Forza Horizon 3 Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One and PC

Forza Horizon 3 Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One and PC

Racing in Forza Horizon 3 is much more immersive with racing wheel.

If you want to feel every bump in the rugged Australian outback terrain and fight for control of your car to keep it on the path then a driving wheel is a must. Horizon 3 uses the same physics engine Turn 10 uses in Forza Motorsport 6 so the gameplay with a steering wheel is solid.

There are several brands that make racing peripherals for FH 3 and they are all compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and the PC via the USB ports.

I raced several different wheels with Horizon 3 and considered price and performance as my two deciding factors. For this review I tested the Logitech G920 ($300), the Thrustmaster TX Italia Edition ($350), and the TMX ($200).

Best Racing Wheel for Forza Horizon 3

Thrustmaster TMX ($200)

Horizon 3 Steering Wheel

The Thrustmaster TMX is the best steering wheel for Forza Horizon 3. What makes this wheel great is that it’s perfect for someone who is not looking to spend a ton of money on a sim racing setup, but wants a more immersive racing experience. It’s Thrustmaster’s best option for the more casual racing gamer.

TMX Specs

The TMX offers up to 900 degrees of rotation (changeable on the fly), a belt driven motor, a two pedal set (throttle and progressive brake), paddle shifters, a D-pad and all the required Xbox One and PC buttons, a table clamp for mounting, compatible on Xbox One and PC, and the ability to upgrade your pedal set and/or add a shifter.

“The force feedback performs well above its price point and it’s stronger than the more expensive Logitech G920”

Force Feedback With Horizon 3

Horizon 3 has excellent handling physics, but it’s more of a arcade style racer than a simulated racing game, given that you can drive a Lamborghini at high speeds on the beach or through the woods. With that in mind, you don’t need a high end simulated racing wheel for FH 3 to make the game immersive. All you need is a wheel that can translate the feel of the road, give you decent force feedback, and help you understand how the back end of your car is handling as you drift through dirt and grass.

Overall the turning felt very accurate, the force feedback is moderate, the progressive brake offered a nice resistance, and the motor was really quiet.

If you are a drift style racer, than you will also love the fact that you can adjust the rotation of the wheel up to 900 degrees. Typically I like a tighter rotation of around 360 for normal racing, but when its time for nailing my drift scores you can crank it up to 540 or so for a fun experience.


The TMX is Upgradeable

Thrustmaster T3PA Wide PedalsWhile you can’t change out the rim on the TMX like you can on other Xbox One Wheels, you can upgrade the pedal set and add a shifter. My best recommendation would be to add the T3PA wide pedal set ($100), which would take your total package to $300.

Adding the shifter is great, but I would add the 3 pedal set first. I don’t love the TMX pedals as they are plastic and don’t come standard with a clutch pedal. You could also consider the T3PA Pro pedals for $150.

“Since the TMX can take an upgraded pedal set and add a shifter, it makes it a better long term value”


The TMX is table clamp only, so you will need to attach the wheel base to a table or a desk. There are some wheel stands for the TMX, that work great because they are compact and don’t require any holes for mounting. There are also special adapters you can get from 3rd party vendors that make the wheel able to be mounted on a cockpit.

Compatibility on Xbox and PC

Since Horizon 3 offers Play Anywhere capability, that means you can play it on your console or PC with windows 10. The Thrustmaster TMX will also work with both so you can race on either gaming platform.

Why the TMX Wheel is My Best Recommendation for Horizon 3

What stands out most to me about the TMX is the performance for the price. I actually like this wheelbase better than the Logitech G920, which is a good mid priced steering wheel. Because the TMX has a mixed belt and pulley driven mechanism its force feedback is slightly stronger and quieter than the G920 which has helical gearing. It’s also worth noting the G920 only has 8 bit pedal resolution, while the TMX has 12 bit.

While I didn’t get to test the Thrustmaster 458 Spider, which is a $100 wheel, I do own this wheel and it isn’t in the same class. The Spider wheel uses a bungee cord mechanism to provide linear resistance, doesn’t have vibration, and only offers 240 degrees of rotation. It’s fine for what it is, but for an extra $100 the TMX has aspects that grade with mid-priced options.

With how loose the car physics are you don’t need the accuracy of a sim racing wheel for this game, you just need something that can give you the bumps in the road and decent force feedback. I think the TMX delivers a solid performance and should be considered first if you are a casual racer. You can read more about it here or you can get one right one right now…

Red Buy Now

If you take racing a bit more seriously or think eventually you want to get into sim racing, you can also checkout my #1 recommend sim racing wheel for Xbox. It is a lot of fun on FH3, but it comes with a heavier price tag. There is also a comparison of the 5 differences between the TX and the TMX here.

Forza Horizon 3 Steering Wheels and Related Items at Amazon

Have you raced any of the Forza Horizon games with a wheel? If so, let me know which one in the comments below.


  • Heliosaurus says:

    I really hope they add support for the G27. It IS a PC wheel, after all. Also, because im buying that in 2 days.

  • Kevin Grace says:

    In the TX vs TMX review you chose the TX over the TMX. I am trying to decide between the 2. It will be mostly for PC and occasionally xbox one. I also have an Oculus Rift headset. I can get the limited edition TMX at gamestop which comes with the metal pedals for $250 or a guy on craigslist is selling the TX Italia edition, mint condition in original box for $160. What would you suggest in this situation???

    • James says:

      Hey Kevin,

      Sorry for the delay response. Thats a tough question given the options. The TX motor has much better technology inside, but has a weak pedal set and plastic rim. The TMX stock rim is Ok, the motor is decent and having the Pro pedals is pretty nice. You also have the option of adding the shifter to either wheel and both wheels will perform great with the Oculus Rift for an immersive racing experience.

      So the question is: Do I think its better to get the TMX with the Pro pedals for $250 or is it better to get the TX Italia Edition for $160?

      If your budget is $250 – you could get the TX Italia Edition and then get the T3PA Wide Pedals for $100 to take you to $260 and then have a 3 pedal set with the TX.

      Questions you need to ask your self:

      • How serious are you about racing games? – if serious TX
      • Do you have interest in changing the Rim? – if yes TX
      • Do you have interest in inverting the pedals now? – if yes get the TMX deal

      Here are my thoughts if you DONT have interest in inverting the pedals, get the TX with the T3PA wide pedals for $260. The Wide pedals and Pro pedals perform fairly similar except for the pedal inversion and extra spring brake mod (Which I dont use). Dont get me wrong the PRO pedals are nice, but if you are limited to a budget the T3PA wides are fine. Checkout this article to see the differences: T3PA Wide vs Pro.

      If you are not willing to get the T3PA wide pedals and adding them to the TX…then I would just go ahead and get the TMX with the Pro pedals for $250. The stock pedals that come with the TX and TMX are pretty basic and leave a lot to be desired.

      If MY only two options were TMX with Pro pedals or the stock TX Italia Edition and was never gonna plan on buying anything else…I would get the TMX with Pro pedals. For me though that is NOT they type of racer that I am personally…all I play is racing games. When I first started I bought the TX Italia Edition simply because I knew I wanted to add to it…rims, pedal sets, etc…plus it has pre-drilled holes for hard mounting.

      FYI you can hard mount the TMX, but you need a special adapter:TMX Adapter.

      I hope that my rational is helpful. Its really up to you to decide how serious of a racer you want to be. If $250 was your MAX budget and thats all you want to make sure you spend and not a penny more in upgrades. Get the TMX!

      Keep me posted on what you decide or if you have any more questions,

  • Jame says:

    For this driving wheels i need to install drivers or not?

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