Forza Horizon 3 Best Steering Wheel Settings for Logitech and Thrustmaster Wheels on Xbox One

Forza Horizon 3 Best Steering Wheel Settings for Logitech and Thrustmaster Wheels on Xbox One

The force feedback in Forza Horizon 3 is pretty inconsistent no matter which brand of wheel you are racing with.

The tarmac doesn’t give you to much in the way of vibration or force feedback (FFB) and the dirt, grass, sand, and gravel provide too much force feedback! Compared to other Xbox One racing games, getting the settings for this one was pretty tough.

This is pretty disappointing after such a great experience with Horizon 2 and other recent games like Assetto Corsa having amazing force feedback.

In this article I’m gonna give you my settings and you can use them as a baseline for figuring out what works for you. Unfortunately Playground Games and Turn 10, dont give us much in the way of FFB settings to tweak…lots of deadzones, but thats not gonna help the FFB. So what we need to do is try to strike a balance between FFB, vibration, and wheel rotation that works for both street and off roading.

So far I have run FH3 with a Logitech G920, Thrustmaster TX, and Thrustmaster TMX. All the wheels performed similar, with the only difference being the Logitech G920 felt a bit clunky off road-road and I dialed the vibration down a little bit more to about 80.

Forza Horizon 3 Settings

For getting the FH3 wheel settings first I set the difficulty, then I used default layout 1 in the controls, and last I adjusted the advanced wheel settings.

Difficulty Settings

FH3 difficulty settings
  • Braking: ABS Off
  • Steering: Simulation
  • Traction Control: Off
  • Stability Control: Off
  • Shifting: Manual w/Clutch

Pro Tip: If you feel like your steering is a bit twitchy, particularly on a Logitech G920, try switching from simulation steering to normal.

Control Setting

If you use default layout 1, your settings will look like this:

Note the game has the clutch labeled as E-brake. It is mislabeled in the game.

FH3 Wheel Layout 1 Default
  • Layout: Default Layout 1
  • Vibration: On
  • Switch Gear Up/Down: Off
  • Switch E-brake/Clutch: Off
  • Switch Look Back Camera: Off
  • Invert Vertical Look: Off
  • Switch ANNA/Telemetry: Off


Advanced Wheel Control Settings

To access your advanced wheel control settings press “X” on your controller when you are on the basic controller setting screen. Below the settings I list here, I will share some details on what you might consider adjusting in order to make these settings better for you.

Note: The Wheel Rotation setting will not show on your menu, you have to scroll down on the list to get to it.

Forza Horizon 3 Driving Wheel Settings

  • Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  • Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
  • Steering Linearity: 50
  • Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  • Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
  • Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  • Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 85
  • Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 10
  • Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 70
  • E-Brake Axis Deadzone Inside: 10
  • E-Brake Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
  • Vibration Scale: 85
  • Force feedback Scale: 100
  • Wheel Rotation Angle: 510

Best Way to Make In-Game Adjustments

The settings above should be used as baseline, but are probably not gonna work for every one. If you are not getting what you want out of the wheel, try playing with these 3 settings: Vibration Scale, Force Feedback Scale, and Wheel Rotation Angle. You may be tempted to adjust the steering linearity, but in my opinion it’s best to leave it at 50, which is a 1:1 setting.

Vibration Scale

The wheel does not vibrate much on tarmac and it vibrates like crazy in the dirt (or the jungle). I found settings between 80 and 100 to feel pretty similar on the tarmac. The wheel doesn’t vibrate much anyway on the roads, so you are not losing much by dialing down the vibration. Now off road is the reason you should dial it down. Settings between 75 and 85 are probably a good range to start and you should test how it feels for you off road.

Note: I dialed the G920 down to about 80ish is it has a bit more of a choppy vibration feel.

Note: The two rims that delivered the best vibration where the Thrustmaster 599XX and my custom Momo Rim

Force Feedback

I personally didn’t find the force feedback to be tough enough on the streets and it was too heavy off road. After trying lots of combinations of settings leaving this at 100 seemed like the best idea. To get the wheel to behave a little bit tighter I found adjusting the wheel rotation angle to be a better way to add sump umph to the force feedback…

Wheel Rotation

With the wheel rotation angle set at 900 degrees it feels like a dead fish in your hands. To get some resistance out of the wheel when you turn, try dialing down the rotation angle. Try starting at 540 and dialing it down in 30 degree increments.

