip on the outside of the turn.

The rumble strip is a great indicator of how you are catching the turn. Feel the vibrations in your controller or Forza racing wheel to know if you are clipping the rumble strips.

It’s good to test a track out and see where you can cheat a few corners. If you look for the disqualified lap symbol next to your time, you can if you have done something to trigger it to come on. If you know how much you can cheat all the corners, then you can use it to your advantage when you need it.

10. The Less Time You Spend Braking The Faster You Will Be

Braking in traffic, braking mid corner, and braking on a straight all slow you down. Limit your time breaking, see where you can stop braking and ease off the throttle instead. The more you brake the more chance you have jamming them on to hard and locking them up.

If you play multiplayer, you will notice that people apply the brakes in strange points on the track, like straightaways, corner entries that don’t require braking, and even corner exits where you should be on the throttle. All of that EXTRA braking is unnecessary!

Related to braking is small collisions. Every time you run into the back of a car, you slow down and it reduces your speed. This means you need to regain lost momentum and build back up your acceleration.

Temper your aggression and watch for the brake lights in front of you. Small collisions are WORSE than braking, because you can’t control the outcome.

11. Watch Rivals And Learn How The Fastest Laps Are Recorded

If you want to see how the top Leaderboard people approach the track, go watch their replays in Rivals mode. This will help you diagnose where you are slow or approaching a corner wrong. Pay attention to their breaking points and their line on the track, which may not be close to the games suggested line.

“Watching laps done correctly may be the single best way
to teach you how to be fast on a particular track”

You can also try to race against the ghost of the rivals time, but good luck keeping up!

To watch rivals:

Go into Rivals Mode and choose the section you want to race. For each track you can see the Leaderboard by pressing “Y”:

Forza 6 Rival Leaderboard

Scroll through the leaderboard and find a rival that interests you. Press “A” to select a rival:

Forza 6 choose a rival

From there you can press “A” to view the replay or race against their ghost by setting them as your rival:

Forza 6 Watch A Rival

12. Focus On Your Individual Performance

Even if you are racing a ghost in rivals it is easy to get frustrated, just focus on improving your performance.

Of course racing in multiplayer can be even more frustrating…

A lot of times we lose focus because some A*hole rammed your car from the back or some other D*head jammed on the brakes in front of you causing you to blow the turn. The moment you start losing focus and looking for revenge, the slower you will be. Just worry about your car and turning in the best lap you can get for the circumstances you have been handed.

It’s also good to look and think as far ahead as possible. This can help you see where people are hitting puddles, approaching a turn in the dark, or avoiding a collision.

13. Practice How You Plan to Race, Then You Will Race Like You Practiced

The game isn’t easy and mastering it requires practice. For the first time in Forza they allows you to use a practice mode before you do your races.

Practice on the tracks and learn where to go fast and on all of the approaches to corners, look for land marks so that you can memorize your braking points. Often on the outside of a turn there are markers, telling you exactly how far the corner is, look for them and find your braking distance.

For Practice Mode:

On your pre-race menu choose practice:

Forza Motorsport 6 Practice

What is nice about practice is it is just you by yourself on the track. You can check out your tune or simply learn the track. If you put up a good time on your practice lap, it will even show up on the leaderboards.

14. Find The Sweet Spot For Your Launch RPM’s

Another good thing to do is practice the launch of the race.

“Red lining the accelerator with the throttle to the floor
isn’t the best strategy because your tires spin”

Look for the sweet spot on your RPM’s where your tires grip the pavement and give you the fastest possible launch with no slippage. I know jamming on the accelerator to launch seems practical, but every car launches different. Learn your cars sweet spot and have your car launch perfectly as soon as the timer releases.

If you find the launch of the car to be really slow regardless of your RPM’s, this MAY be caused by traction control (TCS) in the assists. Try turning the TCS off and see if it gives you any different launch acceleration. Assists are great, but sometimes they can really slow you down.

15. Keep Your Steering Movements to a Minimum

The less you do with the controls or the steering wheel, the less chance you have of making an error. A slight turn of the wheel at 200 mph can be disastrous. Learn to get comfortable easing off the wheel on long straights. Slight movements of the wheel slow you down and can be risky business.

If you race multiplayer, notice how many people in front of you on a long straight can’t drive straight!! The straighter your wheels are the faster you will go.

16. Take Advantage of the Games Settings and Assists

Lap times are consistently faster with the assists off, but maybe that doesn’t work for you. Use the setting to your advantage.

