Racing Wheels Compatible with Xbox One S

Racing Wheels Compatible with Xbox One S

I have been getting a TON of email regarding the Xbox One Slim and whether or not particular racing wheels are compatible with the console. So Today I will address the concerns and list out all the steering wheels compatible with the Xbox One S.

For starters what you really need to know is that as long as your racing wheel worked with the original console than it will also work with the new white slim version of the console. This is primarily because it utilizes the USB port and the XB1 S has 3 USB ports just like the original, with one small difference…

The only difference is that Microsoft moved one of the USB ports around to the front of the console which will make plugging in your racing wheel much easier.

Racing Wheels Compatible with Xbox One Slim

Xbox One Slim Racing Wheel Chart

The list was compiled in July of 2016. Products released after this date may not be on this list. If you are interested in learning more about these sim racing products than you can click on them to read an in-depth review.

It’s worth noting that all of the pedals sets and shifters that can be added to the products listed above will continue to work. So for example if you have a Thrustmaster TX or TMX the T3PA pedals and the TH8A shifter will also work and the driving force shifter will work with the G920.

Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One S

While you can see above you have multiple options at varying price points for the X box One Slim. These 4 choices are the most popular items ordered through this website. I have listed them from left to right in popularity order.

I personally think the best value is the Thrustmaster TX leather edition, while it doesn’t pack the same quality punch as the Fanatec wheel it is costs about $900 less and it still offers a high quality simulated racing experience.

How to Hook Up a Racing Wheel To Your Xbox Slim Console

All the steering wheels above use a USB connection to work with your slim console. Now that there is a USB port located directly on the front of the console connecting your racing peripherals is easier than ever.

X-Box One S USB Port

For other peripherals like shifters and pedals you will be plugging them into your wheelbase so you don’t need to worry about them taking up resources on the other two USB ports on the console.

Not all racing wheels with a USB cord are compatible, you still need one made for Xbox One. In other words you still can’t connect an Xbox360 or a PlayStation driving wheel up to it. If you stick to the list I have above you can rest assured that your peripheral will work.

Will There be Performance Differences in Racing

I don’t anticipate any increased or decreased performance from these products with the upgraded console. The console while 40% smaller and had a slight bump in processing power is still more or less the same unit from a hardware perspective. The driving systems will work exactly the same and you will see virtually no difference in your racing games from the standard console to the slim version.

Xbox 1 Slim at Amazon

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What is your favorite feature of the Xbox-One S? Let me know in the comments below.

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