F1 2015 Game Review Xbox One

F1 2015 Game Review Xbox One

F1 2015 Xbox One Overview:
Developer: Codemasters
Release Year: 2015

Race Style: Race Tracks
Game Physics: Simulation
Maps: Worldwide
Game Progress: Career Mode
Cars Featured: Cars From 2014 F1 Season
Best Features: Physics
Biggest Complaint: few game modes
Racing Wheel Support: Yes
XRP Rating: 3.5

F1 2015 is the first F1 game released for the Xbox One and features all the real cars and tracks from the F1 2014 season. Codemasters did a complete overhaul of the driving physics, amped up the competitiveness of the AI, and delivers you tons of fun while man-handling your car around the track. This game is far better than F1 2014 on the Xbox 360.

But F1 2015 isn’t the game I think we all expected. They stripped down the game modes to just time trial and career as well as fall short in game depth and ancillary graphics. If you have been a fan of the F1 games in the past your interest in F1 2015 will lie solely on whether or not your favorite game mode has been taken out. Even with all of that said, this game is still solid and the cars drive fantastic!

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F1 2015 Gameplay on Xbox One Is Fantastic

The handling in this game is the best it’s ever been for any F1 title. In previous titles, you might find the traction control a bit forgiving, but in F1 2015 the cars are riding on the edge and it’s a much more simulated Formula One like experience. In other words, you can’t jam on the accelerator on your corner exits and expect to stay in control, you need slowly pump it to make sure you don’t cause yourself to spin out. This makes for much more engagement, immersion and simulation.

F1 2015 GameplayWith the AI set to hard it is certainly more challenging as it doesn’t always stay on the race line and they will overtake you if you are slow. The AI definitely does a good bit of defending, overtaking, and forcing you to make split second decisions that will ultimately make or break your race.

The AI isn’t always perfect either it still makes some dumb driving decisions, but than again so do we, so essentially the AI is a bit more human.

“Between scratching and clawing for race position, managing your tires, and navigating your strategy through the rain, this game will pump your adrenaline”

The game does allow for assists such as traction control if you weren’t up for the pro challenge and hard settings, but I personally think that removes a lot of the fun this game has to offer.

The race engineer is more involved in F1 2015 more than other titles in the F1 series and provides good information during all race sessions from practice to qualifying and through the actual race itself. The engineer continually chimes about tire wear, track conditions, and strategy.

F1 2015 on Xbox One Has Some Great Features

F1 2015 Xbox One Lewis HamiltonF1 2015 features all of the tracks and drivers from the real F1 2014 racing season. Lewis Hamilton shown in game on the right

Quick Race allows you to pick any car and any track and gives you the ability to do a full race or a few laps.

The championship season is where you can select your favorite driver and race a full season with qualifying and practice laps included.

Pro Season mode is the hardest level possible and is basically championship mode with no options. This features full race weekends and full race lap counts. In this mode you are forced to drive using cockpit helmet cam view with no on screen hud, which means you can’t see your map.

Time Trial mode is basically your hot lap mode, here you want to reduce your tire pressure and simply try to set your best lap times.

F1 2015 Xbox One Complaints: The Game Is Far From Perfect

One of my biggest gripes of F1 2015 is that they removed the career mode and the ability to create your own driver. I always find that to be such a great aspect of sports and I really think they are losing something by removing that from this game.

There is also no co-op game play of any kind or local split screen play.

The multiplayer also has it’s flaws, because there is tons of corner cutting online and the amount of time penalty you are given for corner cutting doesn’t equal the time you saved for cutting. Essentially it’s really not a penalty and creates a mess for online racing.

The multiplayer also seems a bit buggy and has graphical glitches, however this is most likely going to result in a patch and should not be an issue for to long.

No DLC, because of licensing issues with F1.

While the graphics look better than any previous F1 game, it lacks in comparison to titles like Forza 5 and Project Cars. There are many screens that look flat, feature dull colors, and proper lighting. The driving itself looks ok, but often times the secondary graphics look a bit video gamey.

The damage engine in F1 2015 is weak. The crashes look pretty crazy, but the damage is spotty at best. For example if you ram the back of another car at full throttle its just as likely for your front wing to remain intact as it is to completely explode.

One thing I think this game missed in terms of replicating the F1 experience was failing to have a safety car or a virtual safety car. So essentially when there is a pile up, you continue to go around the track as if nothing happened.

F1 2015 Is An Awesome Simulated Racing Experience


I raced this game with the Thrustmaster TX Servo Base with Ferrari F1 rim add on, T3PA Pro pedals set up F1 style, and the Playseat Evolution. For more info about Formula One racing setups you can checkout this article here: best steering wheel for F1 2015 on Xbox One.