If in you experience you get faster lap times with traction control on, then just turn it on. There is no penalty for assists, just less credits. Don’t listen to the hype or let anyone tell you your not racing right with assits on, turn’em on and have fun, this is a game!

If you are using a racing wheel, try these settings:

First go to the options menu and choose the Controller/Wheel Settings:

FM6 Options Menu

Next press “X” to get to the advanced settings:

Advanced Steering Wheel Settings For Forza

These are the settings I use:

Advanced Steering Wheel Settings

I do tend to vary my wheel rotation depending on the car I drive. If I am racing F1, then 270 it is, anything else is 330 or higher for me.

For more info on what the advance wheel settings mean go here where I explain deadzone and inside/outside.

You can also use the crew mods to help out your cars performance, but just know that you can not use these in Rivals Mode, Multiplayer, or League play. You can use them in free play and career mode, but when you do it shows next to your time that you have a disqualified lap.

Forza 6 Mods

The best crew mod you can get is the Crew Chief mod received for reaching the highest affinity level with each car manufacturer. I can speak for all the Crew Chief mods, but the one for Chevy in +9 Grip and 50% Credit boost and has unlimited uses on Chevy cars/trucks.

17. Manual With a Clutch is the Fastest Gearing

Manual with clutch is fastest, manual is second fastest, Automatic is third. The best part about driving manual is that it allows you to stay in the gear for longer periods of time. Shifting slows your car down.

Forza 6 assits

If you are using a wheel like the Logitech G920 or The Thrustmaster TX, it’s a good chance you know this already because you have an optional shifter, but for people with a controller there are better options than the standard controller configuration.

If you are using a controller and want to use manual gearing, try changing your controller configuration by switching your handbrake and clutch. This configuration will allow you to hit the clutch “A” and the gearing up “B” or down button “X” with your thumb simultaneously. Doing so will help you shift smoother and faster all in one button press motion.

To change your controller configuration:

Go to the controller settings in the options menu:

FM6 Options Menu

Choose “Layout 1″ and then switch the setting for Switch Handbrake/Clutch to ‘ON”:

Forza 6 Controller Layout 1

18. BONUS: Checkout The Book Ultimate Speed Secrets

ultimatespeedIf you really wanna get some real driving advice from a real race car driver, that you can 100% apply to your Forza experience, checkout Ultimate Speed Secrets: The Complete Guide to High-Performance and Race Driving by Ross Bentley.

This guy is a professional racing instructor and gives you real life racing advice around choosing a good driving line, tracks, weather conditions, cornering, etc.

I know it may sound crazy to read a book to play a video game better, but for those hardcore racers, its not only a good read, but will 100% make you better at Forza.

The book was suggested to me by someone who read this blog post and told me I need to read the book and list this as #18. I couldn’t agree more!

Other Forza Resources

There are a lot of great resources around the net, here are a few that I use:


I am sure some people will tell you that racing with an Xbox One steering wheel is faster than a controller, but there are plenty of people who put up great lap times with a controller. The two advantages you get with a wheel are smoother cornering and using your body’s trained ability to react to driving situations. All in all though a wheel isn’t necessary, but it sure makes racing a lot more fun.

If you are interested in a wheel, here is what I think are the best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport 6

If you are using a controller thumbstick extenders can help with smoothing out your cornering, because it increases your range of motion on the thumbstick. You can grab a cheap pair and try em out, I would particularly recommend the Speed Freek Apex Thumbsticks!

What are your Forza Motorsport 6 driving tips? What other advise can you give to help people get faster lap times without tuning? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Kross says:

    Excellent description of how to race. Very informative.

  • Mark says:

    Great work!! I look forward to putting some of these into practice.

    Easily understandable, named a few of my own bad habits here.

    Thanks again!

    • James says:

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. Truth be told I named some of my own bad habits as well. If I did all of these things correctly I would be a leaderboard maven!! Thats all half the challenge though trying to do as many of these things correct as often as you can.

      Good luck racing hope you are enjoying FM6,

  • Pete says:

    Great advice James, I’ll check out the book.

    Why is it faster to use Manual w/clutch over a manual? I find that hard to believe in an F1 car in Forza 6

    • James says:

      Hey Pete,
      Thanks for the comment. I think you have a fair point here about F1 cars in FM6, particularly because you can keep your accelerator down while you shift (Can’t do that in real-life though).

      Generally speaking for most cars though manual with clutch should be faster than just the manual alone. The reason being is that the front end of the car should dip slightly less when you shift with the clutch. When the car dips on the shift you are losing time.

      All in all though my best advise is always do what makes you fast!