I personally found 360 to be much too low and the resistance too tight and causing understeer. Between 420 and 450 the force feedback got choppy in certain turns and felt like the resistance was turning and and off to create inconsistent resistance.

Other Settings

Horizon 3 does a good job describing the settings in the game for what they do so I am not going to get into what each of the settings mean. However I do want to call out two particular settings that I incorporate deadzone…

Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside

I use a load cell brake mod on T3PA Pro Pedals and because it doen’t compress like the stock pedals on the G90, the TX, or the TMX wheels it’s good to add a little deadzone on the outside since your not hitting the range anyway. If you are using a load cell, you can dial this down pretty far.

If you are using Thrustmaster T3PA pedals with a concial brake mod, try setting the rubber stopper around 75% and then using the deadzone around 85.


Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside and Outside

I like to be able to quick tap the clutch without sacrificing to much wasted effort pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. Putting some deadzone on the outside shortens the throw distance of the pedal for you to reach 100% input. I also add a touch of deadzone on the inside of the pedal so that I can get my timing just right as I shift.

Best FH3 Steering Wheel Settings

Hopefully these settings will have you putting in some great circuit times in Horizon 3. While the wheel is alot of fun with game it just doesn’t deliver the same strength of FFB we got from Horizon 2 and even Forza Motorsport 6 for that matter. I don’t expect too much to change or a patch to come, I honestly think this is the best of what we will get on the Xbox One.

If my settings change over time as I get feedback from the community or I discover a way to get more out of the settings, I will return to this article and update the settings. You can read more about my Xbox One Racing Setup here.

Are you enjoying Horizon 3 with your racing wheel? Have any tips and tricks for settings to share with other readers? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Dope Fureal says:

    Yo! Thanks for this awesome write up! I will be playing Horizon 3 on PC on a new XB1 controller. I was thinking of getting some thumbgrips and trigger grips for it. What is the best you can buy? Thanks!

  • Joey santiago says:

    Should i use your same settings that you have given for fh2 for fh3 i have the 458 spider

    • James says:

      Hey Joey,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. The tough part about the Thrustmaster 458 Spider is that it only has 240 degrees of rotation so you dont have the option to get the degrees of rotation between 440 and 540. I haven’t tried the 458 Spider with Horizon 3 yet. My best guess would be that you are gonna just have to crank up the force feedback to 100 and thats the best you are gonna get. For all the other settings like deadzone and saturation I think the settings above should be fine, but again I have yet to test.

      What are your thoughts, how does the wheel feel for you? What settings are you using now?


  • Michael says:

    How do I get the setting for wheel rotation angle? This is the thing I need the most for my wheel as it’s hard to handle the car with whatever the current rotation angle is set to (I can’t see this option in my advanced menu),

    • James says:

      Hey Micheal,

      This kind of tricked me at first also. It is the very last option and it is not on the screen. You have to go down further to see it. So D-pad down to your Force Feedback setting and then D-Pad down again and the Wheel Rotation Angle is there. I have no idea why they did it that way and couldn’t get all of the options on the screen. Let me know if that doesnt solve your issue and we can troubleshoot together.


      • Matt says:

        So I was able to see the setting for wheel rotation angle but it is in RED. Set at 900. But it doesn’t allow me to change it. I am playing on XBox One and have the Logitech g920 wheel. Any idea how to change it?

        • James says:

          Hey Matt,

          Let me take a look into this. I didn’t see that issue when I tested the G920, but maybe something has changed. I will follow back up when I have some more info.


          • Winston says:

            Hm, i have a other Problem:

            if i spin the Wheel ( left or right ) the Car
            needs ~ up to 1 Secunde to react.

