Forza 6 Drifting Guide For Beginners | Everything You Need To Get Sideways!

Forza 6 Drifting Guide For Beginners | Everything You Need To Get Sideways!

So you are the worst drifter ever, right?

You constantly eat walls, you are not sure if you are drifting or just randomly sliding, and you have yet to nail a perfect drift score!

“Today we are going to put the wheels in motion to change the way you drift!”

Drifting is an art, both in real life and Forza life. It’s not something I am particularly good at because I don’t practice drifting and my main focus is on faster lap times. I decided to take a spin in the world of drifters and see exactly how the Forza Mototsport drift pro’s nail “perfect drift scores” with practically every turn.

These gamers push their cars and the tracks right to the limits using 3 skills: Understanding the turns, setting a good drift tune, and knowing the right controller/racing wheel techniques to throw their car into a controlled state of chaos!

This Blog post will cover:

What is drifting, examples of drifting, car suggestions, drift tuning resources, how to drift, controller settings, wheel settings, best way to practice your drifts, and other resources.

You can also get a shortend PDF version of this post, here if you just want the settings and the drifting techniques.

Forza 6 Beginners Guide To Drifting

Whether you are playing Forza 4, Need for Speed or Horizon 2, the game physics may change but the drifting premise and techniques are the same. Let’s break it down using the most popular racing title out now Forza Motorsport 6

The Art of Drifting

What is Drifting:

According to the Drifting Motorsport Wiki page:

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner.

A car is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left, wheels are pointed right or vice versa, also known as opposite lock or counter-steering).

A Good Example of Drifting in Forza Motorsport 6

In order to know what we are aiming for, lets take a look at what some great drifts look like. This video showcases the popular gamer Domestic Mango drifting a Toyota GT86 on the Rio track in Forza 6. Checkout his variety of techniques and unique ability to keep the car under control by making small fine tuning adjustments with the throttle and his front wheels.

In the video above Domestic Mango holds the racing line clean through his drifts and masterfully avoids traffic. You can follow Domestic Mango on twitter @DomesticMango.

How To Get Started With Drifting In Forza

Best Car For Drifting?

Forza 6 Nissan Skyline

The first question, I was asking was “What is the best car for drifting”?

After doing some thorough research, the answer to that is, there is no “perfect drift car”!

“Everybody drives and drifts a bit differently and the track and the drift tune play a huge factor”

Overall these cars below are popular choices amongst drifting newbies in FM6. If you click on each car there is a tuning video from Virtual Throttle that gives you a suggested tune for each one.

Downloading Other Peoples Drift Tunes

If you are new to drifting then you are also subject to downloading other peoples drift tunes and trying find a few that work for your style. Every racer has their own preferences so downloading a tune means you are setting up your car with how the tuner likes it (which may not work for how you like it).

My personal opinion is don’t just pick any drift tunes from the storefront, no matter how fast they are at tandem or how many points they can score. Your best bet if you need to downlaod a tune is to look for people on the leaderboards and then download their drift tunes. Again though you are subject to their driving style by using their tune! If you find someone you like, follow them as a tuner so that there tunes show first in your download tunes section.

You can also hit up Virtual Throttle’s Forza section and find lots of people who post drift builds and tunes, like the ones I have linked to the cars above. When you make the adjustments yourself, instead of downloading a tune, you have full control to change them to your preferences.

A Beginner Tune From Pendulum Tuning

Pendulum Tuning is one of the popular tuning crews in the Forza community. This is a drift tune they suggest for a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 and recommend it as a good starting tune for beginner level drifters. Try there settings below and see how they feel for you…

Forza Drift Tune for Beginners

You can get more info about this drift tune on the Forza Forum, by clicking here. Also they are a good follow on Twitter @PTGforza

Learn To Drift Tune in Forza by Using a Guide

The link below goes to the Forza Motorsport Forum. The guide provides detailed instruction on how to make a drift tune for both upgrades and tune settings. It will also teach you purpose and what you want to feel for in a tune so you can make small adjustments.

The guide was originally posted to support drifting in FM4, but is still valid for FM6. The only major change you should make is to use 24 psi on your rear tires as a baseline for your tune!

“I highly recommend the APX Walker guide if you want to get educated about drift tuning”!

Good Baseline Drift Tunes Using An App

The ForzaTune app is pretty good for getting started and it will give you a good baseline tune for drifting. It will not however tell you what parts to upgrade. This app takes your car metrics after you upgrade and makes suggestions for tuning settings. The settings are a good baseline that you can then make finer adjustments on after you take the car out for a spin.

Below is a snapshot of the ForzaTune App. You need to select Drift Tune and enter in all your required data such as HP, tire sizes, car weight, etc…and then it will kick you out a solid starting point for your drift tune.

ForzaTune Drift Tune

You can read more about the ForzaTune App in our article Get Forza 6 Tunes in 15 minutes.

A Few Thoughts on Drift Tuning For Beginners

It all comes down to how you drive, the horsepower range you desire, and the weight of the chassis you prefer. If you can get a feel for those than you will get a feel for tuning. Generally speaking…

“RWD cars are easier to drift than others, but any car can drift. You should also aim for cars with a higher weight distribution in the front as it will reduce the grip on the back end”.

Now that we have exhausted what a drift is, what it looks like in Forza, good car choices, and some drift tuning resources…now let’s move into the art of drifting!

