Best Project Cars Steering Wheel For Xbox One

Best Project Cars Steering Wheel For Xbox One

If you are playing Project Cars with a controller, you are missing out on the immersion and simulation factor that the game offers with a steering wheel. Slightly Mad Studios definitely built this game for using a wheel and included an incredible amount of customization options for fine tuning your personal preferences.

Currently there are a handful of Xbox One Steering Wheel choices on the market ranging from $80 to $1,400, but which steering wheel option handles the game Project Cars the best?

Here are your best three options:

#1 for Project Cars – Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition ($450)

Thrustmaster VG TX Steering Wheel Leather Premium

Without a doubt the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition is the number one wheel choice for the best experience in Project Cars, especially on an Xbox One console. This wheel transfers the force feedback strong, accurate, smooth, and quiet!! It works perfect with Project Cars, because the game offers many fine tune adjustments to customize the way the wheel delivers resistance.

This wheel comes standard with a 3 pedal set (gas, brake, and clutch), the Thrustmaster TX wheel base, and the leather wrapped 28 GT rim, you could also save a few bucks and check out the F458 Italia Edition which has a two pedal set. Either way it’s still the TX wheel base and it’s bad ass.

The force feedback in the TX has such a true feel and you can even sense the cars losing grip or hitting heavy bumps in the tracks. I personally like the resistance fairly strong with a short rotation (270 degrees), mostly because I drive F1 cars, but the TX offers rotations up to 900 degrees. Using the TX, gives you such a great feel for the road, how the cares are behaving, and a real natural driving sensation. The force feedback and vibration are truly a game changer and the fact the rim is wrapped in hand stitched leather makes it feel so good in your palms.

“Of all of the racing games to date, Project Cars delivers the most simulated experience on the Thrustmaster TX”

The Thrustmaster TX is Upgradable

Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 599XX EVO Racing Wheel Add-On, Alcantara EditionWhat’s great about this driving wheel is the eco-system it offers. It allows you to add various rims like the Ferrari EVO 599X or the Ferrari F1. You can also well as the T3PA Pro pedal set which has invertable pedals, and the TH8A Shifter. This wheel is compatible on the PC so you also have that option as well.

It Has Options for Mounting

This wheel mounts easily on almost all racing cockpits and it also include a clamp for table mounting. I use the Playseat Evolution, but you can also mount this racing wheel to a wheel stand (click here for the correct wheel stand).

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster TX

The Thrustmaster TX is unique to the steering wheel market because of the eco-system upgrades it offers. This is what is gonna make your Project cars experience with this wheel unreal…adding on the extras, that other brands just don’t offer. The stock TX leather rim and 3 pedal set are great, but if you want to truly take advantage of personalizing your Project Cars experience you can keep adding on Thrustmaster components.

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#2 for PCars – Thrustmaster TMX ($200)

TMX Racing Wheel Xbox One

The second best choice is the Thrustmaster TMX force Feedback Racing Wheel. This wheel operates with a belt and pulley mechanism to create force feedback. Like the TX wheel it is smooth and quite…the force feedback isn’t as strong, but its still very immersive with project cars. The best part about PCars is all of the force feedback settings options in the game, you can just crank up the settings and this wheel performs similar to the TX.

The TMX steering wheel comes with a 2 pedal set (gas and brake) and the wheel offers 900 to 270 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly. The force feedback feels accurate and gives a nice pull back to center, more than you would expect for a $200 wheel. Like the TX, I like the resistance strong with a short rotation. The pedals leave a bit to be desired, however the TMX pedals do have a progressive brake which is a nice touch.

“The TMX Wheel is a great entry level wheel if you are just getting started in sim racing”

The Thrustmaster TMX is Upgradable

T3PA Wide Pedal SetWhile it doesn’t have the full eco-system available like the TX, it is upgradeable. With the TMX you can add a 3 pedal set (T3PA Standard) or Pro Pedals) and the TH8A H-Pattern shifter.

What you can’t change on the TMX is the rim, because it does not offer the Thrustmaster Quick Release System like the TX. This steering wheel is also compatible on the PC.

Options for Mounting

The TMX racing wheel mounts on almost all rigs/wheel stands, but it also include a clamp for table mounting.

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster TMX

The Thrustmaster TMX Steering Wheel is a great value for someone looking to get into sim racing, but is on a tight budget. I think this wheel is priced perfect for most Project Cars Xbox One console racers, because it’s affordable and offers future upgrade options. Project Cars feels really good with this wheel and it’s just as immersive as the TX. My best recommendation for this wheel would be to add on the T3PA 3 pedal wide set, which brings your total to right around $300.

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#3 for Project Cars – Thrustmaster VG Ferrari Spider ($90)

Thrustmaster Spider VG

The third best choice is another Thrustmaster steering wheel, the VG Ferrari  Spider. This wheel does not offer all of the eco-system options like the Thrustmaster TX, but it does offer a nice simulated experience. This wheel is designed on a pulley bungee-cord system so it lacks true force feedback, but still delivers some nice resistance. The options inside the game also seem to help add more life to this wheel as you can really customize your Project Cars experience.

Despite the fact it doesn’t have vibration, Project Cars feels really good with the VG Spider, especially because it does have a progressive brake pedal. the progressive brake really gives you the feel of stopping power and control of the vehicles.

2 Mounting Options For The VG Spider

The VG spider includes a table clamp for mounting, but there are better alternatives to the table. Using a wheel stand puts you in a much better racing position and allows you to secure your pedals in place., click here for the wheel stand it is compatible with.

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster VG Spider

This wheel is perfect for casual racers or people seeking a simulated race experience on a budget. It beats the hell out of using a controller and is 100% your best option for a steering wheel at such a low price point.

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Best Steering Wheel for Project Cars Wrap Up

No matter which wheel you choose, hands down, these bad boys trump playing the game with a controller. Above are your three best options for racing wheels on that market as of the summer of 2016. The other choices available the Mad Catz Racing Wheel ($350) and the Logitech G920 ($350) both work with the game, but don’t quite stack up to the Thrustmaster choices.

If you would like to learn more about what to look for in a steering wheel for Project Cars check out this page here.

Project Cars Xbox One CoverThe Project Cars default settings for the steering wheel do leave a lot to be desired, but if you follow this guide on the Project Cars forum and set your feedback for each individual car…the game truly becomes a simulation!

I personally used all of the settings listed on the excel, but found adding +40 to the overall force feedback settings per car made a huge difference.

If you want to see a full immersive setup of how I race Project Cars, you can view all of my Xbox peripherals here. If you are looking to create a completely immersive driving experience in Project Cars, you can go here and see how I have added vibration to my cockpit. Adding vibration is a game changer…when you seat shakes when it hits the rumble strips, you will forget that you are playing a game in your house.

If you are looking to improve your lap times you can check out this Project Cars Tips artcile.

Project Cars Steering Wheels At Amazon and Other Related Items

Do you own a steering wheel? Which one do you have and how does it feel with Project Cars? Let me know in the comments section below.

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