The racing experience on F1 2015 for the Xbox One is decent. The cars are constantly testing your reflexes and trying to control the wheel is like wrestling a bull at 200 mph. The force feedback and short wheel rotation of 270 degrees feel realistic and offer a comparable experience to driving F1 cars in Forza 5 or Project Cars. The only noticeable difference for me is that the force feedback feels weaker than other racing titles.

The real trick of successfully racing f1 2015 is learning how to feather your gas pedal is to not spin out on turn exits and also apply your brake pressure only up to 70% to avoid locking up your wheels. Mastering thee two elements will make for significantly faster lap times, less crashes, and the ability to overtake the AI on the turns.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-OnUsing the F1 rim on the TX Wheel Base also makes a huge difference in the immersion factor. The paddle shifters also feel really good when you are clicking up through the gears on your turn exits.

Another thing I noticed about F1 2015 is that my bass shakers in my seat don’t vibrate as strong as games like Pcars. While this isn’t a major factor it is indicative of a game with lower audio settings and lacking good depth in bass frequency ranges.

If you are interested in setting up an F1 simulator for your Xbox, go here, if you want to see my two best suggestions for a racing wheel for F1 2015 on the Xbox 1, go here.

F1 2015 Xbox One Review Wrap up

F1 2015 is pretty awesome, especially if you are racing with a steering wheel setup, but there is a bit to be desired in the strength of the force feedback. While I do think they stripped down some important game modes out of this title, the driving experience is exceedingly better than previous F1 games on the 360. The biggest concern I have is the lack of driving modes and no DLC, how long can I be entertained by racing the championship series?

That’s my big question…how long can I like this game, because really there are not a lot of options, especially if you have expectations from previous F1 titles with career mode. Given the physics and trying to rate this game solely for what it is and not compare it to previous versions that had more modes, I give this game a 3.5.

Official XRP Rating 3.5

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F1 2015 xbox One

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Have you played F1 2015 yet? If so what is your F1 2015 Xbox One review?


  • berj says:

    I play this game with the madcatz pro wheel & xbox one, could you suggest some advanced wheel settings for this game? would be great.


    • James says:

      Hey Berj,

      I am gonna hook a Mad Catz wheel up and play some F1 2015 and see if I can get you some settings. i don’t race regularly with the Mad Catz wheel so my best suggestions may not be the best for everyone. Ill give it a try and get back to you either way on this post. Give me a few days to play around.

      What are your current settings? I can start with your settings and see if I can come up with something more efficient. What rotation do you have the wheel set to?


      • berj says:

        Hi james,
        I m running the default settings in the game, i only lowered the environment ffb down to 30 as in default it vibrates the wheel like crazy when hitting another car, i want to tune the pedals so dunno what to do there :-/


        • James says:

          I started playing with the settings, but I am not a regular F1 2015 racer. But here is what I am noticing so far:
          The Force feedback in the game is a little weak, so I am cranking it up

          In Advanced Wheel Settings:
          Steering Deadzone is your wiggle room. I like it set around 3, this means if you turn wheel only a few cm the car wheels shouldnt turn

          Steering Linearity is the sensitivity- Ive brought that up to about 60 or so…seems like lower the number more sensitive the wheel

          Steering Saturation – Multiplies your wheel movement. So basically if you cut the wheel 1 degree your wheels turn like 10 degrees. I set it at 2

          Throttle Linearity – Is the sensitivity. I left this at 0 which makes it feel very sensitive

          Brake Deadzone – This is how far do you have to push in the pedal for 100% input. So far ive got it set around 30, which shortens the pedal throw a little

          Brake linearity – Is the sensitivity. I set this at 10 – I do alot of brake tapping not brake jamming when I drive so this may not work for you

          These were just some of my first settings. So far they knocked a few seconds off my lap times. Try them as a baseline and see how they feel for you and make adjustments accordingly. I don’t drive regularly with the Mad Catz wheel so, you will probably be a better judge than me. Hopefully this can get you in a direction. Feel free to comeback and post your settings here if you fine tune my suggestions. I can then try out your settings.


          • James says:

            Hey did you play with these settings at all? How did they work out for you?

          • berj says:

            Hi James,
            tried the setting, nice improvement in the ffb but not sure the brake deaden works,
            will play around the brake deadline bit till ig et the setting i want, i like your settings as it suits my driving style.


          • James says:

            Hey Berj,

            Well I’m glad we got you some improvement with the FFB. I was def playing with pedals quite a bit and was having trouble really feeling the difference myself. I have become so used to my T3PA pro pedals, that when I drive with any other pedal set I have a bit of trouble getting reacclimated. What is also tough is that the game only gives you a general dead zone option. There is no choice for if you want to adjust the inside deadzone or the outside deadzone.


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