            So if i spin fast, left, right left right,
            the Car do nothing.
            if i turn the wheel ( left or right ) and hold it for
            ~ 1 Sec, the Car begin to turn.

            so all i do on the Wheel, is 1 Sec slower than i

            unable to drive a correct or good way 🙁
            never have a Game the Wheel react so bad like in FH 2 and FH 3

            did you have any idea for this ?

          • James says:

            Hey Winston,

            What type of wheel are using? What do you have your saturation setting set to in FH3?


        • James says:

          Hey Matt,

          Quick follow up. I have emailed and have not gotten a response. Have you tried the Forza Motorsport Forum or the Forza Subreddit? Those may be other good places to look.


  • Nolan says:

    I just bought a TMX wheel, TH8A shifter, and T3PA Pedals but in Horizon 3 and Forza 6 the clutch pedal doesn’t work for the clutch, only if I switch the clutch and e-brake the third pedal will work for that and not the clutch. I updated the wheel’s firmware through PC and everything was working fine including the clutch pedal. What could be going wrong?

    • James says:

      Hi Nolan,

      Lets talk Forza 6 since Horizon actually has the clutch and ebrake labeled wrong on the on-screen instructions. Before we dive deeper can you try this and tell me your results:

      In FM 6
      1. Go to Your Controller/Wheel Settings tab
      2. Use the default configuration setting
      3. In your advanced wheel settings set your clutch pedal deadzone inside to 0
      4. In your advanced wheel settings set your clutch pedal deadzone outside to 100
      5. In your race assists menu set your gearbox to MANUAL w/CLUTCH
      6. Go to test drive and pick any car and any track
      7. Pull up your telemetry onto the screen and find the view that shows Throttle, brake, and clutch percentages
      8. Compress the clutch and see if it registers in the telemetry – test the other pedals as well

      Does the clutch register anything when its compressed? Which version of the T3PA’s do you have the Wide Pedals or the Pro Pedals?

      Keep me posted,

  • Ahmad says:


    i just bought the Thrustmaster t300rs and the TH8A Shifter it works fine but the shifter doesnt work , and when i switch to manual with clutch the clutch seems to be button number 5 so its not the clutch pedel , and i really dont know how to fix it. i really would appreciate your reply.

    note: am playing forza horizon 3 on pc

    • James says:

      Hey Ahmad,

      I don’t play on PC so I can’t speak to this from a place of experience, but I know I have read the TH8A shifter is not supported on the PC in FH3. I also believe T3PA pedals are not supported on the PC either. So thats why your shifter doesnt work…no support. Turn 10/Playground games has not announced a time table for fixing this. Sorry to give you the bad news. Let me know if you have any more questions for me.


  • Richard Campbell says:

    James… I’m a total beginner at this, so will probably be pestering you a lot. Thanks in advance.

    I have an Xbox One S and just ordered a Thrustmaster VG TX and a wheel stand from Wheelstand Pro. I have both FH2 and FH3. My question is: Are the settings you suggest above good for both FH2 & FH3?

    Thanks… Richard

    • James says:

      Hey Richard,

      Sorry for the delayed response. No Forza Horizon 2 has different settings and much better force feedback. I actually have never posted my FH2 settings on this blog. Ill take a look at FH2 and write my settings down and then I will come back and share them here for you.


    • James says:

      Hey Again Richard,

      So here are my FH2 settings. I havent played in a long time and these were the last settings I had saved:

      360 Degrees of rotation
      50 Force feedback
      50 Vibration
      All inside deadzones set to 0 except for clutch which I have the outside set to 10
      All outside deadzone set to 100 except for clutch which I have set at 30

      No assists
      Simulation steering

      Also I set my TX sensitivity to 2. If you are not familiar with changing the setting on the wheel, go here:

      Lemme know if you have any questions. Hope you have a lot of fun with the games and the wheel.


  • Raf says:

    Your settings were amazing before. I updated the wheel and now it’s become so stiff. What should I do ?

    • James says:

      Hey Raf,

      What brand and model of wheel are you using?


      • Raf says:

        G920 Logitech. The game has updated so the force feedback and everything changed now.