How To Drift A Car In Forza

First things first, you need to know how you are performing. To do this you should watch your drift score. The drift score is a metric assigned based on how long you can hold a clean drift. To see your score on the screen when you race, you have to turn it on in your HUD.

Go to OPTIONS/HUD and change the drift score setting to ON:

Forza 6 Hud Settings

Planning Your Drift

The best thing to do is to get an understanding on what the whole process should look like from turn entry all the way through turn exist. This is an overview of a hairpin turn showing some suggested steering inputs in conjunction with the entire drift process:

drift Guide 2

The example above should give you a general idea, but lets get more in depth with specific step by step drifting techniques…

Two Drifting Techniques | Braking or Clutching

For gamers who use a controller both techniques work well, but for those who use a racing wheel, the clutching technique is more fluent.

For either technique your front wheels always face the direction you want to travel and you will approach the turn as fast and as wide as possible.

“In an ideal drift the car should be perpendicular to the track throughout the entire turn”

Braking Technique

In the braking technique the drift is initiated using either the brake pedal or the E-brake.

Step 1: Initiate a drift by either jamming the brake pedal or using the E-Brake while simultaneously cutting your wheel into the corner apex. This will cause the rear end to lose grip and swing outward.

Step 2: Cut the wheel back to the direction of travel, release the Ebrake apply 50% throttle. Driver keeps the car balanced with steering and throttle input as needed. The handbrake can be used to either correct errors or fine tune the drift angle.

Step 3: Counter steer and ease down on the throttle for a smooth turn exit.

Clutching Technique

In the clutching technique the drift is initiated using the clutch.

Step 1: Push in the clutch, downshift, rev the engine, release the clutch and cut the wheel into the corner apex all in one seamless motion. The surge in power to the rear wheels makes them spin so fast they lose traction and spin outwards.

Step 2: Cut the wheel back to the direction of travel and use a combination of acceleration and steering to control the drift.

Step 3: Counter steer and ease down on the throttle for a smooth turn exit.

Here is graphical example of what the clutching technique looks like in step 2 described above:

Clutching Technique
FREE PDF: Get the drifting techniques in PDF format now! CLICK HERE

Applying The Techniques and How To Practice In Forza 6

Below is a video on exactly how to execute a drift in Forza. This is one of the best drifting tutorials on YouTube, because it shows you drifting with an untuned car, shows you a good strategy for practicing, both the braking techniques and clutching techniques, and shows various styles of drifts and how to link them together.

Drifting with a Controller

Drifting with a controller is a bit easier than drifting with a wheel and pedal set. This is especially true if you are using the E-braking technique to initialize your drift.

This is a good baseline for advanced controller settings for drifting:

Advanced Controller Setting For Forza 6 Drifting

You should also be using manual with clutch and in my opinion switching the handbrake and clutch in controller layout one, makes shifting and using the E-brake much easier. Just change the switch HANDBRAKE/CLUTCH option to ON.

Forza ^ Switching Handbrake and Clutch

Drifting With a Racing Wheel

For me I found using my standard settings to be fine, but the only difference is I set the DOR (degrees of rotation) to 900. Normally for faster laps, I shorten the rotation, but drifting 540 degrees or more is recommended for DOR.

Advanced Wheel Settings Forza 6 Drifting

**Change DOR between 540 and 900 degrees for drifting**

If you are using an Xbox One racing wheel, the video below shows off some awesome drifting with a Thrustmaster TX. It is not quite a tutorial, but if you are trying to learn to drift with a wheel take a look at just how busy this guys arms are in the steering wheel inputs.

Drifting with an X box steering wheel is a bit more difficult than a controller, particularly if you prefer an E-braking technique. If you have one hand on the wheel and one hand on the stick shift, you can’t really access your handbrake button once your steering wheel is spinning. For me I found it easier to learn to drift using the clutch technique mentioned above.

If you want to set the full racing setup I use with my wheel, you can check it out here.

Practice and You Can Drift Anything

Rivals Drift Zone Great For Practice

The best way to practice is in rivals mode. Just go to the Drift Zone in rivals mode and start doing laps. It will help keep you competitive and motivated plus allow you to get alot of drifting in. To drift in rivals, just go to the Drift Zone and pick a track.

Forza 6 Drift Zone

Everything always comes down to practice. The more you practice drifting the better you will get. Same goes for drift tuning.

If you click the link below you can get a short version of this post with the drifting techniques and the settings. Then you can print them out and have them next to you while you practice.

FREE PDF: Get the drifting techniques in PDF format now! CLICK HERE

Other Resources For Drifting

For Drift clubs, tips, and tricks:

Watch some great drift videos:

Other Resources and articles on Forza

I hope you found this Forza drifting resource helpful. I am no drifting expert, but I wanted to put together a comprehensive resource for drifting because it seems to be scattered all over the internet. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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FREE PDF: Drifting Techniques For Forza 6
Get the drifting techniques in a PDF so you can print them out and have them next to you while you practice!
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your email address is safe with us.

Want The Drifting Techniques in PDF Format?
Get the drifting techniques in a PDF so you can print them out and have them next to you while you practice!
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your email address is safe with us.

Want The Drifting Techniques in PDF Format?
Get the drifting techniques in a PDF so you can print them out and have them next to you while you practice!
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your email address is safe with us.