      Hope you are having a good time with FM6,

      • Nick says:

        “The reason being is that the front end of the car should dip slightly less when you shift with the clutch. When the car dips on the shift you are losing time.”

        What? This isn’t only wrong, it’s some of the dumbest s*#t I’ve ever read.

        Cars “dip” from weight transfer, because either A. you don’t know how to tune your springs properly or 2. you are mashing the pedals like an ape.

        Manual transmissions USED to be faster shifting. This was back when transmissions used pressures built up in the valve body to shift. Today’s cars have computers (Transmission Control Module, TCM) that facilitate shifting based on all the inputs (fluid temp, throttle position, speed, etc) and are faster than 99.9995% of the population. Any high end vehicle you drive that is “manual” does NOT have a clutch pedal, why is that if “manuals are faster”?

        But there’s a problem with automatics, they steal power. With an automatic expect to lose nearly 50-75 hp BEFORE it gets to the wheels. So COULD a manual transmission vehicle be quicker? Possibly because of more usable horsepower, but it probably won’t be shifting faster.

        There’s also the CVT, that doesn’t in fact shift at all but has 1 gear and a ‘band’.

        “particularly because you can keep your accelerator down while you shift (Can’t do that in real-life though).”

        Sure you can, it’s called Powershifting.

        • James says:

          Hey Nick,

          Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your insight and passion regarding shifting. You have some great clarifying facts and I appreciate you sharing them.


  • David says:

    The last point about manual vs. manual w/ clutch is not entirely true. It’s true for older cars or street cars, but most modern race cars have sequential manual transmissions that do not require the use of a clutch pedal, so regular manual is just as fast and less prone to mistakes and damage than running manual w/ clutch. These cars include, but are not limited to, GT3, GTE, GTLM, LMP, and modern F1.

    • James says:


      Thanks for chiming in. That is an excellent point. You sound like you really know your race cars. Thanks for leaving a comment.


  • Cambo says:

    Great guide. Once ive followed a tuner, how do I see all of their tunes in one place?

    • James says:

      Hey Cambo,

      Once you follow a tuner, you can’t see all of their tunes in one place unfortunately. Forza really didn’t do a great job of organizing that type of feature. When you follow a tuner it puts all of their tunes as the first results. For example: If I follow raceboy77 and he has a tune for a Honda Civic, I have to select the Honda Civic first and then open up search for a tune. If raceboy77 has a tune he will show up first in my results.

      I actually like to go into the leaderboards and download tunes right from that section. This way you don’t have to be selected on the particular car you are downloading a tune for. The only downside is that you have to remember to apply the tune the next time you race that car…just cuz you download the tune, it doesn’t put it right on the car unless you are currently using that car.

      Hop that is helpful and not more confusing 🙂 All in all the thing you need to know is that there is currently no intuitive way to see all the tunes available by one person in the game. The best place to do that is on the Forza Motorsport forum. There alot of tuners will show you which cars they have tunes for.


  • Hilton69 says:

    I agree corner exit speed is highly rewarded in forza game physics. Nice write up. I love tuning add me if you ever wanna test Hilton69 is my gamer tag.

  • Richard says:

    Hi James
    Forza Motorsport 6 great game 👍
    But my problem is a drive with guys they are 5 till 10 sec faster.
    I drive allways last i hate that in the division i am doing not all so bad.
    Because there are worse drivers then my in the division leaderboards.
    Are there video’s clips to see how to better race brake?
    I use A to clutch but always if i trottle back the clutch come back in the corner 😔
    And how to race without TCS?
    Very difficult?
    Sorry for bad englisch i am from holland
    Greets Richard Gt= Gekkuhhuis

    • James says:

      Hey Richard,

      Racing without TCS just takes some practice and being very careful with the throttle when you are trying to accelerate from a dead stop or in a turn exit. There are a few strategies that I use like feathering the gas pedal (lightly pumping it) to get my revs up and once I feel the car is under control I jam on the gas. It may sound counter intuitive, but sometimes patients with the throttle will improve your lap times…because you are driving under control. Try this video: Forza 6 Traction Control & Stability Assist Off Guide (Tips & Tricks)

      Just curious are you racing with a wheel or a controller?

      Checkout this video: Forza 6 Braking Tips also there is some good braking advice in this article F1 2016 tips. I wrote it geared towards F1 2016, but it is 100% applicable in Forza 6. Go to the section titled Braking Techniques for Racing and How to Apply Them.

      Hope that helps. Keep me posted on how you are doing and if there is any other guidance I can provide.

  • RickB says:

    Nice write up. Thank you!

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