        • James says:

          Hey Raf,

          I haven’t hooked up my G920 in awhile, let me knock the dust off and see whats up with the game. Hopefully I can help you figure out some new settings.


          • Raf says:

            Thanks man. Appreciate it ,

          • James says:


            So I think I understand the issue you are seeing. My G920 shakes pretty bad when I move the wheel 1-5% in either direction even when driving on just kind of twitches. First I tried in increasing the inside deadzone to 5 and while it solved the issue it was to much deadzone. To fix this try to lower ffb, Raise the DOR or make the inside steering deadzone 1…Try a combination of those things. I put my deadzone at 1, raised my DOR to 600, and lowered my FFB to 85.

            Now to be honest I don’t think the wheel is strong enough with these settings, but it solved the twitching issues. Alternatively try this, turn the centering off or at least lower to between 20 – 40% in the logitech profiler on the PC, then plug back into the Xboxone.

            Let me know if that helps,

  • Raf says:

    Hey James. Thanks for getting back to me :). Atm I’m playing with inside deadzones 1. Wheel rotation 540. And force feedback 50. Vibration is 0. Is the vibration important in wheel setups. I’m new to this lol. Also try my settings and tell me what you think ?

    • James says:


      The vibration is important for immersion, but not necessarily for steering. Vibration gives you a sense of the terrain and also helps you feel when your brakes are locking up. Do you have your vibration at 0 because its causing an issue?

      I tried your settings this morning and I did not get the wheel shake issue. For me personally the wheel isn’t tight enough. Even my original settings of 510 DOR the wheel was a bit loose, but it was the best I could do to compensate for other issues. I typically like my wheel around 360 for racing games, because I race for speed and don’t drift to much. I think your settings are fine though if they fit your driving style. Driving style is always the X factor in all of this. I tend to like heavy force feedback, low DOR’s, and 1:1 linearity, but that driving style doesnt work for everyone.

      BTW the problem is with Horizon 3 and not your wheel, I tried using the 920 on F1 2016 and Assetto Corsa and it was fine. Hopefully Playground games will make a patch to fix the issue.


  • Denis Sweeney says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the really terrific article which I found very helpful..
    I’ve just bought the Logitech 920, specifically for FH 2 & 3 plus Forza 5. I was wondering if you’d had any problem engaging “reverse” gear? Works fine in Forza 5 but cannot get into reverse gear in FH2 or 3. I’m stumped. I don’t have the manaul gearbox so guess I’m just running in Auto..


    • James says:

      Hey Denis,

      So since you dont have a manual shifter to access reverse, you need to press down and hold the brake pedal to get the car to reverse. Am I understanding your issue correct…When you hold the brake down in FM5 the car reverses, but when you do it in FH2 or FH3 it doesnt? Let me know that might be a technical issue I can help you research.

      If it is behaving the same in all three games and the G920 is brand new, the brake pedal may be a bit stiff and you can try this: Set the outside deceleration deadzone to 50 and it should make the reverse kick in quicker and will help compensate for the stiff pedal. Overtime as you brake pedal gets some wear and loosens up you can reduce the deadzone.

      Keep me posted.


  • Ian says:

    Great article, I’m going to be trying these settings later today, I have the thrustmaster TX I’ve found it pretty much unplayable with the wheel so far,

    are you still using the same settings even now after all the updates ?

    • James says:

      Hey Ian,

      Sorry for the delayed response I had been traveling for the holidays. I actually havent played FH3 in quite some time. I know they recently added new settings and implemented patches to fix some wheel issues, but I haven’t looked at it yet. Ill try to go on and take a look soon and provide some updates.


  • Dakota says:

    Hey! I really need some help I just got the g27 set up and I’m using the reasonw cross hair but I can’t get my shifter to work correctly I’m going to try your setting for the steering issues but havent been a ale to find any other info please help!

    • James says:

      Hey Dakota,

      So you are using a G27 on a PC im assuming and playing FH3? Unfortunately I don’t play on a PC at all so I have no way to test or help you with your situation.


  • Mike says:

    I have Forza Horizon 3 and the logitech G20 racing wheel. Two questions:
    1) How do you get the car to go into reverse?
    2) The logitech program that you download onto the computer is for PC games not for Xbox setup?

    • James says:

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. To get the car into reverse, if you dont have the 6 speed shifter), press hard down on the brake. If you have a new G920 and your brake isn’t broken in yet you may really need to press hard. You can also try lowering the deceleration putside deadzone to like 75 which should help the brake kick in sooner.

      For the PC software it will effect the G920 on the Xbox One. This is like your master wheel settings and it works with the internal memory inside your wheel.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  • andrew says:

    can you run the logitech wheel without pedals on xbox one s for horizon 3 – all the default options use pedals. Can’t we use just the wheel with paddles for acceleration and brake etc … like grid and other racing games ?

    • James says:

      Hey Andrew,

      I have never tried that, but I would imagine to do it (not sure if its possible) you would need to go into your logitech profiler on a PC and reconfigure the button layout to make your paddle shifters your gas and brake. I think even if you do figure it out the problem would be your gas and brake would be all or nothing. The paddle shifters engage like a button and don’t have a Potentiometer built in so you can’t do things like ease on the gas of apply a little brake. Driving like that with the paddle shifters would be very hard by the way they are designed.


      • andrew says:

        thanks very much James you have saved me some messing about – I will stick with the wheel and pedals in that case BUT the next problem is that the logitech pedals I have are fitted with what looks like a male DB 9 prong adaptor and the brand new xbox one s unit i bought my son only seems to have usb connectors ! ! is there a dongle or adaptor i can get ? i only just bought the wheel & pedal set but was assured it was for xbox ! i’m thinking i have been duped … any help would be appreciated

        • James says:

          Hey Andrew,

          I should have asked this the first time, what model of Logitech wheel is it? Only one Logitech wheel will work on Xbox One and Xbox One S – it is called the Logitech G920. Did you buy the wheel second hand or on Ebay?

          There are DB 9 to USB adapters if you are curious, but I am about 100% sure that wont work, otherwise many people wouldn’t have gone out and bought new racing wheels when the Xbox One came out.


          • andrew ganley says:

            hello again James
            i checked the wheel it’s a logitech G920 phew ! it’s got an adaptor on the end converting a round connector to a USB .. the xbox Forza game recognises the wheel but the cars don’t go anywhere because of the peddle issue .. which as we said because it’s only got the male db9 connector which won’t fit the console … does that mean a db9 converter to usb will work ! … does everyone have these problems in the gaming community or i have bought these things unwisely .. it’s driving me potty ! anyway i’m very grateful for your advice with it …

          • James says:

            Hey Andrew,

            Now that you confirmed its a G920, I think I know the cord you are referring to. Here is how you hook up the pedals, The part that looks like a DB9 connector goes underneath the G920 wheelbase. In this picture I made a red square for where that plug goes in.

            There will be a little icon that looks like a 3 pedal set directly above the plug on the wheel base bottom.

            Let me know if that solves your problem.


  • andrew says:

    hello james

    yes ! the 9 pin thing fits in as shown on your picture thanks very much, we then connected the wheel usb connector to the xbox & got onto Forza 3

    The accelerator and brake now work fine also all the wheel buttons work i.e. xbox blue red yellow and green the horn etc BUT the wheel will not steer the car ! the wheel is dead ! it seems the only feature of the wheel that won’t work – unfortunately it’s a pretty crucial one .

    I tried the settings you gave earlier in the posts although not the clutch settings as we don’t have a gearstick so I am assuming we can drive automatically.

    So we just need to know how to get the wheel that turn the car ?

    thanks andrew

  • andrew says:

    dear james we have solved the problem with your help thanks very much – i’m ashamed to say that the final peice of the jigsaw was the wheel was not plugged into the mains – i couldn’t find a plug & assumedit didn’t need one but found an old lead that fitted & powered it – we are now up and running – once again thanks for your patience and great help .. best wishes for New Year andrew and oliver

    • James says:

      Hey Andrew,

      Happy New year. I am SOOOO happy to hear that you guys are now up and running. I hope you have a lot of fun!!


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